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  1. KH3 PS4 Pro looks SOO GOOD~!

  2. It's the mooost wonderful tiiime~ of the yeeear~

  3. The theme of KH3 is PLAID

  4. Italian and Greek because of the close similarities to Latin
  5. ....I have too many... Silver and Amy and Sonic and Blaze are all practically my top faves oo;
  6. Riku looks so gooooood~ <3

  7. I STAYED UP TO 3am FOR OLYMPICS OPENING! I CAN STAY UP FOR MAH KH NEWS! *hordes coffee and chocolate*

  8. January, y u bein nasty weird....The year JUST started!

  9. Interesting. I can see the appeal in being able to play Kingdom Hearts on-the-go with the Switch, especially since I think most of them are usually up and about instead of sticking at home (which is probably why mobile games like KHUX and handheld games in general are very popular there). Switch is going to get that Dark Souls remastered so I say that's the real test of graphic quality for those concerned. We practically know that KH3 is going to be flashy and having so much happening on screen will push the systems I bet. No doubt considering that it's Nomura we're talking about, any other KH games after the Xehanort Saga will also be flashy. Again, it would be interesting indeed for KH to appear on the Switch. Although....I think by the time we get confirmation of the next KH game, we'd be on the next generation of consoles so I dunno really (how old are PS4 and Xbone again?).
  10. Happeh Holly Daze all o/

  11. Ahahahaha, real life can you plz stahp being absolute *** kthxbai

  12. A KH comic series (barring the manga) would be nice, but NOT by Archie company. I say this now considering how they handled their series that AREN'T Archie. Case in point, they cut continuation of their Megaman comic and the artists & writers etc had to end the whole thing on something rather lackluster. Now with the Sonic comics, even though that was probably their most popular series, there were practically NO ADVERTISING for it. Instead they placed most of their attention on Archie and flippin' Riverdale. Not only that, but before we knew that the Sonic comic was going to IDW, they were "in talks" with Archie company and all of it lead to so, SO much delay on their Sonic comic; not even letting them actually finish their latest arc jfc (and I doubt there were any refunds to their subscribers for such delays). imo It's bad business practice for a company to not raise awareness for one of their more successful products. Yes, even SEGA themselves are guilty for this considering that, outside of the Sonic Tumblr, there's little word or any at all about their Sonic Boom TV show (which is rather good imo). And when you look at the ratings of that TV show back in the 1st season collectively, if either SEGA or Cartoon Network had properly advertised the show and it wasn't at such an early timeslot back then, it could have easily reached ratings and viewcounts higher than flippin' Teen Titans Go. And now, even though its timeslot is more manageable, there aren't that many who actually have the Boomerang channel (just ugh, don't get me started on CN and their Teen Titans Go fetish) Anyways, a KH comic in the story-style of the Sonic and Megaman comics would be interesting. But I would rather support the actual artists and writers of the comic before I let KH anywhere near the Archie company with a 13-mile long pole.
  13. More work for Tyson Hesse (who drew and animated this and also drew for the Sonic Comics) if they do decide to do a more 2D animated cartoon. I think he also drew this Sonic design in homage to that Sonic OVA movie and style If they DO decide to do a new cartoon, boi-o hopefully they choose a DIFFERENT network to air it on considering how Cartoon Network treats most of its shows, blegh
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