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  1. KingOFHearts

    Images Of 2011 Around The World

    More pictures
  2. KingOFHearts

    What I'm currently working on

    The Random forum, a section about the games (like a wiki), and a user (or forum) of the day (or week)
  3. KingOFHearts

    Count Backwards From 500,000!

  4. KingOFHearts

    A:TLA - "The Promise" Leaked Images

    A:TLA The promise behind the scenes !
  5. KingOFHearts

    Lightning XIII-2 Signature

    © Square Enix - Lightning's render

  6. KingOFHearts

    HELP! KH Brady Game guides Hope this can help
  7. 100 likes in 50 minutes. If you wish cancer never existed. Repost if you have a heart.♥

    1. KingdomKatherine


      I wish Cancer never existed!

  8. KingOFHearts

    The Quiet Place

    the quiet place It helps you get rid of the problems your having and helps you clear your mind off of facebook and other social networking stuff. Don't worry no scary stuff. Made by Amitay Tweeto
  9. KingOFHearts

    Is the person going to come to my house?
  10. KingOFHearts

    I swear dude it creep me out
  11. KingOFHearts

    Do they track you down?
  12. KingOFHearts

    Fixed or fluid?

  13. KingOFHearts

    Staff members wanted-- Social Media Team

    ill help you with tumblr or facebook