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  1. Deception IV and Samurai Warriors 4! (Although the latter only has a March release in Japan thus far.)
  2. holy shit

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tricia-chan


      Oh, you know -- just chilling, keeping the bed warm. How about you?

    3. RoxSox


      Same old. No school and no work means all play, which isn't as exciting as it sounds. >.>

      It's been a crazy couple of years.

    4. Tricia-chan


      Ditto. Recently, though, I've been employed to do what I always do, which is take care of my brother, but now I get paid by the state, so it technically makes it a job now. Still waiting on my first check though.

  3. Hey Tricia-chan. I would love for you to enter The GMV Contest of 2014! If you can, please enter. It would mean so much to me if you can. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/68419-the-gmv-contest-of-2014/

    1. Tricia-chan


      Nah, I'm going to have to pass. More or less, I've pretty much retired from making AMVs. Besides, I'm hardly active on here, if ever. Sorry.

    2. Sora96


      Ah, that's a shame. Thanks for letting me know though.

  4. Happy 3 years on kh13! :)

    1. Tricia-chan


      Oh wow, it has been three years, hasn't it? Thank you so much! :D

  5. Avatar: 6/10 (Yay, Ace! ) Signature: 2/10 (Meh...)
  6. I do have a PS3, but I have a minimal interest for the HD Remix. (The only thing that makes me somewhat interested in it is 358/2 Days.)
  7. My friend was visiting me the other day, and he was playing Dream Drop Distance. I have to admit, I am thoroughly inspired to get the game myself. (Not until the price drops though~)

  8. First day at AiOHC was yesterday. Gonna actually start on my homework after my nap.

  9. Since I have played a lot of survival horror games within a five year time range, I still hope to find a good game that can get a good reaction out of me like the first game that I've played.
  10. I love both, but I incredibly love Oreo's by a milestone~ o3o
  11. May I suggest a Member Title? The GMV Contest of 2010/12 Grand Finalist!

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    2. Tricia-chan


      Oh, I was supposed to include the exclamation mark? Oops, let me fit that right in. :'D

    3. Sora96
    4. CardCaptorDeadpool


      My what an awesome title

  12. Nah, video games have always been a part of my life, ever since I played my first game on my uncle's N64. Video games are never going to leave my life for a looonnnng time, if ever.
  13. Here's a short little video I made the day after the E3 trailer for Beyond: Two Souls was released. I really anticipate this game~ o3o (There is a bad word in it, so I'll give that head's up. )
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