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Xeon the XV

The Flames of Darkness(Axel)

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Born from Darkness the silent flames that echoes

Throughout the world can be heard an, yet he yarns for someone

to understand him. A Teacher & Friend to the true

Keyblader of Darkness he understand what it means to be a Nobody.

However he is blinded by the sheer fact that no matter

what happens he is destined to fade into darkness but with every last

ounce of his being he wishes that He, Roxas, and Xion

could always be together but in the end he begins to lose those close

to him.


Force to bring his friend Xion back to the Organization

he begins to ponder was it the right thing to do what if the Organization

is just using him. Then he loses the only person who

truly understood him. Weilding his Chakrams He sets out on his journey

to find his friend and aleast convince him to comeback

but with no progress he is forced to fight Roxas in one final Duel. After

all he went through this is his fate. The Flames of Darkness

is who he is. Axel The VII member of Organization XII


well this is my first poem for Kingdomhearts I hope you like I might do all 13 members and sora, Riku, Kari and Xion. I hope u like this poem(to be honest i think i suck but who knows)

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