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Roleplaying forum, rules & guidelines. - READ BEFORE POSTING.

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In order to increase the quality of the roleplaying forum, we are introducing these guidelines. If your threads don't meet these guidelines, then they will be determined to not be a proper "roleplay" and will be moved to "Random". Thanks for understanding. Posted Image


Here are the guidelines, written by our lovely Kaiso:


Some basic things role-players should remember when creating role-plays...


Be sure to follow these rules for everything to run smoothly:


- Just double check and make sure the topic of the role-play = the role play.


- Your fellow role-players need to know what kind of character (if necessary) they need to create. If they mess up and it's the wrong thing there isn't anyone else to blame but the thread creator. Be sure to be Very descriptive when setting up the role-play.


- Make sure you have a proper storyline for people to follow. Give as much important information to follow, this includes the type of characters.


- Two sentences is NOT a role-play post. Although here this has gotten out of hand, please try to at LEAST have 100 words. If anything, 5 in-depth sentences. Though that is honestly still VERY small, descriptiveness is key, and paragraphs are golden. Five descriptive sentences = a paragraph. -- It's tolerable to occasionally write a short post every four or so posts you do, but please don't do it consecutively.


- Remember to keep the cursing to a minimum. SOME is okay, but don't over do it.


- Most role-plays ask for no god-modding. If it says it, don't do it. Fair enough?




- Be original. ;] ---- It can still be a KH role-play, or whatever you want... but just try to do something out of the box.


- The final thing is to try to have fun! :3 -- You can still have fun by following these guidelines, all it takes though is a little bit of effort!





What is sight? One of the five senses that most humans have. Was it really that important in the end? Was it worth trying to work for? A girl sat silently in a cell. Not that she could tell what it was. Her eyes were guarded. Unable to see the light or anything close to it. She knew why. The girl was a mutant. The way they had explained these 'things' made her expect to be some sort of monster. She wanted to regain the ability to see. Yet one doubt was hidden in the back of her mind. Was it all really worth it? Of course it was. She felt her skin. It was rough. It was thick. What did it really look like though? She shook her head. Candle didn't need to think of this now. Candle already did today. Sighing, "...At least I can hear my own voice." The younger girl backed up until she felt the wall. Without sight, that only made her ears more sensitive to sound. Maybe if she could hear something...

No. That wouldn't work. It would never work. It didn't matter about what she wanted it to be. It wouldn't happen anyway. Freedom. F-R-E-E-D-O-M. She could only spell it out blankly in the back of her mind. No letters. No visions. Nothing. That's just what seemed to happen to her. Oh how she wished to see these fingers that she had. Candle wanted to see this light she had been able to control all of her life. It didn't matter anymore, because in the end, she would never escape anyway.

Sitting in that corner by her self was the only thing she would ever be able to accomplish.




"You too..." Ryax replied as he closed his eyes and fell asleep...


Ryax was dreaming, but his dream was of a memory. It was thousands of years ago, during the final battle of the Keyblade War. He was weilding the almighty X-Blade, which at long last, he had finally completed, and he was fighting against the Champion of the Light, a warrior so powerful he was known as the Light Incarnate, as he was the Darkness Incarnate. The two of them were doing battle, Ryax with the X-Blade, and his foe with the Keyblades Two Become One and Way to Dawn, as he had mastered both Light and Darkness, the second to do so after himself.


The battle was intense, and in the end, a strike on the X-Blade shattered the mighty weapon, rendering Ryax defenseless as he was mercilessly struck down. He lay defeated at the feet of his foe when he said with his last dredges of life, "I may have fallen...but one day, there will be a one who will avenge me...his Xehanort!" With that, he released all the power he had, creating a massive surge of energy that completely wiped out all the combatants in the area, causing the Worlds to separate and leaving a massive graveyard, with only the Keyblades of those fallen souls remaining...


Ryax quickly woke up again in a cold sweat when he realized it was just a bad dream and fell back asleep without paying it further heedance.


However, he was dreaming again, this time of something far different. He had, at one point, loved someone, which he had never told anyone. She was a beautiful young woman named Emily, with red hair and brilliant green eyes. In this memory, the War had just begun, and he was saying goodbye for the last time.


"My darling" Ryax said softly, "Remember how I promised you something earlier? Well...this is my chance to fulfill it." "Really? You mean we'll finally be able to settle down, you and me?" she asked excitedly. "Yes, but first, I must unlock Kingdom Hearts, to purify the World of its injustices" he replied, "Once that is done, I will return to you, and I will abandon the Darkness forever." "But...what if you're killed or..." Emily replied anxiously when Ryax placed a finger over her mouth. "I will return to you my love, I promise, and we will be together forevermore..." he replied as he kissed her passionately for several seconds that both wished could last forever, but it wasn't to be. Ryax at last broke the embrace and stepped out onto the balcony. "Farewell my love, I will return..." he said with a warm smile as he openned a Dark Corridor and stepped through. The Corridor closed, leaving Emily alone. "Goodbye...Ryax..." she muttered.


Ryax didn't awaken from this dream as he slept, now leaned against a rock, but the memory, his most cherished of all, was too much for him, and caused him to do something he hadn't done in thousands of years. He shed a single tearm which streaked down his cheek and off his chin to the sand below. (I'm sorry Emily...) he thought mournfully (Please forgive me...)


(I know, I'm such a Drama King aren't I?)




John winced at the kick, but remained calm. "Hmph. A being of darkness. Dear Nobody, I'm afraid you are slightly misinformed. I AM darkness!" John extended his hand and launched a beam of darkness to counter the light. Holding back a great deal of power, John ensured that the beams would remain even. "This pathetic human thought he could save his home at Destiny Islands by chanelling the darkness threatening it through him. Sadly, he is not strong enough for such power. His mind is gone, and this body is being eaten away by my power. By enveloping the worlds in darkness, I ensure that I remain alive, and prepare for the day that the worlds will return to their original state."







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New rule! Because really guys, this is something that we should have addressed before and it seems to have become an issue.

No Cybering. We don't want that here at all.

KH13 is a PG-13 site!! Please do not cyber in your role-plays. You can have romance, but please censor the role-playing if it gets too sexual and keep it at a minimum. CENSORING DOES NOT MEAN YOU'VE PUT SPOILER TABS ON YOUR POST.


You can have romantic moments without cybering.


Remember: If you do not follow these guidelines and your role-play gets put under question by whatever means we will close the role-play.

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