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Omega Ness

Omega Theories -Pikmin- An alien Species

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Keep in mind that this thread will include things from all three pikmin games. 





Okay, so the Pikmin series is home to many theories. And I think that the Waterwraith and Plasm Wraith are part of an alien species that adapt to their environment. After all, in the games, all they ever seem to want to do is kill the Captains and extinct the pikmin species. The Waterwraith doesn't even have a visible mouth, but it has rollers, which again serve no purpose but to kill Pikmin. The Wraiths may very well be connected to each other, and are rather intelligent, creating their own weapons from themselves and other objects around them.


The Waterwraith's Japanese name (Amebouzo) is similar to the Umibouzo. That said creature to said to live in oceans, capsizing entire ships.  Olimar's Ship was struck by a meteor in the first game, causing him to fall down to the Pikmin planet. Since the Plasm Wraith can harness the power of rocks, and transform into unique forms, I would not be surprised if the Plasm Wraith hit Olimar on purpose. The remaining fragments of the meteor could have been used by the Waterwraith to create its rollers, and I said earlier that the species could adapt to their environment and make weapons of whatever they wanted to. If you watch the opening cutscene, you will notice that only parts of the meteor fell to the planet; the main meteor still traveled through space. Also, there is an enemy in the first Pikmin called the Goolix. It is made up of transparent gel and has two nuclei. (brains) That's not all, with it being the first of three so far known enemies being almost entirely liquid-based, the other two? The Waterwraith and Plasm Wraith. The Goolix could be a specially-developed sac that the Wraiths create to put their eggs in, if they even could give birth. The thing has two brains, but what if Olimar is wrong? And one of those "brains" is a Wraith egg? 


The Plasm Wraith can split itself into bits that form other creatures the Captains have been seeing throughout their journeys. It even replicates the Goolix, albeit it only has one thing inside it: a Rubik cube-like cube. Could this be a true brain of a Plasm Wraith? The Wraith is not transparent in its humanoid form, so the brain may be enlarged or shrunken to scale with its form. As we know, brains in our Universe, look similar throughout animals and humans. This Alien species could have different shaped brains than us in the Pikmin Universe. When you think about it, it is not that implausible. The two Wraiths have their own unique life meters. Waterwraith has two life meters for its battle, and the Plasm Wraith has a golden coloured life meter. 


Also, when Koppai captains fight the Plasm Wraith it can twist its body around like a knot and then release, scattering parts of itself. It can take parts of itself off to form elemental things.


They all have the golden cube in them and they all work independently, like that cube is a brain, controlling the properties of them. And what purpose do they seem to do to help the Plasm Wraith's survival? As depicted in the battle, only to destroy Pikmin. One could argue that it creates these things to protect itself, but really, what is it going to get attacked by? I doubt even the mighty Snagret would cope with this. There are a few exceptions, where the Empress Bulblax, Emperor Bulblax, and a couple others could potentially face off against the Plasm Wraith. 


All three things that are made up of mostly liquid are all connected in some way. Waterwraith->Plasm Wraith-> Goolix->Waterwraith


When the Plasm Wraith is defeated by the Koppai captains, the creature drops a golden cube and inside is Captain Olimar. The Plasm Wraith still lives on, however. Maybe I've been thinking about it way too much, but I dunno. Perhaps if Pikmin 4 is released, we delve deeper into the secret of just what these things are? 


What do you guys think? Am I right to a degree? Or somehow totally off 150%? 

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I think you stole this, almost word for word



I did!? Crap...


I honestly had no idea about this... o .O What the hell...? 


EDIT: That video mentions the Smokey Progg, and does not mention the two brains of the Goolix. It doesn't mention the multiple forms the Plasm Wraith takes. I don't think I stole it "word for word". 

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