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Top 5 Super Smash Bros DLC Wishlist

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(Sorry if someone already made a thread like this! If someone has and I need to post this there, let me know!)


So I thought it would be nice and fun to do a Top 5 list for everybody's Smash Bros DLC Wishlist! All you have to do here is tell your Top 5 characters you want in Smash Bros! (Bonus Points if you tell why!) (Also only video game characters are allowed on the list, meaning please no spamming with real life people or anime characters that haven't gotten on to a game yet!)


My Top 5 List:


1.) Captain Toad - Captain Toad is becoming a popular character of Nintendo lately and it would be great to see him in Smash! Plus I have always been a fan of his since he first showed up in the Mario games! Plus he could represent his own series like Yoshi does!

Posted Image


2.) Wolf (Star Fox series) - I know that this is a returning character and he has a pretty good chance of getting in Smash 4 with the new Star Fox game coming out, but I still wanted to list Wolf mainly because he was one of my favorite Brawl fighters and my favorite Star Fox character!

Posted Image


3.) Zoroark - I know, I know Zoroark is already in Smash Bros as a Pokeball Pokemon, but what if they could also make him/her a fighter? Zoroark was the Pokemon that I was hoping would be playable in the next Smash Bros game, but sadly he didn't make it outside being the "help". I think they could find some way to make it into a fighter, as Zoroark is prepared for battle with its power of illusions! (Plus people are voting for Waluigi and he is an AT!)

Posted Image


4.) Daisy (Mario Sports edition) - While it is true we have a lot of Mario characters, I feel like Nintendo has been giving the boot to Daisy for a long time now. And so I think it would be nice for Daisy to finally be her own character in Smash Bros! And she doesn't have to be a Peach clone, as they can use Daisy's sport appearances and make moves based off of that! Give Daisy a chance, and maybe the Mario series will be complete in Smash Bros!

Posted Image


5.) Sam & Max - Everybody wants to list that one character that has no chance to be in Smash Bros at all, for me that would be both the characters of Sam & Max Freelance Police! I have no real reason to list them, but it would just be funny to see them in the game! Plus Nintendo could get the rights and put Sam & Max games on the Wii U!

Posted Image


So what characters do you guys want in Smash Bros? List them below!!!!! :)

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Well... I have a few of them...


1-Wonder Red: My absolute favourite hero must be in this game. Ever since I played TW101 I wanted WRed to be in Smash! I was disappointed they didn't include him, but now he has this opportunity! I know he would be a really, original character.


2-Shovel Knight: Oh my god... that was a good game. He doesn't have that much opportunity to be in there, but he would make a fun character to use.


3-Bandana Waddle Dee: Well, appart from those two, there aren't many other that I'd like to see. But Waddle Dee is another icon of the Kirby series, and Bandana Waddle Dee has appeared very often in these recent years. With the ability Spear, he could be really cool.


4-Another Pokemon: I don't specify since I don't really care which one. Zoroark could be cool, maybe another one. There are already a few Pokemon to choose, but maybe one from gen5 could be a good fighter as well.


5-Sora: I don't have much hope for characters like Sora, Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton, even if I really love the 3 videogame series. But from those 3, Sora would be the only one I can see in Smash. Do I really think he will make it? Not really, but it would be nice to have him in there.

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My Top 5

1. Sora- Cuz he's an awesome character with lots of moves at his potential

2. Shantae- Her series has become so successful, I love to see her in a huge game like Smash

3. Fire Emblem if Protagonist- Final Smash: A FREAKIN DRAGON(or beast of some sort)!!

4. Bayonetta- Without Nintendo, there would have been a sequel plus she's gorgeous!

5. Lloyd Irving- Another Namco representative plus he'll be the first, legit, twin-swordsman.

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