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"Big Hero 6: Stealth" toyline connected to Kingdom Hearts III?

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So, Bandai are releasing a new toyline of Big Hero 6 figures titled "Big Hero 6: Stealth". The toyline features the iconic team in a new range of outfits that were not present in the movie or comics released since. Interestingly, Baymax's redesign seems to resemble that of the Dark Baymax shown at D23, although it is not identical.  




Posted Image



But, just because it's not identical - doesn't mean there isn't a connection between these figures and Kingdom Hearts III. What we saw was concept art for the game and designs often change throughout video game development. 


What do you guys think? Do you think there is any connection between this toyline and Kingdom Hearts III? or could it simply be a tie-in for an unannounced short/comic? 


The other characters also have redesigned costumes that could make an appearance within the game if there is a connection and you can check them out here: http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disney-speculation-big-hero-6-stealth-project-revealed-d23-expo-75674/

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I'd say unannounced tie-in to a short/comic, however, the possibility cannot be ruled out entirely. All it really is a re-colour which can be easily implemented. To add to that, Big Hero 6 is going to have an original story line, therefore, the stealth line can be implemented into the game no problem.

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Didn't they say a movie sequel to Big Hero 6 was in the world too? Not at D23 I mean, but a while ago. If that's true that could tie in to it as well. Also, pic is broken.

There's been sequels announced for every recent Disney film besides Tangled. (Although that's getting its own TV series) Given that Frozen 2 is expected to release in 2017 or something like that, BH6 2 will probably be a long time from now. 

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