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KH x Pokemon: I didn't sign for this

Kingdom Hearts X Pokemon: Braig, Isa and Young Xehanort


The new lovely trio of bad dudes from the True Organization XIII :3 Though at this point we almost can agree one particular member is just one poor unfortunate soul :/

Yup I assume Young Xehanort would be a houndour. Don’t mind me, but at first I thought in darkrai but it would be so boring to think all those Xehanorts as darkrais so an evolution chain would be more fancy. Xemnas and Ansem the Seeker of Darkness would be houndooms and Old Fart Xehanort…a permanent mega houndoom. A very old and decaying one :3

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Uh yeah I couldn't think in a better mon than skarmory for Xigbar. I mean, there's no mon yet with the kind of weapon as he holds so I thought a skarmory could fit not just for the name but also as reference of throwing his steel feathers like a sniper he is

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