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  1. I’m an odd one out in the fandom for only giving a damn to Isa’s marvelous nort experience but look all the damns I give! LET HIS HAPPY FIRST SCARRED DAYS BEGIN!
  2. Probably I shouldn't ask this, but in case that's so, please forgive me, but....did something happened to the newest manga chapters? As far I noticed, it usually releases like 4 at once and it already got more than that and the manga is ending next month...is the scanlation project cancelled?

    1. Sora96


      Unfortunately I have nothing to report at this time.

  3. According the author of the manga, Shiro Amano from his twitter account, the current manga adaption of the series Kingdom Hearts II is now just three chapters to finally end! This saga started quite many years ago, but it was halfway halted in sake of 358/2 manga adaption, only resuming it continuation after completion. It's not that surprising to end this soon as the latest chapter eliminated Saix and Luxord (killed by Sora and Riku respectively), leaving Xemnas the very last member remaining, currently dealing with his past teacher, Ansem the Wise (like in the game). So far Shiro Amano made a manga adaption of Kingdom Hearts first game, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days and now it's concluding the longest saga so far, Kingdom Hearts II. It's unknown which saga will be next, as the author is yet to state if he will even keep working for the series, but Birth by Sleep or Dream Drop Distance are the current biggest bets.
  4. SoftKeychains

    Half Norted

    We probably need to get used with this sad possibility
  5. The manga doesn't need to be a copy and paste from the games. It's great on it own and the author has his own interpretation. It's not supposed to be a 100% loyal fanfic. Think about it, if it was EXACTLY like the games it would be boring and predicable. Plus, character interaction and development is better taken in the manga than in the games. More mentioning in the 358/2 days and KH II latter chapters, I mean, the first manga and chain of memories is incredibly rushed.
  6. KH III doesn't need to include popular movies to sell. Remember Tron world? Nightmare Before Christmas? Completely underrated, many heard about those for real for the first time in the game. Did KH II sell anyway? Yup it did. Guess people who love popular movies feel encouraged to show their obsessions at the open and rub it on everyone's face and demand it on franchises that don't need them at all. Seriously if Frozen will be include it will because Nomura liked it and knew it would fit and not because it's overrated. KH III will be great AND IT'S NOT THE CHOICE OF WHATEVER DISNEY MOVIES THAT WILL GIVE THAT JUDGEMENT.
  7. Honestly, Isa. Not kidding. He had no shred of happiness for 10 years. He experienced nothing but stress, overwork, charades, lies and had all his hopes completely lost in the end. There's no deny his death as Saix was particularly sad to watch. It's a bit understandable why he was sore against Xion and Roxas. Yeah I know he was a jerk, no doubts, drop your knives, but you see there's a thing: He was replaced by his only friend. Replacement is a horrible feeling, no one ever wants to experience that. Really, ever. And what makes extra sad is how Saix was constantly convincing himself he had no heart and denying how terrible he felt. He got his heard back. With that price? To be involved into MX's scam again. I agree with all of you about the characters you mentioned but they are no worse state than Isa's. Roxas, Ventus and Xion are comfy inside Sora, Namine got their trusts (and that's friggin heartwarming) and there's hope on Aqua. Isa has no hope, no friends, no one cares about him (or as he thinks, understandable as Axel completely left him alone to root) and several characters (specially Roxas, Sora and Kairi) hold a huge grudge against him. I have absolutely no hope to see him alive in the end. The only hope is if Lea somehow manages to save him. But makes me feel it's already too late.
  8. My entry -> http://kh13.com/forum/gallery/image/40862-the-unwanted-icing-on-the-cake/
  9. My entry for the Kingdom Hearts Xmas Art Contest. I just want a book as my country make them too expensive and almost nonexistent.
  10. I'm definitely interested in participating. But one doubt, can we upload our entry on tumblr and deviantart after posting first here?
  11. This pokemon X Kingdom Hearts crossover is on pause but just because I'm working in character art apart from this long comic project. Personally I can't wait to continue it. It's not much interesting for you as the two parts released so far, Kingdom Hearts content was pretty minimal but it will get main focus soon enough... Until there, have this doodle which basically tells what will be the story about: lunatic catfight
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