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Dandelion Keyblades
© Fanmade designs by me @ExusiaSword.

Dandelion Keyblades

Custom Keyblades for the newly appointed Union Leaders in Kingdom Hearts Union X.

*These designs were purely made out of speculations and aesthetics of each Union Leader and not to be taken as actual material.


Ephemera (Starbright)

Actually a refinement of the usual Starlight Keyblade seen in the game, it was repurposed to resemble the one Sora wields in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Skuld (Three Fates)

Designed according to her namesake, being one of the three Fates (or Norn as you prefer) alongside Wyrd and Verdandi. The three streaks of red line represent the thread of fate that the Norn twines; past, present and future.


Ventus (Wayward Star)

Heavily derived from the Wayward Wind in Birth by Sleep. You know what, I seriously ain't got a clue anymore.


Blaine (Fourth Enigma)

Ain't got a clue on this one either. Peeps mentioned on how this Blaine fellow resembles Ienzo/Zexion from the past KH games, so his Keyblade was derived from his Book of Retribution in a way.


Strelitzia (Paradise Glimpse)

Designed after the Bird of Paradise flower as according to Strelitzia's namesake. In addition having bird-like features.


© Fanmade designs by me @ExusiaSword.

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