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  1. Iman Nazeerudin

    Fool's Pact

    The Keyblade themed after the red dragon Angelus from Drakengard by Yoko Taro.

    © Fanmade Keyblade design was conceptualized by me @ ExusiaSword

  2. Iman Nazeerudin

    Vanity Apple

    The Keyblade themed after Disney's "Snow White and The Seven Dwarves". The first colored animation from Walt Disney himself. This Keyblade was heavily derived from the haunted trees during Snow White's escape scene has influences from Grimhilde's dark sorcery.

    © Fanmade Keyblade design done by me @ ExusiaSword

  3. Iman Nazeerudin

    Scream Machine

    You know the drill. Monsters Inc themed Keyblade which I wished I could have put more effort into it.

    © Fanmade Keyblade design done by me @ ExusiaSword

  4. Iman Nazeerudin

    Gleam And Glow

    The Keyblade themed after Disney's Tangled. A design from last year before they revealed the Ever After in the recent Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers. Hence why I didn't include the tower into the Keyblade's design but decided to go with something more abstract.

    © Fanmade Keyblade was done by me @ ExusiaSword

  5. Iman Nazeerudin

    Union X Leaders Portraits

    Some head portraits of the newly appointed Union leaders in the Kingdom Hearts mobage. Starting from left to right, top to bottom. Skuld - Three Fates Strelitzia - Paradise Glimpse Ventus - Wayward Star Ephemera - Starbright Lauriam - Vain Vines Blaine - Fourth Enigma

    © Fan art by me @ ExusiaSword. Kingdom Hearts belongs to Tetsuya Nomura, a joint franchise between Disney and Square Enix.

  6. Iman Nazeerudin

    Glory To Mankind

    The Keyblade designed after Yoko Taro's Nier:Automata. Taking shape of 2B's Virtuous Treaty and the Yorha squad emblem. Its Keychain is the black box that's embedded in all Yorha androids.

    © Fanmade Keyblade designed by me @ Exusiasword. Nier Automata belongs to Yoko Taro / Square Enix

  7. Iman Nazeerudin

    Dead Heat

    Self explanatory.

    © Fanmade Keyblade design by me @ExusiaSword

  8. Iman Nazeerudin

    Cascading Crab

    Actually an old attempt at refining the Crab Claw Keyblade from the first Kingdom Hearts game.

    © Fanmade Keyblade design by me @ExusiaSword

  9. Iman Nazeerudin

    Sovereign Lion

    The Keyblade based on the Griever insignia from Final Fantasy 8. Notably recognized as Squall Leonhart's emblem seen on his attire and Gunblade. Taking cues form Lionheart (KH1) and Sleeping Lion (KH2), this Keyblade named as such to evoke the regal status of a lion.

    © Keyblade fanmade concept designed by me @ ExusiaSword.

  10. Iman Nazeerudin

    Frenzy Flames

    A fanmade upgrade concept for Axel/Lea. The grey flames are based on the Grenade, a much powerful subspecies of the Bomb from the Final Fantasy series. This Keyblade design retains traits from the Bond of Flames (KH2), Frolic Flame (KHBbS), and Lea's started Keyblade in DDD.

    © Fandmade concept done by me @ ExusiaSword.

  11. Iman Nazeerudin

    Oathkeeper And Oblivion - Personifications

    I know a lot of people had already done this before but I figured I should give it a try. The personifications of both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

    © Art concept by Iman Nazeerudin aka ExusiaSword

  12. Iman Nazeerudin

    Keyblade Cards - Anime Set One

  13. Iman Nazeerudin

    3D Keyblade modelling Poll

    Come to think of it, I myself haven't even choose the top 5. 1. Lucis Legacy (a celebration for FFXV's release) 2. Circuit Spin 3. Red Riding Roses 4. Virtual Idol 5. Sovereign Lion
  14. I got bored recently and drew up custom Keyblades for the 5 newly appointed Union Leaders. Then... the recent story update sorta put a wrench to that so I had to include Lauriam's. Note: These were all made for fun and based on aesthetics alone so they may or may not reflect their wielders. Especially Lauriam's since we don't know if he has a Keyblade or not during Union Cross.
  15. Iman Nazeerudin


    With the way how she stalks the Player, might as well give her a nickname.

    © Fanart by me @ExusiaSword.