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Keyblade Set Nickelodeon 1


A Keyblade modeled af the protagonist of My Life As A Teenage Robot created by Rob Renzetti! The Keyblade favors speed and defense. The entire Keyblade is made up out of parts from the main character XJ9 "Jenny Wakeman", with her pigtails acting as the teeth of the blade. The token is that of Jenny's head symbol.

The world logo is the fictional setting of Tremorton, California, made in the manner as the series' title. The name, Robomania, simply refers to the series' representing several robotic characters.


A Keyblade modeled after the sewege wonderland of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters created by Klasky Csupo! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balance, but a bit weaker in the attack department. The hilt of the blade is made up of one of the many sewage tubes, with Ickis's ears on it. The handle is Oblina's body, and the shaft of the blade is another two sewage pipes, barbed wired together to a partially ate road sign. The Keychain token is that of Krumm's eye!

The world logo is the the supposed setting, the Fresh Kills Landfill, with the font being that of the ending credits, and the entrance to the Monster's domain, the washing machine! The name, Garbage Eater, refers to the fact that all monsters eat Garbage, and find it to be tasty.


A Keyblade modeled after the Irken Technology of DOOM from Invader Zim made by Jhonen Vasquez! The Keyblade is design to favor strength above all else, neglecting magic and speed, for DOOM. The entire Keyblade is designed after the Irken Technology found throughout the show, with several thousand cords of DOOM. THe keychain is that of the various Pigs (of DOOM) that Zim and GIR happen to always be around.

The World Logo is Zim's Base of operations on Earth. With the font being that of the Invader Zim logo in the comics. The name "World Invade" alludes to Zim's life purpose, to be a World Invader. DOOM.


A Keyblade modeled after the underwater fun that is in SpongeBob SquarePants by Stephen Hillenburg! The Keyblade is design with Magic, Reach and Attack in mind! The hilt of the blade is designed after a life preserver, a common prop found around Bikini Bottom, with the handle being one of SpongeBob's Jelly Fishing Nets. The shaft of the Key is designed after one of the uniquely designed buildings in Bikini Bottom, with the teeth being three spatulas that SpongeBob uses. The Token is a common Jellyfish.

The World Logo is that of Bikini Bottom, the main location of which SpongeBob takes place, under the Bikini Atoll. The design is that of one of the alternative SpongeBob logos. The name is a line in the SpongeBob theme song!


A Keyblade designed after the magical antics that happen in Fairly OddParents by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed to be heavily magic based. The Hilt of the blade has Wanda and Cosmo's color coded wands on each side, with two variants of Wanda's hair on the bottom, and two fairy wings, Poof's wand bridges the gap, while Jorgon's wand makes the handle. The shaft is a standard wand with the rainbow road to Fairy World, and the clouds, spiral up the wand, forming the Teeth. The keychain has three sparks representing Wanda, Cosmo and Poof, and the Token being Timmy Turner's iconic hat.

The world logo is designed after the Fairy World sign, referring to that of Dimsdale, Timmy Turner's home town. The name, refers to Timmy's nature as a wish-maker.


A Keyblade designed after the not-so supernatural heroics of Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed for defense. The hilt of the blade is the Fenton Ghost Zone Portal , with the ghostly aura surrounding the portal, forming the keychain and the Ghost that curls up the shaft and makes the Teeth. The handle is colored like that of Danny's Ghost form, with the Fenton Thermos creating the shaft of the blade. The Token is that of Danny Phantom's symbol.

The World Logo is designed after the Danny Phantom title logo, with the Ghost Zone appearing in the background, but named after the town where the Ghosts tend to attack! The name comes from the source of all of Danny Fenton's problems the GhostZone!

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