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    Destiny island as a bonus World?

    I think a possible ending to the Xehanort saga would be beautiful to end with Sora vs. Master Xehanort. Imagine this senario, a weakened and battered Master Xehanort, who reverted back to his old form after his superform got broken down by the light, all of his vessels vanished or purified of his heart. In a bit of desperation to survive he summons forth a Corridor of Darkness to the first place to comes to mind: his childhood home, Destiny Island. Now back on the island, Xehanort is pulling himself along the shore, panting, nearly insane trying to think of a way out. You see, he has felt loss before, but always had a back up plan, but this is total loss. Meanwhile; Sora and the Lights (Not a bad band name, maybe KH4 will be a rockband game) use some Yen Sid magic to track down Xehanort. They all land in the middle of town on the mainland. They walk through, talk to some of the locals. Sora EATS HIS DINNER, Roxas and Xion see their "mom", everyone congratulates Riku on being strong and brave, Kairi talks with Selphie for too long, Mickey, Donald and Goofy hang back, not wanting to ruin the moment. Lea is shocked to see no clock tower, now unsure of himself, follows Roxas like a lost puppy. Aqua, Terra and Ventus are still hugging from the final fight. They will be that way until KH45. Sora eventually comes across Xehanort, clinging to the darkness from the Secret Place. Feeling pitty, Sora reaches out, letting his heart's light shine on Xehanort. But before Xehanort could react, he turns to dust due to the THANOS SNAP! Okay to be honest, I didn't have a good ending ending in mind.
  2. ClarkDesigner

    Character Card - Sora

  3. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Affliction

    Keyblade for Darkest Dungeon!
  4. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Plortmaster

    Keyblade for Slime Rancher!
  5. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Rotoscope

    Keyblade for Bendy and the Ink Machine
  6. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Death Row

    Keyblade for Dead Cells!
  7. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Corazon de un Luchador

    Keyblade of Guacamelee!
  8. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Card - Hatstack

    Keyblade of A Hat in Time!
  9. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Bioshock

    MAN'S FOLLY- A Keyblade modeled after the Art Deco design of Rapture from BioShock made by 2K Boston! The Keyblade favors range and speed over damage. The hilt guard is designed after the various menus found within the game, with the Andrew Ryan "R" ever branded in the center of the hilt. The shaft and every top of the blade are designed after the Little Sister's vents, with the blade being made of the Little Sister's needles to extract Adam. The Keychain token is a jar of the very Adam that sends Rapture into Darkness. The World logo is that of Rapture, being an underwater utopia under the lighthouse! The name, Man's Folly, refers to Ryan's, and other characters, who flee to Rapture thinking they are better than humanity as whole. Much to their folly. PATRIARCHAL BOND- A Keyblade modeled after the flooded and destroyed design of Rapture from BioShock 2 made by 2K Marin! The Keyblade favors range and damage, but is notably slow. The hilt guard is designed after the ruin architecture, with several barnacles covering it, and a there is a a not-so-subtle nod to Subject Delta. The shaft is covered with coral, that can often be seen outside of Rapture, with the key teeth being the drill of Subject Delta. The Keychain Token is the Big Daddy Doll made by Eleanor. The World Logo is the Rapture logo from the Man's Folly Keyblade, but now ruined, and darkened, no longer with the lighthouse. The name, Patriarchal Bond, refers to the bond that Subject Delta and Eleanor share. UNCAGED FREEDOM- A Keyblade modeled after the utopia in the Sky from BioShock Infinite from Irrational Games! The Keyblade favors reach, and has an added effect of being able to slide along rails! The hilt of the blade is designed after the large Momunent from Monument Island, with several references to Columbia's "patriotically" views, the shaft of the blade is designed after the large heads of the Founding Fathers, and the buildings saw in Combstock's home with the teeth being the Sky Hooks design. The Keychain token is actually two, referencing Elizabeth's broaches, which often switch which order they appear in as your equip it. The World Logo is designed after Columbia, with the Lady Combstock Monument built in the background. The name, Uncaged Freedom, partically coined by <a href="">Axelle/a>, and further turned into referencing Elizabeth's need to be uncaged from Combstock and true freedom.
  10. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Nickelodeon 1

    ROBOMANIA - A Keyblade modeled af the protagonist of My Life As A Teenage Robot created by Rob Renzetti! The Keyblade favors speed and defense. The entire Keyblade is made up out of parts from the main character XJ9 "Jenny Wakeman", with her pigtails acting as the teeth of the blade. The token is that of Jenny's head symbol. The world logo is the fictional setting of Tremorton, California, made in the manner as the series' title. The name, Robomania, simply refers to the series' representing several robotic characters. GARBAGE EATER- A Keyblade modeled after the sewege wonderland of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters created by Klasky Csupo! The Keyblade is designed to be fairly balance, but a bit weaker in the attack department. The hilt of the blade is made up of one of the many sewage tubes, with Ickis's ears on it. The handle is Oblina's body, and the shaft of the blade is another two sewage pipes, barbed wired together to a partially ate road sign. The Keychain token is that of Krumm's eye! The world logo is the the supposed setting, the Fresh Kills Landfill, with the font being that of the ending credits, and the entrance to the Monster's domain, the washing machine! The name, Garbage Eater, refers to the fact that all monsters eat Garbage, and find it to be tasty. WORLD INVADER - A Keyblade modeled after the Irken Technology of DOOM from Invader Zim made by Jhonen Vasquez! The Keyblade is design to favor strength above all else, neglecting magic and speed, for DOOM. The entire Keyblade is designed after the Irken Technology found throughout the show, with several thousand cords of DOOM. THe keychain is that of the various Pigs (of DOOM) that Zim and GIR happen to always be around. The World Logo is Zim's Base of operations on Earth. With the font being that of the Invader Zim logo in the comics. The name "World Invade" alludes to Zim's life purpose, to be a World Invader. DOOM. NAUTICAL NONSENSE - A Keyblade modeled after the underwater fun that is in SpongeBob SquarePants by Stephen Hillenburg! The Keyblade is design with Magic, Reach and Attack in mind! The hilt of the blade is designed after a life preserver, a common prop found around Bikini Bottom, with the handle being one of SpongeBob's Jelly Fishing Nets. The shaft of the Key is designed after one of the uniquely designed buildings in Bikini Bottom, with the teeth being three spatulas that SpongeBob uses. The Token is a common Jellyfish. The World Logo is that of Bikini Bottom, the main location of which SpongeBob takes place, under the Bikini Atoll. The design is that of one of the alternative SpongeBob logos. The name is a line in the SpongeBob theme song! WISHMAKER - A Keyblade designed after the magical antics that happen in Fairly OddParents by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed to be heavily magic based. The Hilt of the blade has Wanda and Cosmo's color coded wands on each side, with two variants of Wanda's hair on the bottom, and two fairy wings, Poof's wand bridges the gap, while Jorgon's wand makes the handle. The shaft is a standard wand with the rainbow road to Fairy World, and the clouds, spiral up the wand, forming the Teeth. The keychain has three sparks representing Wanda, Cosmo and Poof, and the Token being Timmy Turner's iconic hat. The world logo is designed after the Fairy World sign, referring to that of Dimsdale, Timmy Turner's home town. The name, refers to Timmy's nature as a wish-maker. GHOSTZONE - A Keyblade designed after the not-so supernatural heroics of Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman! The Keyblade is designed for defense. The hilt of the blade is the Fenton Ghost Zone Portal , with the ghostly aura surrounding the portal, forming the keychain and the Ghost that curls up the shaft and makes the Teeth. The handle is colored like that of Danny's Ghost form, with the Fenton Thermos creating the shaft of the blade. The Token is that of Danny Phantom's symbol. The World Logo is designed after the Danny Phantom title logo, with the Ghost Zone appearing in the background, but named after the town where the Ghosts tend to attack! The name comes from the source of all of Danny Fenton's problems the GhostZone!
  11. ClarkDesigner

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Poster

    All the info is on the Red Bubble Page if you are interested!
  12. ClarkDesigner

    Kingdom Hearts 1 Poster

    Hello Everyone! I have been working on this little project for quite some time! I want to go through and make poster-esque designs for all of the Kingdom Hearts series that I hold so dear! This one is of course the first game in the series! We have the curious Sora, exploring the new worlds with his Kingdom Key along side Goofy and Donald! In the back we have Kairi and Riku, and over looking them is ANSEM, the SEEKER OF DARKNESS! And surroudning them is the Darkness of the Heart! Various Heartless enemies in the form of a Heart! I am also selling this as a print and other stuff on Red Bubble!
  13. ClarkDesigner

    Keyblade Set Playstation 1

    BUTTERFLY EFFECT - A Keyblade modeled after the Totems and the icey landscape from the game UNTIL DAWN developed by Supermassive Games and plushed by Sony! The Keyblade favors reach over all others and is so far the longest Playstation Keyblade made! The shaft of the blade is designed after the tops of the Totems the players find during the game, coated with ice due to cold nature of the world! The hilt of the blade is designed after the old mine and is framed with large rocky spikes modeled after the mountains and the mine interior! The teeth of the blade is designed after the famous butterfly associated with the game and the keychain is the tattoo on Hannah! The world logo is the aformention mountain range, with the "BLACK WOOD MOUNTAIN" logo replicating the Until Dawn Logo! The name, Butterfly Effect, is the massively important gameplay element in the game! PATH OF THE BUILDER - A Keybade modeled after the building materials from the game Dragon Quest Builders developed by Square Enix and published by Sony! It is designed to be a nice mesh of defense and attack, but lacks speed and reach. The shaft and most of the hilt is designed after the blocky building texture that the Builder has access too, with the hilt and keychain begin inspired by the Alefgard Hero symbol. Also on the keychain and the teeth of the blade is the Builder's trusty hammer! The World Logo is named after the over arching land of Dragon Quest, Alefgard, and is modeled after the "New Area" text seen in DQB. The name "Path of the Builder" refers to what the Builder has chosen, and that he is not on a "Path of the Hero" as so many who came before him. FURIES' WHISPERS - A Keblade modeled after the door and entry way into Hel from the game Hellblade: Setsuna's Sacrifice developed by Ninja Theory and published by Sony! The Keyblade is designed to be attack based, with an unsettle attack pattern like that of Setsuna's mind. The shaft of the blade is designed after the door into Hel that Setsuna comes across, with the dead eye of Hel being obscured by the wooden entrance into Hel that makes up the teeth of the blade. The hilt is designed after the runes found by Setsuna and is framed after the various wooden spikes around the land of Hel. The Keychain is that of the mirror she carries around. The World Logo is a minimalist take on the entrance to Hel, with the HEL logo designed after the Runes. The name, Furies Whispers, is designed after the schizophrenia voices Setsuna hears, which she dubs "the Whispers of the Furies." TOMB OF A HERO - A Keyblade modeled after the graveyard aesthetic of the game MediEvil developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony! The Keyblade is a well balanced Keyblade! The entirety of the Keyblade is designed after the every first level of MediEvil, inspired by the bleak graveyard design! The keychain is that of the Chalices that Dan obtains! The World Logo is named after the land the game takes place in, Gallomere, and is modeled after the Fortesque font that appears on Dan's Crypt. The name, Tomb of a Hero, references Dan's alleged role as a Hero and the fact that he is dead.. HALLOWED RELICS - A Keyblade designed after the relics that make up the body of Knack from the game....Knack! developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony! The entire Keyblade is made from various Relics that make up Knack body, both as a small tiny Knack and then in his massive size! The teeth of the blade is designed after a cluster of Sun Crystals that give Knack added power! The keychain is Lucas' pendant! The World Logo is designed after a cluster of Sun Crystals and the Chapter logo design, and references the very first level, The Doctor's Laboratory. The name Hallowed Relics, reference the important of Relics to the entire world! EXODUS - A Keyblade designed after the ruins that appear in the game Journey developed by thatgamecompany and published by Sony! It is design purely for defense, lacking attack and reach. The shaft of the blade is design after the various tomb stones around the land, where as the hilt is deisgned after the ruins. The teeth of the blade is a ruined moment to a white Rythutian. The handle and chain are modeled after the scarf and cloth creatures and the Keychain is one of they glyphs! The World logo is designed after the large mountain in the game, with the name coming from the species of the Traveler, the Rythuian Desert. The name of the Keyblade, Exodus, means a great journey!
  14. ClarkDesigner

    Heartless Card Enter The Gungeon

    Heartless Cards - Enter the Gungeon SHADLET: When the Gundead falls into darkness, the shadows take over. The Shadlet is a small Bullet Kin designed to be extremely similiar to the base Bullet Kin seen in Enter the Gungeon, with heavy inspirations from the Shadow Heartless. The name is simply a combination of Shadow and Bullet. AMMO ANTHEM: Sing the song of Guns reloading! The Ammo Anthem is the Darkness in a Gun Conjurer, designed after the musical themed magic Heartless with implementations of the Conjurer's robes. The name comes from Ammunition and Anthem. FRAGGER: The Fragger is an explosive Heartless that has one goal: To blow up. It is designed after grenades of course. taking ques from the Pinhead Gundead and the Minute Bomb Heartless.. The name comes from the nick name for Fragmentation Grenades, or Frags. GUN CALIBUR: The Gun Calibur is a fusion of the Gun Nut Gundead and the Armored Knight Heartless. The name is a double pun: The calibur of bullet and the famous Excalibur sword! TANKYU: The Tankyu is a more custom Heartless, with inspiration from the Hot Rod type. Designed after a Tank, this small bit of Darkness packs a powerful punch! The name is a bastardization of "Thank you". MAD GUN AND THE CHAMBERED: The custom Heartless boss, the Mad Gun and the Chambered! This dual Heartless is deisgned to be a weapon wielded by the High Dragun. Shooting out the Chambered as bullets to hit their targets! The Chambered are then designed to return to the Gun! Also, the Mad Gun is can fire without a wielder! Once the Dragun is defeated, you still have to contend with the trigger happy Mad Gun!! That is it for the Enter the Gungeon Heartless! This is a bit new to me, so please let me know if you want to see more! And Stay Tuned for the next one!