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Keyblade Card - Twilight's Howl

TWILIGHT'S HOWL- A Keyblade designed after the Twilight elements of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! This Keyblade is designed to have increased Light and Dark attacks! The hiltguard of this keyblade is mainly designed after the top portion of Midna's Fused Shadow helmet, with the Mirror of Twilight forming the center of the hilt. The version of this Master Sword forms the hilt. The shaft of the blade takes it shape from the Master Sword, but has the symbol that apepars on Wolf Link's head near it's base. The rest of the blade is designed with the Twilight color scheme of white-orange-black, forming a Twilight Portal for the teeth and an ornamental wolf head at the top. The keychain is the Vessel of Light that Link uses to help recover an area from Twilight and the token is Ilya's Horse Call charm.  The world logo is that of Hyrule being ingulfed in twilight. The name comes from the various Twilight elements in the game as well as Link's wolf form howling. 

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