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Character Card - Kairi

I modeled her design after her KH3 appearance, with many more "combat-orientated" details that other artists include in their designs as well. For her dress, I made it a tad bit longer, and incorporated the small studs that where on her KH2 dress, and X marks on her dress when she was a child. For her belt, I kept the same consistency with Sora and Riku having Yen Sid inspired buckles, and I included the bag she wore in KH2. Under her dress, I included shorts and the sports bra she wore in KH1. I also include her bands and bracelets from KH1, 2 and 3, with some light magic ready to cast! For her boots, I included the straps from KH1, in the updated color scheme, a single black tie around her leg as a reference to her KH2 shoes. For her Title Logo, I kept with the similar style of Sora and Riku's. I included the Paopu Fruit as a shooting start image, to make the two dots for her "i"s. In the background, I made a negative space of her symbol seen in the Ultimania Guide as a small nod.

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