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Keyblade Card - Family Ties

FAMILY TIES A Keyblade mainly designed after the new Devil Arm Dante from Devil May Cry 5! This Keyblade is designed to have increase in all combat capabilities! The shaft and handle of the blade is designed after Dante's new Devil Arm...Dante. The teeth of the blade are based on the Super/New Devil Trigger form of Nero. The hilt of the blade is designed to have the Qliphoth vines and tendrils. The Keychain is based on the neon lines formed from the Devil Breakers, and the Token is that of the Qliphoth fruit that Urizen is creating. The World Logo is Redgrave City, part of where the 5th game takes place. The design is the Qliphoth tower destroying Redgrave City. The font is inspired by the menu screens from the game! The name comes from the heavy family centered plot.

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