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wallpaper Wallpaper - Ansem's Hollow Bastion OS (KH2)

Hey everyone! Here's another recreated menu design, this time Ansem's Hollow Bastion OS from Kingdom Hearts 2. My first one, designed after the version in KH3 (mainly used by Ienzo if y'all don't remember) inspired me to push further down this road. I can definitely say that I'm excited to see what else I can work with. 

SO...next one up: wallpapers inspired by other menus found within Kingdom Hearts games! I'm currently working on one based loosely off of the Melody of Memory "Museum" menu, obviously going off of screenshots publicly revealed to us through the official website so as to avoid spoilers myself as well as avoid giving out any accidentally. Anyways, look forward to that one, as it should be finished here within this evening. 


There will also be a Google Drive folder made to hold all the different backgrounds, once I've made enough that is. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy! 


(oh, and devs, by technical terms this counts as fan art, as none of the backgrounds I'm making are official or taken from game files. They're all made from scratch through Photoshop. Even so, if this needs to be posted elsewhere, please let me know. :) I'll be happy to work with you guys on this.)

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