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READ THIS: I am in high school, im just starting out editing pictures. Im aware that the editing is kind of crappy, ill probably remake this in the future when I become more experienced. ALSO, NOTE: I updated the profile pictures to whatever they are at the point of me uploaded this. With the exception of the ones who are imitating baylaust - I understand that is just a joke between them. In that case their picture is just whatever it was before they updated to The Vanitas avatar. LASTLY: this is obvious, but i dont want to take any chances: The term "whore" used in this collage is not meant to be offensive to anyone. It is merely used to describe how many "Likes" one has on this site. I do not mean to offend anybody with this collage, it is just a friendly attempt to get more acquainted and well known with other users on this site. If anyone is offended by something in this post please message me and i will try my best to fix it.

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