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<em>CLOUD Message</em>


CLOUD Message included an interview, with Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tai Yasue, the co-director, Yoichi Yoshimoto, a producer of the series and Hajime Tabata, the co-director of coded. The major topics discussed were Birth by Sleep, coded and Kingdom Hearts Mobile.


How do you express "KH: Birth by Sleep" in a word?

Nomura: It's Kingdom Hearts, evolved.

Yasue: It's like a wonderful course made up of unexpected spices. To take in everything, from the unprecedented game system, presentation, and every little bit of technology; it combines to complete a three star game.

Yoshimoto: It's gonna be fun for the PSP.

What does "KH Birth by Sleep" mean for you?

Nomura: Since the concept was "inevitable fate", I wonder now if making this game was inevitable?

Yasue: Working on this thing was like competing in an Olympic event with a mix of an 100m race, an obstacle competition, a marathon, and wrestling! I ran my hardest at full speed, flew over the obstacles, used pinning techniques, made decisions, became annoyed, and after it all, I couldn't even decide on a guts pose.

Yoshimoto: It was a mountain with invisible giants atop it. The climb is steep and difficult.

How is "KH Birth by Sleep" different than other games?

Nomura: There probably isn't another portable game with the same volume and feeling of variety as this.

Yasue: Times three is a big characteristic! There is three main characters, three stories to follow, and three game systems that are directionally totally different from each other. That's three times the excitement!

Yoshimoto: The scenarios of the three main characters is the main feature! The image display challenges the limits of the PSP, it's gritty but gorgeous! And the Disney characters are surprisingly luxurious! This is KH Birth by Sleep, it's what everyone is anticipating.

How do you express "KH: Coded" in a word?

Nomura: The components were carefully selected simply throughout it.

Tabata: Anyone can play it at their own pace, it's the Kingdom Hearts game that continues and expands on the story people are looking forward to.

What does "KH: Coded" mean for you?

Nomura: Including the portal site, it's a compilation of information on the mobile phone.

Tabata: The portal site becomes a compilation of know how through the mobile game.

How is "KH: Coded" different than other games?

Nomura: It's the front for linking to the Mobile portal site. Also, I want to hype it up as a place for communication for fans of Kingdom Hearts.

Tabata: Linking not only through KH coded, but also through the Mobile portal site, all the players of Kingdom Hearts can come together in the Mobile world and enjoy it together.


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