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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    Original release date: 01/09/2009

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts originally released on the PlayStation Portable in Japan (January 9, 2010), North America (September 7, 2010), Australia (September 9, 2010) and Europe (September 10, 2010). 



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    • By Lann
      We know ultimately it’s all Three, but Ventus just has the qualities and the heroism of a main protagonist more than Terra and Aqua.
      1. the Game starts with Ventus as He Dives to the Heart (just like Sora and Roxas), and he’s also the Main controllable character in the Prologue.
      2. Most (if not all) artworks of BBS has Ventus as the leading role in the center cover or front cover.
      3. The story of Birth by Sleep is mostly about Xehanort wanting to forge The X-blade (Ventus) in order to take control of kingdom hearts. the only reason he even needs a younger body (Terra) is just to make sure he can see his plans come to fruition before his old body gives out.
      4. Vanitas and the Unversed came from Ventus, Xehanort tasks Vanitas to spread his Unversed everywhere just to lure Ventus to the outside world, and it also forced Eraqus to send Terra and Aqua to the outside world as well.
      5. Ventus has the most connection with the main protagonist of the series, Sora. and he also has the most connection and history with the main antagonist Master Xehanort.
      6. He’s at the center of every conflict, everyone is either after him or worried about him. Terra and Aqua trying to protect him, Eraqus is trying to dispose of him for the sake of the world, Xehanort wants him for his big plan, Vanitas wants to fuse with him to obtain the legendary χ-blade.
      7. He saves worlds and many people on his journey, and he doesn’t leave any mess behind.
      8. He Has the most epic flashy cinematic final boss battle among the Wayfinder trio.
      9. His heroic sacrifice stopped the X-blade for good and delayed Xehanort’s plan.
      10. Ventus goes through character development and even faces his obstacles and conquers them, he faces Vanitas and succeeds in destroying the X-blade (Terra meanwhile does also have character development in his story, but he fails in conquering his obstacles and gets possessed by the villain and becomes the main antagonist of the Series. Aqua on the other hand doesn’t really have an obstacles to conquer or character development in her overall story in BBS, and she also made a big mistake by saving Terranort which in return doomed the Entire World. Basically out of the Three main characters Ventus is the only one who succeeded in his goal in stopping Xehanort’s Plan without leaving any big mess behind).
      Just by looking at all those reasons you can see it’s clear that Ventus fits the role of a main protagonist the most. Ventus is the overall hero of BBS who succeeded in stopping Xehanort in the end.
    • By Lann
      Even though the most popular of the three Main characters is Aqua, The story of BBS is still all about Terra & Ventus and their conflict with Xehanort.
    • By The Transcendent Key
      Hey, everyone, how's it going!? Happy New Year!
      It's been more than a hot minute since I was last on here, so I decided to log in to see how things have been! Of course, keeping updated with the Kingdom Hearts news, though things have been quiet as of late! But with the Anniversary steadily approaching, we're sure to be in for a flood of news soon!
      Anyways, I was listening to some tracks from the series, and then Fate Of The Unknown came up, which is one of my favorite compositions of the franchise! (Seriously, Yoko did something special with this one!) And with that, I felt nostalgic and pulled up the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix!
      It's crazy that this is from so long ago yet it still holds up so amazingly well! Remember when we all thought that this was Kingdom Hearts III? When we were all confused as to why Roxas was with two other strangers? So many thoughts and questions rolled in my mind back in the day, and honestly, this still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it! I love how dark it is and that this was basically the endgame for Birth By Sleep years before it released! Birth By Sleep is one of my favorite entries in the franchise, so every time I look at this secret ending, I smile at all the foreshadowing and just the awesome buildup and mystery this brought us during our wait for Kingdom Hearts III! Ah, memories!
      What did you all think when you saw this secret ending for the very first time?
    • By Power Jusho
      Which Kingdom Hearts CG opening is your favorite?
    • By Sportsmaster5
      The next of the side games is the prequel to KH1, Birth By Sleep! I hope you all like it!
      Instagram: chris.arts5
      Twitter: Arcanekeyblade5

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