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<em>Dengeki PlayStation</em>


The August 2008 issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine included an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series. The major topics discussed were coded, Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Mobile.


How is the development status of each of the KH titles?

Nomura: About the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts coded, it's development is progressing steadily. It's being tuned for operations suitable for the mobile phone, it's easily held in one hand and invigorating to play.

As for the scenarios, what kind of development is going on?

Nomura: Of the 3 titles, it is the only story taking place after Kingdom Hearts II, so in that way it becomes the most enigmatic of them. Will it feel close to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories in that sense? Those who are familiar with the story will have a deeper understanding of the world of Kingdom Hearts.

In conjunction with coded, Kingdom Hearts Mobile will begin this fall shortly. Content for it will be added on a regular basis. The portal site is intended to be something Kingdom Hearts fans won't want to miss.

What about the stories of the three main characters prepared for the PSP title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

Nomura: As for them, their stories begin at the same point on the time axis, but they take separate actions. The worlds they go to are generally the same places, but how they relate with the worlds is what really differs.

For example, after Terra has visited a world that no one has been to yet, afterwards when Ven comes to it, there is a trace of Terra having been there...... That's the feeling of it. The circumstance and information gained for each character is different.


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