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    from hunger games couldn't sleep last night
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    Because we all need to dream now and then. See Youtube for full description of this video.
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    using some kingdom hearts music this time!! I can relate to this a lot , it warms my heart and tells me that things aren't certain......if your stuck in something good or bad, this could really comfort you......"always on my mind" Sora is always thinking of Kairi in her whole complete way that she is , and nothing lesser , Kairi is still holding on to their promise of long ago.......... thanks for watching please please enjoy!
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    "I am one with the wind and sky" let it go......let it go.......you'll never see me cry...... this was a big feat for me , cause I didn't think I could do it , it's a very powerful song, and I didn't know how it would fit in with kingdom hearts.....so here it is!! I tried everyone:] had a lot of fun with this video!! hope you all enjoy it!!
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