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    Decided to continue on with the series of final battles for each game! So here is the one for 358/2 Days, with Roxas vs Xion!
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    As the title says, what are your favorite worlds in terms of the design? Not factoring in story or characters, purely the environments you walk around in and sometimes interact with. Maybe it's just really fun to wander around in, or it's a faithful recreation of your favorite Disney film. Perhaps it's ambitious in terms of what you can do or how you move about. Dream Drop Distance is quite good at this, with the help of reality shifts. The Grid where you can manipulate coding (and the code that appears upon completion of the reality shift makes logical sense in computer terms), or Symphony of Sorcery's unique soundscape and the way Melody Catcher opens up new paths. Atlantica, mainly the first game is a world I admire the ambition in because while the underwater controls and combat aren't entirely intuitive, it's at least ambitious and makes the areas more three dimensional without resorting to platforming. Not to say that platforming is bad, but swimming offers variation. For sheer size and beauty, the Caribbean. It properly feels like exploration and you immerse yourself in the islands and the water. The islands are visually distinct, it's not the same basic asset copy and pasted for quantity over quality.
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    I’m curious if you could pick any songs to add into Melody of Memory what songs would you choose? as much as I would like to add every song that wasn’t in the game, I’m only going to pick a few which would be: Face My Fears Sora’s Sacrifice ( I know it could be counted as another version of Simple and Clean but it still considered it’s own song) Hearts as One ( Again I know it’s just the Other Promise and Vector To The Heavens combined and both are already in the game but once again it still counts) What songs would everyone else pick?
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    KH3 HUD Icons Art

    One of the many constants in the KH franchise has been the use of the head icons to represent the character you're playing as, along with your teammates. Up until 0.2 all of these head icons had come in the form of drawings, but this would change as the franchise moved onto new engines and evolved its overall style. Some really like the new and current 3D head icons, while others are sadden by the change. I personally don't mind the new take but kinda miss the old style as I felt it was part of giving KH its unique identity. As a fun exercise I thought it would be fun to try and use the KH3 concept art for Sora, Riku, and Kairi and turn them into head icons similar to the ones we used to get. As a fun bonus I also made one of Master Xehanort using one of BbS's promotional artworks as a base. I hope you enjoy, I sure had a lot of fun making them!
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    Following the announcement of Sora joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the official Square Enix Youtube channel shared the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement trailer. This trailer reiterates that the games are coming to Nintendo Switch, but also reveals that Dark Road will be concluding this Winter. No details on whether this will affect the English version too were provided. Celebratory merchandise has been announced to be arriving too, including the highly anticipated chess set! Lastly, a 20th Anniversary Event was announced! Details regarding this event will revealed at a later date. You can view the 20th Anniversary trailer below: You can view the English version of the announcement trailer below: View full article
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    How did Vanitas return?

    They were able to bring Vantias weak heart back from the past and transfer it into a one of the Replica bodies. That's how Vantias was resurrected. However, Vantias said he was still weak and incomplete because he needed Ventus to whole again. Which is why he went to Monsteropolis to regain his strength back because the children's screams and fears help regain Vantias strength back, and reconstruct his heart. But Vantias said despite the children's negative emotion his heart was still incomplete.
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    Going chronologically: KH1’s Hollow Bastion’s labyrinthine structure and puzzle mechanics stay with me even after 2 decades. Hard to beat. KH2’s environments aren’t particularly noteworthy, but Twilight Town and TWTNW absolutely nail a sense of place-making. They’re both highly believable and immersive locales. I would’ve liked to spend more time in them. Can’t say I remember BBS’s maps well enough, as I haven’t actually played it in some time. DDD’s Symphony of Sorcery may well be my favorite KH world in terms of design and mechanics. It’s an absolute joy to explore, and everything from the musical sound fx replacing normal attack fx, seamless integration of flowmotion into its vast and vertical environments, and the way new areas open make it pretty magical IMO. I also love DDD’s take on TWTNW, it’s so vast and surreal. KH3 - Toy Box takes the cake. Really imaginative, varied, makes you actually feel like a kid in a toy store. ReMind’s Scala also set a new marker for the franchise in terms of sandbox exploration IMO, though I feel like they could have done a little more with it mechanically. The traversal railways are really neat though. EDIT: I just remembered Space Paranoids, that definitely belongs here. The Grid is pretty rad too.
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    For original worlds, Radiant Garden is my comfort area. It like a "home world" and it's a staple of many games in the series. I don't think I'll ever find a fictional place that's more special to me. Of course I couldn't help but be disappointed in how little there was of it in KH3 though As for Disney world, I LOVE San Fransokyo, I loved the Big Hero 6 movie and it's characters, so being able to explore that world even though it was relatively small compared to other KH3 worlds was still amazing. The background music was pretty nifty too. The world was definitely one of my highlights of KH3. Honourable mention to the Timeless River, which is really neat. It was all done so well, from the design and execution of it, and all the lil scenes with Steamboat era Mickey and Pete, and how it flowed so well into the overarching story of KH. Also, "Monochrome Dreams" might be one of my favourite tracks ever. In fact I think Timeless River beats San Fransokyo now that I look at it Edit: After reading all of the other replies, it makes me love KH even more; everyone has favourite worlds for different reasons, but I think we can all agree every single one of them was special and awesome in their own way, as proven by the range of worlds and reasons people here listed as their favourites. KH worlds are the home to many irreplaceable memories and despite it's flaws I don't think you could find a more heart-warming, special series!
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    Jungle Cruise

    I saw it the other day! I honesty loved it. it was definitely good to have something original which is rare nowadays.
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    Hmm...I'm not sure Sora would be able to use it in those situations. The Power of Waking's main purpose is to awaken a sleeping heart, isn't it? And even if he did use it like that, he probably would disappear and go sailing into unreality.
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    I think maybe a teaser of the next game for 2022.
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    Glad I could create that atmosphere! And Thank you, I always finds capes to look dynamic in art and they just look cool! XD Thank you so much! Glad to hear that, and glad you like it!
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    A Restrospective of The Other Promise

    Whether it's in the form of Roxas or The Other Promise, one thing is true-- if there's one theme in this franchise that everyone loves, it's this one. But what makes it work, and how do all the different versions across the years set each other apart? Who were the musicians besides Shimomura who contributed to building some of its most iconic renditions? What is the legacy of Roxas's theme when it comes to the music of Kingdom Hearts as a whole?Today, I'll be going through the answers to all of these different questions!
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    Well, if the Dandelions and Union Leaders are the ancient masters, then I think that it would be safe to say that the stories of them vanishing did pass down since the stories of the ancient masters crossing over into another world would have most likely been about that. No matter who the ancient masters are though, I'm sure that some of the Dandelions or Union Leaders who made it back were the ones who told the stories since they would have been the only Keyblade wielders left that we know of who knew about what happened.
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    Well, the bosses in KHIII(for most people, I would say) weren't that hard so that's probably why they made Re:Mind harder. I don't have the Re:Mind DLC, but from what I've seen on Youtube, those bosses look super hard Definitely agree. All the character interactions between the Guardians of Light were stuffed at the end, most of them being super cringy and awkward. They probably didn't use the touchpad because it was releasing on Xbox as well, which doesn't have a touchpad. I agree there should be a full screen map like DDD, like, just having that small one on the top right corner isn't that useful.
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    If i respond on discord it shows up there right? lol For the doubles/triples, there's no sound indicator that makes it obvious when you should be doing them, it's just memorization(and sometimes cheesing it). The way I play blindfolded is just to play a song section by section until i memorize it all, then try to execute it properly with the blindfold on. For example I might play until the halfway point with the star targets, then restart the song a few times to memorize each segment up to that point, THEN blindfold and try to execute it up to that point. Then repeat the process for the second half of the song and then try doing it all together. As far as cheesing strats that work both with and without blindfold: if I have a section that I don't remember exactly but I know alternates between single/double, I'll just hit both shoulder buttons at the same time to the beat and it usually works lol. The only time it doesnt is if the notes are close enough together to mess up the next few notes with Misses. For example, in the ending of Vector I didn't remember the pattern exactly so I just mashed both shoulder buttons and got through it. But for All For One co op, me doing that in the middle segment messed things up bc it registered as me hitting the next note too soon you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here: you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here:
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    Khux Console adaptation

    I wish Square Enix would make a khux console version where u create a character and kh3 like gamplay
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    Glad to see we're in the Toy Box story now. That means Manga Verum Rex commercial :P
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    It’s a shame he had to be introduced in a mobile game and will be killed off.
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    Ok bud, they said late September and it's late September
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    Which Union are you a part of?

    am VuIpeus wooooo
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    Hmm, I never noticed that. Wait, I actually never noticed that! HMMMM..... That would make much more sense if Game Central Station led to all the video game worlds. Oh my gosh that line....everything YMX is so confusing..... Why DID Sora come from the Verum Rex video game?? How come Donald's magic made their clothes match the Verum Rex video game???? Why was it Verum Rex specifically??? Ah me confused. Wait....the Toy Box that Sora, Donald, and Goofy was the fake one, right? Sora is from a fictional video game in a fake world.....what's that supposed to mean, if it even is supposed to mean anything. HRRMMMM.....there definitely is a connection. But exactly what it is I have no clue. My head...... .....Nomura said that Quadratum is the world of Verum Rex.....but, the video game Verum Rex and the fictional world of Quadratum can't be one and the same, right??? Because then......'cause then...... My mind can't process any of this 👀👀 Wait what the heck??!! Whoa.......Demyx's death though! I guess I didn't pay attention when I was playing KH2 lol Yeah, Luxord's death definitely has...more darkness. .....Maybe he is very evil But seriously, that's very interesting.
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    Thanks for informing us of this, Orpheus! Dang, it's crazy to think Union X is over now. I'm excited for the future of the franchise!
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    General Chat

    I feel a little bit better after playing some Pokemon Go. I felt cramped inside my apartment all day.
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    The scarf thing, it wears around it's neck reminds me of Ephemer for some reason.
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    That was............... okay, I have no clue where to start. Umm......let's see......well, I'll start from the beginning and jump around lol.
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    Oh, that can be frustrating as hell, believe me! XD
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    Gaming Chat

    I got so done with AC when I heard that they killed off the main antagonist that transcends the entire timeline in a comic
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    It was the greatest match in Kingdom Hearts history!
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    This is just a thought I had. I have seen many people unhappy with the twists/retcons of Dream Drop Distance about Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, so I was thinking, would it help if Xemnas and Ansem were planning to betray Xehanort, or would it have been seen as just another annoying retcon? I know the Xehanort saga is over, but I'm just curious. I feel like it would have at least make sense for them to want to betray Xehanort, since they are portrayed as their own beings similar to Roxas and Sora, and they are part Xehanort, who is a massive backstabber (just ask Eraqus, Terra and Ansem the wise), and part Terra, who utterly despises Xehanort, probably more so than any other Guardian(I think Ansem, seeker of darkness is part Terra mostly because he looks a lot younger than Xehanort, and I know he only took that form because he took Riku's body, but Riku looked a lot younger than that Ansem looks, but I could be wrong). Alse, the secret report from Xemnas in 358/2 days did state that Xemnas was planning to absorb the artificial Kingdom Hearts for himself instead of using it to help Xehanorts plan to use it as a means to get the original Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't have to be that they were planning to betray Xehanort since they were born, because than why would Ansem go back in time to get Young Xehanort, but just as they grew into their own beings separate from Xehanor over time, they didn't desire any longer to follow Xehanorts plans, but just their own. Does anyone who dislike the retcon of DDD think it would at least partly salvage the whole thing, or would it just make things worse?
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    mine would be hollow bastion from kh1 there is just something unnatrual jet quite alluring about this place starting with the waterfalls going the opposite way to the castle with its strange shape that looks just plausible enough to be real. In that way its to me the perfect representation of kh1 the seriousness of Final fantasy and the cartoonish elements from disney in one building. and than there is the inside of the castle which is just the perfect evil lair followed by the dark jet also beautifull chapel and finally the strange machines on the highest tower
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    Excellent point. I took a look at the khdr enemy book and it sure is a whole lot of Emblem Heartless... That should be impossible, right? As far as I know, the Emblem Heartless first appeared as a result of Ansem's research in Radiant Garden. I wouldn't be surprised by pureblood Heartless, but Emblems are artificial.
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    I'll have to go with Field Battles, the Memory Dives are great and pretty laid back, but it's hard to concentrate on the notes with the cinematics in the background, and likewise it's hard to enjoy the cinematics when you're trying to hit all the notes. Boss battles are cool, but they were so few and far between.
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    Oh yeah, I thought it was really interesting that the preview of his character file was different from the one that was printed. The preview version had a lot of stuff that ended up being in Re:Mind, so maybe they thought they should change it up? Part of me is like "What if it MEANS something?" but I don't think it does. I think it was a matter of them wanting to publish a more intriguing, mysterious story. I'd have to find the original again, so I'm not sure if that's the same translation I saw before, but I know I saw a translation out there that had a lot of inaccuracies. Until I found the original, some of the stuff in the translation had me (and a lot of other people) assuming that Luxord was connected to the MoM somehow. I forget what it was exactly, but it was bogus. Anyway, I know that dffoo might not be related to anything, but I gotta mention that Jack just returned to NA! Now you can get him from his Lost Chapter whenever you want! ...But his special weapons are only available for a limited time, so if anybody wants him, now's the time. Here's his LD weapon, the Black Widow. ("Mukademaru", which is like "Centipede Blade".) See, that's the one with the eye in it... Very cool. I mentioned a few of the names of his moves on the first page of the thread. I sat and thought about "Piercing Gleam" for a while... It's not direct, but it's not a bad translation. You could interpret "Issen Toppa" as "breaking through in a flash" like a flash of lightning or a burst of light. It includes the kanji for sparkling/glittering/gleaming. For the move, he thrusts at the enemy, then cleaves upward. It's one of the best defense-lowering moves right now. He also has a move called "Lightning Flash" which actually has the same name as Quick Attack in Pokemon - "Denkou Sekka." Literally, it means "Lightning Speed." It also includes the kanji for "light", of course. For that move, he performs multiple quick, consecutive slashes. I haven't checked the Japanese on these yet, but he has some weapon affinity abilities called "Optimistic Heart" and "Heart and Soul." I'm just like... They gotta stop baiting me like this. lol We also got the official translation of the new scenes in his Lost Chapter. Slightly disappointed that one of my favorite lines just seems to be missing, but I enjoyed it overall. I like that they had Sherlotta refer to him as a "scoundrel." lol Cute word choice. Ace finally received LD and BT weapons in the JP version of the game. His LD is the Magician's Deck (JP: "Magician Card") and his BT is Crazy Eights (JP: "Wildcard") Feel free to look at the designs on both of those and decide for yourself whether they mean anything. His LD has the wings of the Vermilion Bird in the shape of a heart, and his BT looks like it has... a cross? an X? Interesting. This actually gives me a wild idea. This is a shot in the dark, but I've been wondering if Luxord's card has anything to do with Ace. Ventus is the one who's like Ace, so maybe it has something to do with Ventus? Or, perhaps, there's another character who's like Ventus but also more like Ace. Like how Yozora looks like Riku, but he's more like Noctis. idk, I'm just feeling something here. I gotta add something. Although these weapons existed in Type-0, they didn't have unique appearances before. Even if you got a new weapon, they'd all looked like the same default weapon. They finally got unique appearances in other games like dffoo and FFRK. So that's what makes me wonder... Are they making them look a certain way on purpose? Like, I REALLY wanna say that this is a coincidence, but also... Look at it. That's Trey's LD, Thanatos' Bow (JP: "Reaper's Bow") I'm just saying. Somebody at dffoo's gotta take responsibility for making me sound crazy.
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    Double OKP

    The Final Battle (358/2 Days)

    Yes it is! It's an incredibly beautiful masterpiece!
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    Kingdom Hearts ReWind 2020

    Very nicely made video! For everything 2020 was, it was still a treat in the ways of getting our fix of new Kingdom Hearts content, which is nice considering I expected it to be much more quiet in that regard. I still keep forgetting that the ReMind DLC released last year to start us off haha.
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    Vulpes XIII

    Who do you think Demyx is?

    I never thought about reincarnation as a plot point before but I don’t think I would want to see it happen as I mentioned in my previous post I think we have enough of this character is actually another character situation going on in the series I think reincarnation would just make things worse. The Player from the mobile app was definitely the one I was referencing, I actually completely forgot about the Player in XBC not sure how I managed to forget that lol Before KH3 came out I was also wanting Demyx to be some random person who just somehow managed to get caught up in this mess and that honestly who I thought he would be especially after hearing we could learn water magic as I thought he would of been the one to teach us as I actually imagined we would end up with a situation that went something like this (well maybe not exactly like this) Sora : Hey I know you Demyx: sees Sora standing there and starts freaking out thinking Sora’s going to fight him again Sora: unable to get a word in or just standing there confused Demyx then teaches him water magic to get him to not fight him and Sora says something about how he wasn’t actually going to fight him in the first place followed by Demyx surprised reaction and then complaining how he had just done work when it turned out there was no reason to do any work in the first place. As much as i would of liked something silly like that to happen for a laugh, I’m glad it didn’t because it means that Demyx has a interesting role in the series instead of being some random guy who is just there for one scene and doesn’t ever appear again.
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    I just got really confused about this, too... The realm the Dandelions were sent to in order to protect them from the war was referred to as the "unchained realm." It's a data world. I can't remember if it was Player or Ephemer (or both?) but I recall someone else referring to someone as being "unchained." I think it was when Ephemer was reaching out to Player through their dreams. Might've been one of the Chirithies who said it. This is where it gets SUPER CONFUSING AND IT HATE IT. If the wiki's telling me the truth, then there was something called "Union χ", which sounds like it's exactly what you said, the new union(s). If true, I haven't heard anyone in the story mention that by name in AGES. The title of the game is "Union χ [Cross]." The PVP is called "Union Cross." But in the story, what seems like it's meant to be the PVP is referred to as "Shift Pride" and I don't think the characters ever renamed it. All of this makes me angry. I think the MoM was literally referring to the games. But, at the same time, the titles mean things in the story. It feeeels to me like he's talking about these things as if they're stages of enlightenment. They went from knowing nothing (X) to realizing the truth that they were in a data world (Unchained) to liberating themselves from that world. (Union Cross.) But this is still just a metaphor. It doesn't tells us much. I'm probably not even interpreting it correctly. skjhfgjhk
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    Awesome would love to see it if/when you've completed it. Keep up the great work!
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    ah my initial reaction was: https://tenor.com/view/jfk-clone-high-i-like-your-funny-words-magic-man-jack-black-gif-18659433
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    KH General Chat

    when roxas returned
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    More MoM Answers Than You Even Want

    When speaking of the location itself, I feel like Scala is something new. I'm just not as sure about it as I am with other things. I ran around there a lot, looking around for things that might tip off my Agito radar. There are only two things I feel faaairly sure about. First, there's the obvious, which is the clock tower underwater. When the world ends in the Agito universe, the island with Akademeia is shown sinking into the ocean. Surprisingly, this is something you can see happening in the very first Agito XIII trailer as well. The artbook illustrates it this way: "Light fell/rained down from the heavens and the world fell to ruin..." To me, it sort of looks like what Luxu stayed behind to witness with the Gazing Eye. In the Agito universe, when the world starts over, it literally starts over and everything gets restored to the way it was before, but since it seems like new worlds just replace old ones in Kingdom Hearts, it's like Daybreak Town sunk and stayed sunk and a new world was built on top of it. All of the magic circles used in the Xehanort fight remind me of things from Type-0, though none of them are exactly the same. For instance, this one looked so much like something from the fight, I got confused and thought it actually WAS a Kingdom Hearts screenshot. lol But it's not. It's from when Arecia summons Bahamut during the fight against Celestia's dragon form. Point is, though, I feel like there's something going on with the way Scala is built and controlled by magic. Like, it doesn't feel like a real place to me, if that makes sense...? The way it can be manipulated seems strange and reminds me of Alexander. Alexander starts out underground, but when it's summoned, it flips upright. In the scene where it's summoned, a whole bunch of magic circles appear in the sky. Like, I could be totally wrong here, but since the summoning of Alexander is such an iconic scene for Type-0, it just wouldn't surprise me if Scala ad Caelum is some kind of "living" place that can move and become something completely different in a similar way. Scala ended up getting totally destroyed in the fight against Xehanort, but if it's controlled by magic like Akademeia is, it could probably be restored in some very simple, magic-related way. At the beginning of Type-0, Akademeia is brought to a similar state of ruin, but Arecia is able to fix it right up. The other thing that really catches my attention is this: This is from that weird machine at the center of Scala with all the dials. This seems like a reference to Tempus Finis to me. During Tempus Finis, the view of Akademeia from Pandaemonium looks like this: I've seen people speculate about what the black part underneath the clock tower might be, since it does kiiind of look like it's trying to be something. If it is something, it reminds me of how the Vermilion Bird statue looks during Tempus Finis. So, if nothing else, I think we can assume that the Daybreak Town setting on the machine is represented by the way it looked at the end of the world. I hope this means we'll get to see Salsa Night in khux. lol This is also a very important thing at the back of my mind, but I just don't know what to do with it... When you first meet Xehanort in Scala ad Caelum, his image sort of flickers or glitches out. The same thing happens again in Melody of Memory. On a similar note, when he uses the No Name to raise up the labyrinth in the Keyblade Graveyard, there are glowing lines in the ground that seem to activate like circuitry. When you begin the fight with Yozora, the Final World also transitions into Quadratum in a very digital style which assuredly wasn't just a "cool transition." I don't want to say that everything is fake, but......... I think that everything (literally everything) is a game, so reality is relative for everyone. I think Yozora might have been confused about Sora because he also thought that Sora wasn't real. If Sora's name is like "Agito", then hearing someone say "Yeah, I'm Sora" would sound like a ridiculous lie. YOU'RE Agito? Even though the Agito cadets are trying to become Agito, most of them think that Agito is just a legend or something figurative. Heck, many fans come away believing that Agito is something figurative, but Tabata was like "Nah, it's a real person. lol" In fact... And this is very sad... Unlike Luxu, Lean and Tohno were never given the promise that they'll accomplish their mission. They spend eternity looking for Agito, always aware of the possibility that Agito might not even be real. Anyway, there's a chance that Brain and the others never actually left Data Daybreak Town. We'll have to see. But if that's the case, it could end up meaning a lot of things about the nature of the world we thought we knew this whole time. There could be more than one Judge, but where Xehanort is concerned... Miyu may have been possessed by Gala, but she was still consciously working for Arecia's side. Instead of letting Darkness choose someone at random to manipulate, I think the MoM chose to send Xehanort down that path so he would have someone of his own choosing in that position. Xehanort wanted to start the world over for his own reasons, but if he succeeded in "raising" Sora up to a level where Sora could defeat him, then that would be the outcome the MoM was hoping for. Xehanort was basically like a really intense challenge to turn Sora into the world's savior. That's why the MoM asked Xehanort if it was okay to let the future be dictated by false light. That's actually another reference. Time for another tangent. Each of the main cadets occupy a "seat of power." (I know, interesting word choice...) As I mentioned, the true Agito is "The Power of Bonds." Jack is "The Power of Ignorance" and Lean is "The Power of Suffering." Arecia thought that she could create Agito by combining all the other powers, but that obviously wasn't going to work. I think you could say that anyone who doesn't have Sora's ability to form connections and use the Power of Waking the particular way he does is a "false light" who can't save the world, no matter how much they want to. I think Xehanort might have more in common with Cid Aulstyne, who was also a Judge. But you get the idea. Apart from the true Agito representing hope, I don't think hope was ever mentioned anywhere else in a significant way. I also haven't seen anything that even remotely looks like the box. Xigbar's character file calls everything about the box into question, even its appearance. He implies that it might not be black. It might not even be a box. I'm not sure if he was just trying to make a point about how reality is subjective or if he means that the box can LITERALLY look different. lol Yeah, I'm still stumped. My best guesses include... A Crystal. The Book of Prophecies. The MoM's heart. And, uhhh yeah that's all I've got. *shrugs* Oh boy, this just reminded me of something I noticed. In the scene where the MoM tells Luxu about his past, there's a crimson-colored table with a golden gear on it. I know it might look like "just a gear", but that's part of the emblem of Rubrum. It's a very specific gear, and those are the school colors. Then I noticed that that table isn't there anymore by the time Ventus and the others reach that room. It looks like it was hiding something underneath it. There's another gear symbol on the ground, like a hatch or an elevator panel. The MoM was able to make everyone forget about the war somehow. In the Agito universe, the Vermilion Bird Crystal controls a power called "the Oblivion of Death" which erases the memories of the dead from the living. The Crystal is kept in the Peristylium. We never see where it's located exactly, but they say it's "under Akademeia, underground." I think that might be a hatch to the Peristylium. If the MoM DOES have a Crystal that can control memories, that would totally be something you'd want to lock in a box. The Crystal is sentient, but it's defenseless, so it needs people to protect it. For that purpose, it can turn people into l'Cie and grant them extreme power. However, l'Cie are bound to the Crystal and can't save the world. It's a dangerous double-edged sword. (In this world, l'Cie are highly respected and it's considered an honor to serve the Crystal.) This is the Peristylium. You can also see it in the first Agito XIII trailer. Ace walks right up to it and activates the machine in front of it by placing his thumb on a sensor. This isn't something the cadets are even allowed to go near in Type-0, so....... Its original purpose is a mystery to me. Listen, there's something under that table. And I think it's a Crystal. LOL They actually do mention that other worlds exist outside of their world! But we don't get to see any of them. lol Apparently the Moogles were summoned from another world and weren't able to return to their world for some reason. The Nox Suzaku (which, in Japanese, is literally called "The Darkness of the Dominion") is a veeeeeeeeeeeery strange and mysterious creature that came from another world. Fans have been desperate to find out more about it for as long as the game has existed... I think that Game Central Station might be more important than we realize. And I think that the Dissidia display in Toy Box might've been more than just a reference. My thoughts go in so many directions where that's concerned... Since the world started over so many times in Agito and was never saved, I could see this being one of its many cycles. (Pretty sure "cycles" and "world lines" are the same thing.) I can't really prove that that's NOT the case. lol This is getting long and I have to eat at some point, so I'll come back to elaborate on Strelitzia's connection.
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    Lea's keyblade explained.

    besides for a keyblade inheritance ceremony to work the person performing it has to be a keyblade master or on a level of one. and ven wasn't one anyway, so Lea only got his keyblade after his request.
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    I heard about this but didn't think much of it at first. It sucks, but I'd rather have them lean on the side of caution rather than hold it prematurely and potentially put people at risk. Interestingly pushing it back to 2022 makes it coincide with the Kingdom Hearts series' 20th anniversary, so it would be cool if KH made an appearance there in some sort of way.
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