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    Decided to continue on with the series of final battles for each game! So here is the one for 358/2 Days, with Roxas vs Xion!
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    As the title says, what are your favorite worlds in terms of the design? Not factoring in story or characters, purely the environments you walk around in and sometimes interact with. Maybe it's just really fun to wander around in, or it's a faithful recreation of your favorite Disney film. Perhaps it's ambitious in terms of what you can do or how you move about. Dream Drop Distance is quite good at this, with the help of reality shifts. The Grid where you can manipulate coding (and the code that appears upon completion of the reality shift makes logical sense in computer terms), or Symphony of Sorcery's unique soundscape and the way Melody Catcher opens up new paths. Atlantica, mainly the first game is a world I admire the ambition in because while the underwater controls and combat aren't entirely intuitive, it's at least ambitious and makes the areas more three dimensional without resorting to platforming. Not to say that platforming is bad, but swimming offers variation. For sheer size and beauty, the Caribbean. It properly feels like exploration and you immerse yourself in the islands and the water. The islands are visually distinct, it's not the same basic asset copy and pasted for quantity over quality.
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    Wasn't sure if I had posted this here or not, but I don't believe I have. So here a piece I did of the Destiny Island trio!
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    I’m curious if you could pick any songs to add into Melody of Memory what songs would you choose? as much as I would like to add every song that wasn’t in the game, I’m only going to pick a few which would be: Face My Fears Sora’s Sacrifice ( I know it could be counted as another version of Simple and Clean but it still considered it’s own song) Hearts as One ( Again I know it’s just the Other Promise and Vector To The Heavens combined and both are already in the game but once again it still counts) What songs would everyone else pick?
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    How did Vanitas return?

    They were able to bring Vantias weak heart back from the past and transfer it into a one of the Replica bodies. That's how Vantias was resurrected. However, Vantias said he was still weak and incomplete because he needed Ventus to whole again. Which is why he went to Monsteropolis to regain his strength back because the children's screams and fears help regain Vantias strength back, and reconstruct his heart. But Vantias said despite the children's negative emotion his heart was still incomplete.
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    Favorite worlds for world design?

    Going chronologically: KH1’s Hollow Bastion’s labyrinthine structure and puzzle mechanics stay with me even after 2 decades. Hard to beat. KH2’s environments aren’t particularly noteworthy, but Twilight Town and TWTNW absolutely nail a sense of place-making. They’re both highly believable and immersive locales. I would’ve liked to spend more time in them. Can’t say I remember BBS’s maps well enough, as I haven’t actually played it in some time. DDD’s Symphony of Sorcery may well be my favorite KH world in terms of design and mechanics. It’s an absolute joy to explore, and everything from the musical sound fx replacing normal attack fx, seamless integration of flowmotion into its vast and vertical environments, and the way new areas open make it pretty magical IMO. I also love DDD’s take on TWTNW, it’s so vast and surreal. KH3 - Toy Box takes the cake. Really imaginative, varied, makes you actually feel like a kid in a toy store. ReMind’s Scala also set a new marker for the franchise in terms of sandbox exploration IMO, though I feel like they could have done a little more with it mechanically. The traversal railways are really neat though. EDIT: I just remembered Space Paranoids, that definitely belongs here. The Grid is pretty rad too.
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    For original worlds, Radiant Garden is my comfort area. It like a "home world" and it's a staple of many games in the series. I don't think I'll ever find a fictional place that's more special to me. Of course I couldn't help but be disappointed in how little there was of it in KH3 though As for Disney world, I LOVE San Fransokyo, I loved the Big Hero 6 movie and it's characters, so being able to explore that world even though it was relatively small compared to other KH3 worlds was still amazing. The background music was pretty nifty too. The world was definitely one of my highlights of KH3. Honourable mention to the Timeless River, which is really neat. It was all done so well, from the design and execution of it, and all the lil scenes with Steamboat era Mickey and Pete, and how it flowed so well into the overarching story of KH. Also, "Monochrome Dreams" might be one of my favourite tracks ever. In fact I think Timeless River beats San Fransokyo now that I look at it Edit: After reading all of the other replies, it makes me love KH even more; everyone has favourite worlds for different reasons, but I think we can all agree every single one of them was special and awesome in their own way, as proven by the range of worlds and reasons people here listed as their favourites. KH worlds are the home to many irreplaceable memories and despite it's flaws I don't think you could find a more heart-warming, special series!
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    The official Japanese site for the Kingdom Hearts —III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] —Original Soundtrack has been updated to reveal the tracklist from all 8 discs. You can check them out here. DISC 1 DISC 2 DISC 3 DISC 4 DISC 5 DISC 6 DISC 7 DISC 8 Along with this you can also take a closer look at the CD book and jacket, along with the eight discs in the gallery below. What do you think of Kingdom Hearts —III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] —Original Soundtrack's tracklist? Let us know in the comments below! View full article
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    Sora's possibilities for Smash Ultimate are...up in the air at the moment, so I decided to do a hypothetical Challenger Pack for the Keyblade wielder. My only limitations was to not use any Disney characters other than Donald and Goofy. Moveset Stage: Station of Awakening Music Spirit Board Classic Mode: World Tour Mii Costumes Just to reiterate; this is purely hypothetical. I don't expect Sora in Ultimate, this is just something I did for fun.
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    Glad I could create that atmosphere! And Thank you, I always finds capes to look dynamic in art and they just look cool! XD Thank you so much! Glad to hear that, and glad you like it!
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    A Restrospective of The Other Promise

    Whether it's in the form of Roxas or The Other Promise, one thing is true-- if there's one theme in this franchise that everyone loves, it's this one. But what makes it work, and how do all the different versions across the years set each other apart? Who were the musicians besides Shimomura who contributed to building some of its most iconic renditions? What is the legacy of Roxas's theme when it comes to the music of Kingdom Hearts as a whole?Today, I'll be going through the answers to all of these different questions!
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    Well, if the Dandelions and Union Leaders are the ancient masters, then I think that it would be safe to say that the stories of them vanishing did pass down since the stories of the ancient masters crossing over into another world would have most likely been about that. No matter who the ancient masters are though, I'm sure that some of the Dandelions or Union Leaders who made it back were the ones who told the stories since they would have been the only Keyblade wielders left that we know of who knew about what happened.
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    Well, the bosses in KHIII(for most people, I would say) weren't that hard so that's probably why they made Re:Mind harder. I don't have the Re:Mind DLC, but from what I've seen on Youtube, those bosses look super hard Definitely agree. All the character interactions between the Guardians of Light were stuffed at the end, most of them being super cringy and awkward. They probably didn't use the touchpad because it was releasing on Xbox as well, which doesn't have a touchpad. I agree there should be a full screen map like DDD, like, just having that small one on the top right corner isn't that useful.
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    If i respond on discord it shows up there right? lol For the doubles/triples, there's no sound indicator that makes it obvious when you should be doing them, it's just memorization(and sometimes cheesing it). The way I play blindfolded is just to play a song section by section until i memorize it all, then try to execute it properly with the blindfold on. For example I might play until the halfway point with the star targets, then restart the song a few times to memorize each segment up to that point, THEN blindfold and try to execute it up to that point. Then repeat the process for the second half of the song and then try doing it all together. As far as cheesing strats that work both with and without blindfold: if I have a section that I don't remember exactly but I know alternates between single/double, I'll just hit both shoulder buttons at the same time to the beat and it usually works lol. The only time it doesnt is if the notes are close enough together to mess up the next few notes with Misses. For example, in the ending of Vector I didn't remember the pattern exactly so I just mashed both shoulder buttons and got through it. But for All For One co op, me doing that in the middle segment messed things up bc it registered as me hitting the next note too soon you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here: you can watch my blindfolds on my youtube channel here:
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    Khux Console adaptation

    I wish Square Enix would make a khux console version where u create a character and kh3 like gamplay
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    I know the discussion is through the main chat of Melody of Memory and this thread is predictable, but I want to create this thread on the worlds that will appear in the game, Melody of Memory. From what we know the game will have 47 worlds (31 Disney worlds and 16 original worlds) Confirmed: Disney: Wonderland Agrabah Olympus Coliseum Monstro Atlantica Halloween Town Neverland The Land of Dragons Beast's Castle Pride Lands Enchanted Dominion Disney Town Deep Space Country of the Musketeers Toy Box Arendelle Original Worlds: Destiny Islands Traverse Town Hollow Bastion End of the World Radiant Garden Keyblade Graveyard Castle Oblivion Twilight Town Mysterious Tower The World that Never Was Dive to the Heart Realm of Darkness/Dark World (0.2 BBS Destiny Islands section so far) Land of Departure The Final World So far 30 worlds confirmed and 17 remain so here are my likely obvious expectations for the remaining worlds:
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    Thank y'all as always for the kind words!! 🙂 Yeah to be honest I really couldn't have cared less about Ansem SoD prior to KH3. But between the scene I highlighted and his acting like an agitated grandpa when Pence wouldn't get off his lawn, I came to appreciate him a lot more lol. I do think it's funny how Young Xehanort was just a jerk till the bitter end. For sure, I don't fault anyone at all for having mixed feelings about MX's end. I think it's probably smoother if they planned ahead a bit more and gave us a few more sympathetic scenes/character moments prior to KH3. But as I nod to in the vid, they really just kinda show us "Hey, he used to play chess as a lil boy! Isn't that nice??" And it's like well yes but also the murder...? I'm fine with the message, but the execution is admittedly lacking. Ultimately I think the scene ended up as high as it did because most KH scenes don't force me to confront like...morality ethics and philosophy lmao.
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    I heard about this but didn't think much of it at first. It sucks, but I'd rather have them lean on the side of caution rather than hold it prematurely and potentially put people at risk. Interestingly pushing it back to 2022 makes it coincide with the Kingdom Hearts series' 20th anniversary, so it would be cool if KH made an appearance there in some sort of way.
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    First off, thank you all for the kind words! I wavered on covering the Riku campaign in depth mostly because I felt like I didn't have too many outstanding points to make, positively or negatively, but I do have a scattershot of thoughts about it. The relative loneliness felt during Sora's campaign is ramped up to 11 in Riku's, and the game is definitely aware of that and references that in the Hollow Bastion floor. Considering Riku primarily interacts with villains both in the simulated worlds and in the CO interludes, it's that much more exciting and comforting to finally get to interact with a friendly character by way of Michael Mouse (also the first time we get to see him for more than a few seconds, which I feel is often overlooked.) Both Sora and Riku's campaigns are pretty introspective, but I think Riku's even more so. Sora is dealing with his own memory-related crisis, but not something he brought on to himself. Riku's campaign is the start of his attempt at seeking redemption and resolving his frankly self-inflicted crisis that he imposed on himself by giving into Ansem in KH1, due to his lust for power. Riku deals with Org members and his Ansem apparition, but he's also fighting a battle against his own demons, which I think is a natural progression for his type of character. The meat of Riku's campaign is funny in that it really is the recycled bits of already recycled material. Break KH1 down into Sora's CoM campaign, and then break Sora's CoM campaign down into Riku's. Having Riku exclusively fight the bosses through the Key to Beginnings is actually some decent story and gameplay integration, although your satisfaction with that may vary; just because these things integrate doesn't mean it's fun or super compelling. But yeah, having him only fight the villains to illustrate his ties to darkness is equal parts clever and a great cost-cutting measure. I know Riku's campaign is already considerably shorter than Sora's (which I never really minded, considering I actually had no idea it was coming despite my remark about his health bar during my video's cold open, and it was an awesome surprise when I first unlocked it) but it also doesn't make 100% sense contextually. It makes sense for Sora to revisit every KH1 world, since he's experiencing his memories (RIP Tarzan) but the same can't exactly be said for Riku. And I think the game knows this; the first batch of world cards you receive after HB are all worlds that Riku is physically seen in (sans HB itself and Destiny Islands). But you've got TT (from his meeting up with SDG in 3rd District), Agrabah (from kidnapping Jasmine), Monstro (messing around with Pinoke) and Neverland (being an asshole and creating shadow doppelgangers). Makes total sense to revisit these places. Idk why we're have him go to Wonderland, OC, Atlantica, and HT. But again, it's already so short, so cutting those doesn't leave you with much. Even if he had fleshed out stories in the first batch of worlds with all three Key cards, it's still quite short, but maybe that would've been fine. I'd rather it make sense than have more game to play, but that take may vary from player to player. Gameplay-wise, I'm pretty torn. Riku's playstyle is much more similar to something like a KH1 in that there isn't really any strategic deck-building to be done, and usually the answer to any battle is popping an Enemy Card with a good buff and just mashing. The duel system in specifically ReCoM is a great addition, and in fact it would've been nice to have in Sora's campaign as well. Although, the duel system usually does just amount to mashing, since actually shuffling through your deck to find the right card is liable to get ya killed. On a totally superficial, 3rd grader level, the addition of Dark Mode is SOOOOO cool. Wow. I was so hyped when I first got to whip out Dark Aura in 2004. It's not often that a game lets you essentially roleplay as one of the hardest bosses from the last installment and use his skills to devastate random enemies.
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    In a series of tweets on the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Japanese and English Twitter accounts, 4 new characters have been revealed. These new characters are Bragi, Hermod, Urd, and Vor. They were teased in earlier artwork by Tetsuya Nomura. Each of the new characters have a reference to Nordic mythology. Continue reading below for a list of each of the connections we have. First, we have Urd. Urd comes from one of the Norns in Norse Mythology. The Norns in Norse mythology are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men. Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld are the three most important of the Norns. Located at the well Urðarbrunnr beneath the Yggdrasil of Asgard, they spin threads of life, cut marks in the pole figures and measure people's destinies, which shows the fate of all human beings and gods. Norns are always present when a child is born and decide its fate. Hermod's name comes from Hermóðr. Hermóðr is the son of the all-father Odin and the Goddess Frigg. When Baldr was killed he was the only one brave enough to ride to Hel and try and bring Baldr back from the dead. Bragi's name comes from a God with the same name. Bragi is the God of both poetry and music in Norse mythology, he is the son of the God Odin and the giantess Gunnlod. He is known for his wisdom he is very creative with words and he also has the most knowledge of poems and songs. His name Bragi means “Poet”. Bragi has runes carved on his tongue. He is married to the beautiful Goddess of youth Iðunn, and they live together in Asgard. And finally, we have Vor, who is based on Vör. In Norse mythology, Vör is a goddess associated with wisdom. The name means “aware” or more specifically, "Knowledge out of Darkness". Vör was said to be very wise as she searched out all things so nothing was hidden from her. Vör also had the gift of Providence, and of preparing well for the future. You can view a complete set of the character image teasers in our gallery below: More information will be announce on June 10th! View full article
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    ok sorry i think im done with humanity
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    well remember within the lore of kingdom hearts changing the keychain changes the appearance of the keyblades so he didnt lose the kingdom keys they changed. and remember that roxas' and xion's keyblades were described as sora's appearing in multiple places at once and sora had oathkeeper and oblivion before days. the only unexplained thing is how roxas was still dual weidling at the end of 3. dual weilding was explained as sora/roxas being able to summon vens keyblade as well a their own so they should have lost that ability when ven awoke. it could be that vens keyblade appears in multiple places at once like soras but thats not been confirmed
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    Yeah, I'd say the only real downside to using L and R for the camera control is that you have fewer opportunities to see how gloriously UNrendered the palace in Castle of Dreams is.
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    Well, not always. There are things in KH3 that I don't find logical explanation (for example, Ansem the Wise in BBS says that he lost his memory, and in KH3 he remembers everything, plot hole), but I just think that this is far from critical and I can find a lot more positive features
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    I feel like it definitely would help a lot. Ansem SoS and Xemnas were up to that point the greatest villains they had ever faced, reducing them to lackeys to this old guy the gang has only heard stories about and ultimately has a very weak motivation wasn't a great call. Master Xehanort is a very weak villain (not as in power- but his entire persona); he's literally "I'm evil and darkness rules" the entire time up until the final battle in KH3 where he's like "I'm actually good though, I want to rid the world of darkness". In BBS, every time you see him all you can think about is "how are these characters so stupid, can't they see this guy is 1000% evil?" And you'd be right. And when he shows up in DDD he talks about a great prophecy that he already knows everything about. Stories that haphazardly introduce time travel to explain a prophecy are ultimately very predictable; they will go through the exact events described in the prophecy until eventually they find some sort of loophole and win anyway. (I think they wrote themselves into a corner with that 13vs7 premise in DDD, but I digress.) Let's talk about both of them, Ansem Seeker of Darkness first. The scientist guy obsessed with darkness, that drowned worlds in darkness and took over Riku's body to find Kingdom Hearts, to gain the ultimate power of darkness... was utterly proven wrong when Sora beat him and the door bathed him in pure light. The guy whose darkness haunted Riku during Chain of Memories- trying to take him over once more- ultimately failed again. He was bested because Riku chose a road that neither of light nor darkness. His scientific nature wouldn't just let that all go. he was wrong about KH being darkness and he was wrong about darkness being the ultimate power. He could be intrigued by Riuku's strength, the path he chose, the power he achieved to conquer the darkness in his heart. I believe there is definitely something you can do with that- especially when Master Xehanort was "darkness this, darkness that", when Ansem knew that was wrong from his own experiences. Xemnas is a different type of villain altogether; I believe the correct term for him is villainous virtuous. Xemnas's plan was to complete a man-made Kingdom Hearts so the organization could become whole again (This was before Nobodies grew hearts or a person could be reborn if both Nobody and Heartless were destroyed). He and the organization would do this by similarly to Ansem SoD, mess with the other worlds and bathe them in darkness, so their keyblade wielder could slay the heartless needed to complete it. I'm not completely sure if he was serious about that goal- or used it to manipulate the other members. Either would be interesting, but I personally lean towards the first, that makes a more interesting villain in my opinion. If Nobodies can grow hearts now, after that revelation in DDD; then Xemnas could be /feeling/ regret for his oranization's members. If Master Xehanort brought them back to serve as his heart's vessles, that could make him change his mind. His organization's goal was to make themselves whole again, give them their hearts back. And instead their heart gets replaced with Xehanort's. That seems like a good reason for treason! I know it all gets muddy with other details introduced in later games, Xigbar's/Braig's behind the scenes involvement, the recompleting the original perrson, etc. But what I know is that they were not utilized to their full potential in KH3, and it was disappointing to me at least. I'm interested in reading what you all think too, is my analysis any good? Do you have other suggestions on how to handle Ansem SoD and Xemnas?
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    This is just a thought I had. I have seen many people unhappy with the twists/retcons of Dream Drop Distance about Xemnas, Ansem and Xehanort, so I was thinking, would it help if Xemnas and Ansem were planning to betray Xehanort, or would it have been seen as just another annoying retcon? I know the Xehanort saga is over, but I'm just curious. I feel like it would have at least make sense for them to want to betray Xehanort, since they are portrayed as their own beings similar to Roxas and Sora, and they are part Xehanort, who is a massive backstabber (just ask Eraqus, Terra and Ansem the wise), and part Terra, who utterly despises Xehanort, probably more so than any other Guardian(I think Ansem, seeker of darkness is part Terra mostly because he looks a lot younger than Xehanort, and I know he only took that form because he took Riku's body, but Riku looked a lot younger than that Ansem looks, but I could be wrong). Alse, the secret report from Xemnas in 358/2 days did state that Xemnas was planning to absorb the artificial Kingdom Hearts for himself instead of using it to help Xehanorts plan to use it as a means to get the original Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't have to be that they were planning to betray Xehanort since they were born, because than why would Ansem go back in time to get Young Xehanort, but just as they grew into their own beings separate from Xehanor over time, they didn't desire any longer to follow Xehanorts plans, but just their own. Does anyone who dislike the retcon of DDD think it would at least partly salvage the whole thing, or would it just make things worse?
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    Emperor Zurg, I do believe Toy Story will be a prominent world going forward so hopefully Zurg will be included next time.
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    I think it would be cool, The Incredibles would be great, and I would want Finding Nemo, just as long as it doesn't have the same controls as KH1 Atlantica
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    I think what he means is that as enjoyable as the disney worlds are, we need more mature stuff as well. I agree with that. We should have some sort of balance.
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    I just got really confused about this, too... The realm the Dandelions were sent to in order to protect them from the war was referred to as the "unchained realm." It's a data world. I can't remember if it was Player or Ephemer (or both?) but I recall someone else referring to someone as being "unchained." I think it was when Ephemer was reaching out to Player through their dreams. Might've been one of the Chirithies who said it. This is where it gets SUPER CONFUSING AND IT HATE IT. If the wiki's telling me the truth, then there was something called "Union χ", which sounds like it's exactly what you said, the new union(s). If true, I haven't heard anyone in the story mention that by name in AGES. The title of the game is "Union χ [Cross]." The PVP is called "Union Cross." But in the story, what seems like it's meant to be the PVP is referred to as "Shift Pride" and I don't think the characters ever renamed it. All of this makes me angry. I think the MoM was literally referring to the games. But, at the same time, the titles mean things in the story. It feeeels to me like he's talking about these things as if they're stages of enlightenment. They went from knowing nothing (X) to realizing the truth that they were in a data world (Unchained) to liberating themselves from that world. (Union Cross.) But this is still just a metaphor. It doesn't tells us much. I'm probably not even interpreting it correctly. skjhfgjhk
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    Sam N

    KH General Chat

    I feel just the same, and it's a major reason why KH is my favorite video game franchise of all time. Even at its weakest, I don't think KH has ever truly let me down. Every game has something to offer and manages to stay fresh without reinventing the wheel. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I can usually say with confidence that if the game has KH on the box, I'm in for a good time.
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    ah my initial reaction was: https://tenor.com/view/jfk-clone-high-i-like-your-funny-words-magic-man-jack-black-gif-18659433
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    The Union Leaders and Chirithy have said [Player]'s name before... That would be a big problem for voice acting. It's either they manage to never say his name(which is probably impossible) or [Player] is given a canon name
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    That makes sense. I forgot Tron mentioned that(I forgot almost everything he ever said lol). I do remember it was a world inside Ansem's computer. I'm doing my first ever playthrough of DDD🤣 right now and I didn't reach The Grid yet so I don't know most of it. I agree that Ralph and Tron deal with data more than Big Hero 6 but to me, Dark Riku mentioning 'a heart made out of data' wasn't that strange. But the word 'data' definitely doesn't fit with Big Hero 6. If a Re:Union χ[Cross] remastered cinematics happened, I think they would put part of the Wreck-it-Ralph world(maybe when Ephemer and [Player] are chasing the Darkling and the computer glitch, but not all of it 'cause the story would probably focus on the Union Leaders. If they follow the pattern of the other remixes: two games and one movie, then it could be possible that they bundle it with KHIII and KHMoM to make 3.5 remix.
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    More MoM Answers Than You Even Want

    I had no idea there was so many elements, I already knew it, but so many? It's pretty crazy especially the tease from the world of Toy Story (the summon)
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    Lea's keyblade explained.

    besides for a keyblade inheritance ceremony to work the person performing it has to be a keyblade master or on a level of one. and ven wasn't one anyway, so Lea only got his keyblade after his request.
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    I prefer beginner because its easier for me to play. if I'm new to a game, i play on the easiest mode. i dont like rage quiting and buying a new console after breaking it is expensive. Also I'm not good at rhythm games, i haven't gotten to the secret levels yet because of how exhausting it gets. Please respect people who play on easy, thank you 😊 💖
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    I hate how socially distanced characters seem Let characters firetrucking hug
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    So glad you establish these rules, because I absolutely hate it when Im spoiled for any game. I found out who the final boss in KH3 was because of a youtube video icon. I'm blown away why people feel compelled to put spoilers in their video icons.
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    Over the Moon Netflix

    hey there all. I was just wondering has anyone seen or heard about a new movie that just came out on Netflix recently called over the moon at all? I just watched it last night and loved every minute of it too. it was truly amazing I thought, everything from the songs, music, animation, characters and a really enduring story too. Chin and Gobi were definitely my favourites for sure. it really has that similar vibe to Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movies and while it was cliche at times it was really able to stand on its own. it was also done by pearl animation who did a collaboration with Dreamworks last year for a movie called abominable if anyone saw that. overall it was a very good movie over the moon and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a feel-good animated movie.
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    Good news, everyone! I recently purchased a copy of the artbook, and I carefully took pictures of each of the pages with my phone and uploaded them for you all to see! http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgd347drcxgu32f/file
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    Am I the only one who feels like there’s more to these portraits than we think? Kairi, white background, a heart of pure* light. Sora, a dark background. You could brush it off as he became a heartless and had a Nobody so it would make sense. But does it? What if Sora had his own *Darkness hiding deep in his heart just like Ventus and it’s finally ready to show themselves. Idk... With every new post Nomura just gives us more theories to explore. I love it
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    I agree with a lot of this, it's a pretty fair and accurate review. Though I wasn't expecting a lot to begin with, It feels like an accessory to KHUX right now more than a full fledged game. Hopefully it will expand and improve with future updates, but until then the characters and story are the only really intriguing parts for me. I really want to find more positive things to say about it but, I'm kind of at a loss for now.
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    Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Chat

    depends what your reference is but there are good mobile games
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    TFW Random is dead

    Look on the bright side now last post wins finally has a winner! In all seriousness though Rest In Pepperonis. And hey, if we see an influx in Random threads later down the line, maybe it will be enough to warrant bringing back the forum again. Same goes for any other archived forums.
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    Felicia Novita

    Good Bye for good, KH13.com.

    Good Bye for good, KH13.com.
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    Does anyone else wonder if we'll get to see a young Yen Sid in this game? He was an old friend of Eraqus and Xehanort and a former keyblade master after all so it would be great if he made an appearance as a keyblade wielder here. I even wonder if he could actually be Hermod with an alias name (probably not). Disney might not allow that though.
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