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  1. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Well, it can’t really be helped sadly, they were going to add more severs before the new expansion launched, but covid prevented that
  2. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    I’m not in a rush to play now, though, and I’m on the award winning free trial, so it doesn’t really bother me much because I’m not playing the new expansion for a while anyway. I can play other games that have come out
  3. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    The problem in that screenshot is it’s a log in queue. Those 5000 people are waiting to get in the game.
  4. So, been getting into ffxiv lately, and I can’t help but notice that even with less final fantasy characters, etc in kh3, kh still honestly shares a lot of ff influence & themes. Yeah lol I’ve just heard people say stuff like “kh is only disney now” When I feel like that’s not really true, because it still shares so much ff dna
  5. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Well yes, I was kind of joking in my usage of boomer there I really mean the “vidya games bad” crowd/politicians in general They seem to have a habit of saying stuff is in a game that isn’t just to get it banned
  6. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Yeah oof Another classic case of boomers making shit up about a game to sensationalise it
  7. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Yeah it’s somewhat surprising for such a niche game but being rare probably helps I still think it’s such bs this happened. I’m glad australia banning games has become a lot less common in recent years They’ve moved onto anime and manga instead
  8. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Come on shit isn’t that bad a word
  9. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    Damnnn I’ve been wanting a copy since it was banned in australia, and the story intrigues me But I’d need an american ps2 as well anyway lol
  10. Evi98

    Memes Chat

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