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  1. Evi98

    Memes Chat

    @ElectriCole Couldn't help myself
  2. Yeah luckily that's 5pm here so I'm awake anyway
  3. connection loss or something The wifi to my room kind of sucks so it makes sense Maybe I should just leave the phone next to the box
  4. I've been leaving it on but it keeps getting interrupted :Yamero:
  5. I think I need to level up more first
  6. I honestly don't feel like bothering lol
  7. Evi98

    Fan Art Chat

    I love the sparkly effect and timing, the song is a nice choice, too
  8. Evi98

    Fan Art Chat

    That is cool fanart though 👀
  9. My cards are so bad, I haven't had much luck
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