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  1. sauce? https://tenor.com/view/side-eye-dog-suspicious-look-suspicious-doubt-dog-doubt-gif-23680990
  2. is there actually any kissing scene or are the shippers lying because I've seen both sides claiming lmfao
  3. Mommy honestly does seem like a more fun villain Pretty hyped to fight him I wonder if nort will be involved still as a side character though because of the art Would be interesting if he's like a troll towards sora or a good guy now Told you there was consequences sora anyway want to go grab ramen?
  4. Evi98

    Gaming Chat

    god I miss this aesthetic
  5. they're there own people and someone hasn't read the manga or played days og I'm not that serious about this but look it is hinted at lmao lemme find the handholding blushing scene theres more than this but ye also in days og there's a scene directly comparing them to sora and kairi I forget if it made it into the movie it's kind of funny though it It's kind of funny though, it's like they decided to retcon the kh2 roxas and namine thing after they thought up xion Apparently the novels kind of push riku and namine so that might explain them doing that more recently as well I can't see them fully confirming any of these though tbh. Sora and Kairi maybe but even they probably won't. It is mostly about friendship after all, even if they hint at stuff in places
  6. yeah it was kind of lame they just made her a narrator
  7. I want that so bad but seems like if it doesn't further the plot meaningfully in some way or lore dump we don't get to see it in a cutscene which I get why devs do that, cutscenes are time consuming etc but would it kill them to just have a few scenes of characters bonding here and there without lore dumps involved
  8. Realistically when could we see news next
  9. I just want to see Kairi She should go shopping in Quadtratum with Strelitzia and ignore Sora fr though I don't know why game companies do this kind of shit of teasing the main protagonists getting together to death for years but refuse to commit If you're not gonna commit to it why bother The way video games act like a het couple is taboo needs to be studied
  10. Evi98

    Memes Chat

    i can't disagree with this meme
  11. I promise this is relevant I clicked on this for totk discussion but at the point I've linked his talks about what the back-and-forth with disney is like He's making a tron game so he talks about how they checked in with his team and such Disney probably does a similar process with the KH team Really interesting
  12. huh I didn't know that. I saw their wacky oc and thought they did it again lol.
  13. yup It's kinda sad tho because it would be sick
  14. ^ this. I mean look how they scrubbed all the disney rep except for the keychain in smash
  15. I just think legality is the main issue actually anyway
  16. Honestly the more I think about it, especially given botw got one, technically there's nothing they do that kh doesn't
  17. I suppose the armies being entirely heartless might make it okay Disney seems strict with how they let you play as they characters tho
  18. You mow down armies as the entire cast
  19. I just think it'd be difficult to pull off legally, but also nomura would want to make it canon in some way The disney characters might be an issue, because generally you play as every important member of the cast in these games or maybe I'm overthinking that aspect lol They'd have to make some kind of arrangement with koei/nintendo to develop the game. It'd be similar to the smash situation
  20. I feel like Sora wouldn't at all like the way the foretellers go about combating darkness too 💯 I'm very excited to see where the story is headed I thought about this and I would love it but I feel like it probably can't happen due to legal issues Also the thing with the musou spin-offs of other franchises is they are pretty much always an alternate timeline with koei tecmo's ocs thrown in Do we really want an alternate timeline in kh with the lore being as it is already lol
  21. That's true, but there has to be some reason for Sora to oppose them right? 🤔
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