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  1. https://tenor.com/view/snoop-dogg-rap-hip-hop-west-coast-crips-gif-24898891
  2. Strelitzia is a tough landlord
  3. they're so cute, i feel so happy for them 🥺
  4. that's your entire weekend right there wow
  5. we can only hope 😭
  6. don't get me wrong, i think this shehulk is cute, but now knowing she could have been bigger, we have been robbed unless they plan on making her bigger later on to show how her strength has grown but who knows
  7. they learned nothing from luisa smh you'd think how excited everyone got over lady dimitrescu they would pick up on how we want big buff ladies
  8. i curse whoever pitched the cars in the kh 2 board meeting
  9. season 5 will be 15 hours long
  10. that's because it's not the king's english
  11. When it comes to merch, I've been shifting to fan merch b/c it's a lot more creative than companies just slapping a logo and the picture of a character on a shirt. The only thing I'd buy from box lunch or hot topic would be figures/plushies or bags probably
  12. It's perfect. That was my first thought when I saw the KH logo with the moon's lol
  13. okay that looks awesome!
  14. i'm assuming it's a result of the preschoolers 😅
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