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  1. after an indeterminate amount of attempts, i finally beat roxas on proud mode it also took me too long to realize that berserk charge was screwing me over in the fight
  2. the amount of times Roxas has kicked my ass in kh2, i swear i have to level grind i'm on proud mode and lvl 50. man that's gonna be work 😅
  3. Yeah it's the swimming controls for me in the 3D environmental. But yeah magic is a life saver I. That world
  4. i'm not gonna share the link but on thredup there is a kairi hoodie. thred up btw is an online thrift store so it's not under "kairi" or kingdom hearts. so this is used just happened to find it browsing through
  5. y'all know how people are using the super mario music to get through homework. I put on the xigbar 13th dilemma on the kh3 ost and that make me speed up my work lol.
  6. I was comparing luxord and larxene 13th struggle theme on the kh3 sound track and larxene's sounds scarier 😂 And then xigbar and saix's 13th dilemma; xigbar's feels more "dire" I guess? Like it's supposed to make you feel anxious and on a time crunch. Whereas saix's sound like the classic battle theme meant to get you into the mood to fight
  7. everyone just collectively agreed to put up xmas stuff early this year lol
  8. I'm fighting xaldin rn on critical mode. And aside from the fact that he absolutely demolished my ass, apparently you can get Mickey more than once in a fight and if he dies he revives sora anyways, just not at full health All in all that was a sloppy fight I forgot how hard that battle is
  9. https://tenor.com/view/beprepared-scar-lionking-gif-4929503
  10. I like the idea of having a "functional" keyblade. Imagine grabbing it off the wall and whacking a thief with it
  11. https://tenor.com/view/ineed-it-gif-10471242 https://tenor.com/view/ineed-it-gif-10471242 I just want a keyblade to mount on my wall, that's it. I feel like that's peek nerd, to have replica weapon mounted on your wall
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