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  1. $160 for all 3. Not bad if you ask me
  2. I may not have a record player but I've always wanted to get one. I'm definitely buying these just to give myself the excuse to buy a record player
  3. getting screenshots for my article and i just wanted to share this nice shot of sora
  4. Okay I've decided that the half way point is when sora goes back to twilight Town and receives oathkeeper Part 3 will start with the next visit to hollow bastion I have to get rid of like 950 words but I've had to deal with worse lol
  5. Doubt I'll go over 3 parts since nothing much happens in the worlds except second boss fights and then world that never was. But we'll see. I'm getting better at just getting to the point though lol
  6. I'll write up to that point and see how much I have to cut. If it's more than 1k words then I'll stop the article before then and save the 1k fight for part 3 (this is already part 2)
  7. That would look really cool. So many places within the world to bring to life
  8. Yeah I'm trying to figure out where to stop (I'm well over my word limit again lol) and I'm up to Pride Lands
  9. Would you say the halfway mark for kh2 is the heartless battle in Hollywood bastion?
  10. Hmm I might just skip it all together.
  11. Serious question here: I'm writing my kh2 article, should I include Atlantica, and if so where would I include it? I'm going where the story progresses and I know you can pretty much skip Atlantica all together so I wonder if it should be included at all in the over plot summary of kh2
  12. And this is the org 13 backpack. The Mickey ears are removable
  13. This is the sora tri-fold wallet with coin pouch The zipper in the front is fake 6 card slots plus 2 additional ones in the bill fold
  14. Hey guys so I ordered some things from the Samantha thavasa collab and they just arrived today! Figured I would share some up close pics if that's okay
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