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  1. what did kairi ever do to them 😭
  2. do i dare ask what sleeping world theory is?
  3. alright y'all i need your opinion of which screenshot to use in my article after i talk about sora releasing his heart second one it is
  4. https://thedailyfandom.org/part-one-comprehensive-kingdom-hearts/ here ya go! it's basically a summary and analysis of the story. make it make sense but also familiar to read for the veterans lol also i kinda forgot that Sora comes out today but perfect timing lol
  5. thank you! i'm very excited. it's only part 1 of the KH1 story. part 2 is already going through the revision phase so it should be another week for that one
  6. barrel rolls in MY PART 1 OF MY KH ARTICLE IS UP
  7. i did it! it's submitted! it'll probably go through another week of editing so expect part 2 of the kh1 article to come out in 2 weeks 😄 thanks!
  8. Part 2 of my kh article is almost done, i'm just 130 words over the limit and i've already cut so much 😭 i had to include my analysis and i've looked at this thing like 20 times already trying to reduce it down while keeping its intent
  9. I need y'all's opinion. I'm writing the Part 2 KH article and I'm debating if I should include the optional fight against Xemnas in hollow bastion as part of KH1 story
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