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    How did Vanitas return?

    They were able to bring Vantias weak heart back from the past and transfer it into a one of the Replica bodies. That's how Vantias was resurrected. However, Vantias said he was still weak and incomplete because he needed Ventus to whole again. Which is why he went to Monsteropolis to regain his strength back because the children's screams and fears help regain Vantias strength back, and reconstruct his heart. But Vantias said despite the children's negative emotion his heart was still incomplete.
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    Sora's possibilities for Smash Ultimate are...up in the air at the moment, so I decided to do a hypothetical Challenger Pack for the Keyblade wielder. My only limitations was to not use any Disney characters other than Donald and Goofy. Moveset Stage: Station of Awakening Music Spirit Board Classic Mode: World Tour Mii Costumes Just to reiterate; this is purely hypothetical. I don't expect Sora in Ultimate, this is just something I did for fun.
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    ocean's rage

    Theory About Yozora

    well it kinda conflicts with that fact that he recognized sora and he said he was going to save him
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    How did Vanitas return?

    No problem.
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    ocean's rage

    How did Vanitas return?

    depends on the point in the time they grabbed him from, if it was a point shortly before he was destroyed he would have needed to rebuild
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    rather annoying isnt it?
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    I think for the 20th anniversary they should make a remake of kh1 in the unreal engine 4 and with the kingdom shader.
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    Kingdom Hearts 1 re:make

    I'd rather them remake 358/2 Days in Unreal 4, there's a lot that they could expand upon and make a more full-fledged entry.
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    Union X Finale Pt 1

    Yea fr, I too really hope that everything being in the data world isn't true. I'm really curious how all of this connects together with the stories of dark road, the fictional world, what is currently happening in the games, and the conclusion of UX.
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    There's no way that was the real Strelitzia.....right?? Strelitzia's last moments take place after the bells ring, because of how Strelitzia's Chirithy sees [Player] and Skuld entering the abandoned house. But at that time, Luxu and Ava were conversing and clashing on the hill overlooking Daybreak Town. If it were actually the real Strelitzia, Luxu would've have had to get over there, snatch her heart (her body clearly disappeared so his only other option is to get her heart), and..........yeeeeah like that's possible lol. But if it were the data Strelitzia (most likely is), that would be very very very very VERY WEIRD, to me at least. Like, it's not really HER.......I dunno. Hmmm.......Roxas's case was a bit different. The data was used for his body, not his heart: Hmm! But in the KH sense, I still wonder how the MoM and the Darknesses are 'old friends'. Didn't the MoM say he and some other wielders were battling against the Darknesses in the first Keyblade War?? AH I want to know more about that first War!! (Oh no I just thought of something. Since the Darknesses took the form of humans in the first War............what if some of them pretended to be the MoM's allies but betrayed him later? Eh me probably wrong) Yeah, in the second volume of the KH3 novels he says: Wait.....is he saying he already knew about the Keyblade Graveyard? or he already knew the place he dreamed of even though he disappeared momentarily? I'm confused. AH also in his character file, he says he came from emptiness....not darkness. It's like he's something completely different. Oh my gosh, if he comes back looking like Ace.......lol. I think I'd go nuts. The only way I can think of is if they access its slumbering state just like a normal Sleeping World. But.....that world is totally not a normal Sleeping World though. Hmmm........ OH WAIT In the third episode of DR, Baldr says: If the upper classmen were actually sent to the Sleeping Worlds of the data versions of the UX worlds, and if Baldr's speculation is true.........then it'd be [almost] exactly how Sora and Riku's Exam was like! They were sent to Sleeping Worlds as well! HMMMMMM (for some reason Goofy looks super funny to me in that first shot lol) *sigh*......I've been thinking, but I have absolutely no idea what to make of it. HMMMMMM Something I completely do not understand about that KH3 scene is.......why is the Master's Defender there at that moment??? Aqua left it on the shore of Destiny Islands just when the Islands were being restored way back at the end of KHI. So.....it should've been on the beach there this whole time. But how come it isn't???? (for a split second, a theory of there being two Master's Defenders popped in my head, but I don't think it makes sense) Oh maybe! That would actually make a lot of sense. Speaking of those Secret Reports....... What.......what in the world's going on with the last Secret Reports????????? The 'virus' does not match up AT ALL; the impostor, who Luxu calls the virus, was Ventus, but right now, Brain is the one who's planning to get them to escape. Then, Luxu says that he watched the Five [Union Leaders] being sent to another worldline. But.......Elrena's one of the ones who gets sent to the 'different worldline', and she's not one of the Five Union Leaders. Are those last Reports self-contradicting or something??? They don't make any sense at all lol
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    Hello from Italy!

    Hello there! My name is Guglielmo and I come from Italy. I'm 44 years old and I've been playing videogames a long time, so it's kind of hard to list out everything I'm into but I'll put forward a few of my absolute series: Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest ,Castlevania, Mario, Street Fighter,Monster Hunter,Gears of War, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear, Contra,Lunar .....haha, yeah it just goes on. Nice to meet you all! ^^
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    Well..........Strelitzia.........ummm.........lol. Typical Nomura. At least it makes sense, but I still have mixed feelings about it. And six Darknesses........pretty interesting as KH is always using seven and thirteen. Not sure what to make of it. So there are four (besides the one in Ven) Darknesses still in the data worlds. I searched and found appearances of dark figures behind/emanating from individuals: 1). Queen of Hearts - Wonderland 2). Gaston - Beast's Castle 3). Cinderella's Stepmother - Castle of Dreams 4). Hades - Olympus Coliseum The other worlds in UX (Agrabah, Dwarf Woodlands, Enchanted Dominion, and Game Central Station) had nothing that looked like Darkness. So....the numbers match up. Now this has me thinking. In DR, Xehanort encounters a thing-that-looks-very-much-like-a-Darkness in Wonderland, but if it were actually one of those Darknesses, then it shouldn't be in the real world. It's already heavily implied that Xehanort and crew are visiting the same data worlds from UX, since Emblem Heartless were appearing in Agrabah, and this further supports the idea as four Darknesses were left trapped in the data (unless something wrong happens in Part 2 of the finale). The only question I have is how are the DR lower classmen and upper classmen accessing them??? (Something that I found hilarious in this update was that instance where Darkness says "Silence!". Out of curiosity, I searched the meaning of the word used in the Japanese version, and it was an extremely rude version of "shut up" LOL. Sometimes I wish the localization wasn't too strict with language)
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    I mean his role was to watch everything play out until after the second keyblade war. He went along with xehanort because he was the one interested in darkness and was needed to incite the keyblade war. Luxus role has always involved him to sort of being in the background while keeping an eye on events. There could be more to the story regarding things he did along the way that served his own purpose and manipulated certain events but we’ll have to see.
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    I contacted UK customer services and they said my Bring Arts Xion order from the Europe store should be available from the beginning of May, stating that customs issues and the pandemic have caused delays and problems. So the lack of KH merchandise could be due to these issues.
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    ok sorry i think im done with humanity
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    Here's King Mickey arriving in The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Here's the Replica for Roxas being sent to the Keyblade Graveyard by Ienzo, Even, Ansem the Wise, etc. in Kingdom Hearts III. (Which Roxas' heart comes out of Sora and then goes into the moment it arrives.) It's the exact same method of travel/arriving at a world. They have the same animation of a sparkle in the sky and then a beam of light coming down from where the sparkle was, transporting a person or object to a world.
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    I think brave could be very cool to see in kingdom hearts. Plus merida would most likely be one of the new princesses of heart
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    what an odd thing to say
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    Oh yeah, Minnie! I personally think if the seven crowns represent people (excluding the Princesses of Heart), they'll be Keyblade wielders. But whatever, I'll put Minnie up anyway.
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    Katherine Duncan

    Fly Away (GMV)

    So made a general KH GMV for the heck of it. I kinda love how dramatic it turned out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdSbWCJ_t9Y also I forgot how to embed nothing is working
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    Gaming Chat

    I got so done with AC when I heard that they killed off the main antagonist that transcends the entire timeline in a comic
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    I can't decide. lol I always liked the Ice Titan's design, but the Lava Titan was always cool, but the Tornado Titan is kinda cute. XD In KH3, he's like I think I remember shooting at him in first-person in the Buzz ride and being like "oh, he's cute?!" XD Also, Ocean's Rage is right about the Ice Colossus; here's his in-game journal description (courtesy of KH Wiki)
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    It was the greatest match in Kingdom Hearts history!
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    The Tornado Titan, since nobody else seems to be voting for 'em.
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    I liked Kingdom Hearts series so much that I feel like I like all the music! I recently read here https://studymoose.com/music very interesting things. It is about the social and psychological aspect of music. And I agree that, as in my case, for example, I really like the series and the music automatically too (although I'm not a fan of this genre in general). But, especially I like Nachtflügel😊
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    Double OKP

    How did Vanitas return?

    Yeah, they vanished after BBS, but when Vanitas's heart was pulled from the past and placed into a Replica, therefore resurrecting him, he was able to make Unversed again.
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    W-w-whhhhhhYYYY?!??!?!!? That's completely different!!!!! In the English version, Xigbar says, "If you put too much of that power in one place..." But that doesn't even make sense; that always confused me (well.....in a way, it could make sense, but it's just super confusing and mind-wrecking to see how it makes sense). And then to find out that wasn't even there...........LOL Oh my gosh......... i looked at that scene myself and the part where Xigbar [in the English translation] says, "In fact, your reward might be around the corner"........... The Japanese........it's literally 'ゴール'. Literally. I mean.........PFFFT, why do the translators have to change that word when it's literally English?!?! They did that in the Luxord death scene too; they put 'wild card' instead of what the original was, which was 'ジョーカー'. Fortunately, that one wasn't as major, and sure, wild card and joker card can be the same, but a wild card can be different things and a joker card can be different things as well, which could cause different interpretations. Like, why do they even change those kinds of words when's there's no need to actually 'translate' them????? Isn't that extra work??????????? I....I seriously......don't get it. AH. Some weeks ago, I was Google Translate-ing (*SIGH* literally the only thing I can actually use lol) some of the Organization members' death scenes and GOSH, there's sometimes completely different stuff!!! No. No it's absolutely, totally not a wonder. At all. I.....I just.......ARGH this is just SUPER frustrating and irritating!! I wanna know what Nomura ACTUALLY wrote!!! *SIGH* I'm inwardly shouting at myself to hurry up and master Japanese already so I can see what's actually written. lol
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    Yeeeeah... Here's that whole exchange: Sora: But that doesn't change the good intentions of Hercules' actions! Xigbar: When one person's self-sacrifice leads to another person's self-sacrifice, we just call that a chain of losses. Xigbar: If one part of the chain breaks, the whole thing falls apart, one could say. Xigbar: Those connected hearts you love so much are the same way. Xigbar: Oh, of course, I'm sure that they're what "give you strength." Xigbar: But on the other hand, you shouldn't forget the possibility that those who are connected to you might suffer and feel burdened. I feel like they totally botched this metaphor and turned it into something confusing. lol As he's walking away, he tells Sora "In the end, you may even understand your destiny. The finish line might be closer than you realize." I get a stronger impression from this that the "destiny" he was referring to was something predetermined by the MoM's plan. It's really stupid that Sora says "...What reward?" in English. In Japanese, he goes "My destiny...?" Is it any wonder people get confused by so many lines in this game??
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    It's gotta have something to do with dreams, right...? Hm... And the fact that Yozora seems like he could even be separate from Sora... There's gotta be something we just don't know yet. Like, maybe Yozora was part of Sora at one point, but he got splintered off because of how many hearts-- WAIT. ISN'T THAT WHAT XIGBAR WAS TALKING ABOUT? He said that if Sora kept connecting his heart to other people's, some of those hearts were bound to end up "breaking", right? Am I just suddenly making something out of nothing...? I don't recall us ever finding out exactly what he meant by that... I don't think Xigbar would've known about Yozora or anything, but he might've known that what Sora was doing would have dire consequences for his own heart. (edit) I really got excited there... But I just listened to that scene in Japanese and it's totally different. It sounds like he's just referring to the way that connections can be positive and negative things. OH WELL. idk, I think that's actually a really good point about how the Organization kept calling him "Roxas." I'm surprised I hadn't thought of that similarity. It seems so obvious to me now. Vexen's quotes, though confusing, were probably referring to Roxas at the time. His choice of words also makes me think of "Another side, Another story" which was the secret ending of KH1 featuring Roxas. There's something about that ending that reminds me of the KH3 secret ending... Roxas arrives in the World That Never Was while it's raining. Sora wakes up in Quadratum after it's apparently rained. Riku is standing on top of a building watching Roxas below. MoM and Yozora are standing on top of buildings watching Sora and Riku below. In the end of "deep dive" (Which, thinking about it now, is an interesting name in itself) iirc, Xemnas says to Roxas "I went to see him. He looks just like you." But I always thought that was strange. Roxas and Sora don't look alike, imo. Maybe just the face? idk, it gives more more of those Yozora vibes with how the Toy Box guys seem to think Sora actually LOOKS like him.
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    YES I GET MORE TIME!!! But i still will miss this game very much 😭💔
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    Hold on... I think... you're on to something... Why does Sora's station appear when Yozora decides to attack him? And why does the station turn into the roof of a building in Quadratum? In a way, doesn't it seem similar to Sora's fight with Roxas? I mean... Really, that's a good question, isn't it? WHY DID SORA'S STATION APPEAR?? WHY DOES IT TURN INTO SOMETHING FROM YOZORA'S SIDE?? Am I saying that Yozora and Sora are the same? I think I'm saying that they're the same! It would be interesting if we got to play as Yozora for a while in the next game, particularly if the ending where Sora loses was the true ending. If the two are the same, then Yozora's victory could represent him overtaking Sora and becoming the new "him" the way that Player became Xehanort. ...Have I finally gone crazy or does it feel like this is starting to make more sense? I feel like this could actually happen. lol (edit: Still thinking about it. Maybe the reason why there are two endings is because they're the same. Both endings, in a way, are the same if you believe that Sora and Yozora are the same person. This doesn't sound terribly far-fetched to me...) The windows with Sora's memories are interesting, too... Now that my mind is on Roxas, it's making me think of the beginning of KH2 with the machine that was rebuilding Sora's memories. idk if that's what it's supposed to remind me of, though. But it serves a similar purpose in the game bc it makes the players think about all the experiences you've had as Sora in all the games. Thinking about the prologue again just reminded me of that weird Darkside again... My best guess with that thing is still that it's a whole new type of enemy. Hmm...
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    As much as I don't want to see that old man again........HE NEEDS TO COME BACK AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING LOL. He left too many mysteries behind. *SIGH* AAAH but what more is he trying to figure out??!! I watched the beginning segment of DR again, and it gives me the impression that Xehanort dreamed the entirety of χ[chi]. Then, we see that flashback of Brain and the others at the hill........which was an event that [Player] wasn't present. HMMMMMMMMMMMM..........which would mean that he dreamt some, if not all, of Union χ[Cross]. But this is getting me all confused all over again. If he indeed experienced the entirety of χ[chi], what more does he need to know about the Keyblade War???? And he certainly knows much MUCH more than the Union kids even did about the Keyblade War; the MoM HIMSELF told Xehanort more about the Lost Masters and the behind-the-scenes-aka-Back-Cover. So WHAT.............. It's actually possible he experienced the WHOLE ENTIRETY of [Player]'s life, not just those segments. Even in our real world, dreams have different timing compared to the real world. I remember myself having a considerably long dream but when I woke up it was only five minutes passed. GOSH old man, how much did you dream?!?!?!??!! That would give us a clue at least!!! AACKKKKK, I remember this OTHER LINE in KHMoM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xehanort says to Kairi: Hmmmmm......I checked the Japanese, and it seems to imply he's talking about her [Kairi's] memories that are long gone. heh heh heh, ACCORDING TO GOOGLE AND AUTO TRANSLATE ANYWAY But what if.....well, it just made me wonder if he was talking about the memories and secrets of the age of fairytales, and how the MoM has something to do with all this. *SIGH* This probably doesn't have anything to do with this after all, but.......... Speaking of the beginning scenes of DR, Xehanort says he 'feels like falling through the sky', right? And that is similar to how Sora falls through the sky to the Station of Awakening of Dive to the Heart. I just realized that the music playing in the '[Player]'s life' flashbacks is the same soundtrack as the one that plays during Dive to the Heart. Those flashbacks........they're memories. In KHIII, what happens to be at Sora's Dive to the Heart? Sora's memories. And 'dreams hold memories'. Dive to the Heart is a place framed within a dream. *sigh* i'm confusin meself huh? HUH???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those things that frame Sora's memories!!!!!!!!!!!! They look familiar!!!!! L-look!! It's the same as the things that frame the chapters in the KH novels!!!!!!!!!! Except, from all the novels I have, these only appear in the KH3 novels!!! Reminding me how the age of fairytales is portrayed like a book.......but this probably doesn't mean anything.........right?????????? me poor mind's explodin
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    well remember within the lore of kingdom hearts changing the keychain changes the appearance of the keyblades so he didnt lose the kingdom keys they changed. and remember that roxas' and xion's keyblades were described as sora's appearing in multiple places at once and sora had oathkeeper and oblivion before days. the only unexplained thing is how roxas was still dual weidling at the end of 3. dual weilding was explained as sora/roxas being able to summon vens keyblade as well a their own so they should have lost that ability when ven awoke. it could be that vens keyblade appears in multiple places at once like soras but thats not been confirmed
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    KHUX Chat

    People need to relax on the whole "TWEWY is connected to KH". Just like with FF characters, the games and the characters appearing in KH are separate.
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    I think he can get away with it because it's still questionable how much Xehanort actually remembers. I get the impression that he figured out that he was Player, but he may not have had ALL of Player's memories. Maybe he was only able to remember bits and pieces in his dreams. The "precious light" sounds like it could be referring to the "true dandelion" to me now. More specifically, the light in Ventus. But it's very confusing to hear him talk about it this way. You've already got the light right there, Xehanort! ...Unless he thought that another keyblade war would bring about another light, which would be Sora, I guess? We'll have to look at those lines again in the future because I feel like they aren't going to hold up perfectly. I get the feeling that there's going to be some kind of big twist involving the first keyblade war. Personally, I have my fingers crossed for more Agito XIIi references. But there really is a lot that we don't know about it... It's essentially the MoM's past. So maybe that's what Xehanort really wanted to know about; what were the circumstances of the very first keyblade war??
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    Has the prospect of Thomas the Tank Engine in Kingdom Hearts swayed you, or no?
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    Yeah, I'd say the only real downside to using L and R for the camera control is that you have fewer opportunities to see how gloriously UNrendered the palace in Castle of Dreams is.
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    EXACTLY LOL There's millions of things to remember and I'm forgetting some of them. I totally was tripping myself up. Haaaa okay, Xehanort did know that his dreams were of the age of fairytales. Nomura said that he knew that Ventus was an ancient Keyblade wielder from the very beginning......which could only mean he knew the truth of his dreams. Totally forgot about that. Twitter user @lunesacree translated this section in the KHIII Ultimania. WHICH..............confuses me all over again. LOL 'Xehanort thought that the ancient Keyblade wielders held the secret to the past fight of light and darkness'.........Ansem SoD also said that about Subject X. But...... but WHY??? Xehanort already has the dreams of that time; wouldn't he know the truth about it? He has dreams of [Player], who was literally in the middle of the battlefield during the War. All this is confusing.......... This makes the most sense right now. Just considering other things......just jumbles my mind up LOL But still.........what about that mysterious Luxord???? What does he have to do with any of this????? Hmm....the closest I can think of is: That's what I was thinking. From what Xehanort said in Re:Mind: it sounds like he was searching for him then. HMMM.......it's super hard to tell. But....HMMMM.....I have a feeling he still has his memories, but who knows lol. I kinda just realized, but members 9-12 never talked about their past. Weird.
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    Well, that sounds like a possibility... There's gotta be a reason for that... Oof, my head literally started to hurt as soon as I started thinking about this. LOL Hm... It seems like Xehanort was looking for the dandelions - that even includes Subject X. Xehanort managed to hold onto his memories thanks to his other self, but the others all lost their memories somehow. So even if he gathered them all together, it was like they hadn't really been reunited because they couldn't remember each other. So "looking for the keyblade wielder(s) among you" might mean that he wanted to reawaken their memories as keyblade wielders. It's a slight stretch to read into his words that way, but like you said, he should've already known that they were keyblade wielders, so there was no question of whether they were or not......... Unless he was referring to Demyx and/or Luxord as well. Demyx was the first new member to join the Organization, after all. That seems kind of significant to me. Do you think Xehanort eventually realized what was going on with his dreams of Player? Did he realize that he was someone else inside, so he started to suspect that there were other people like himself? (Actually... I could be wrong, but I feel like there was a line like that in khdr.) Demyx seemed totally worthless, let's be real. lol But maybe Xehanort/Xemnas noticed his similarity to the MoM and kept him around in the hopes of seeing his other side? Seriously, why else would Xemnas accept someone like him in the Organization?? As the first new member, no less! I feel like Luxord's mysteriousness is reason enough for Xemnas to accept him. LOL He probably showed up under some very strange circumstances. Did we ever decide whether Luxord had his memories or not? I'm not sure I can tell... I can't think of anything that made me think that he lost his memories besides the fact that he never talked about his past. I mentioned how I think Demyx's name could be "Melody", but I keep thinking about MoM being called "Memory." It just feels so fitting if he's the one who has Demyx's memories... It's a little cheesy, but I love it. Melody and Memory... We literally have a character called "Brain", so that's not even a weird name. LOL The name "Memory" seems like something that would've made young Xehanort react the way he did when the MoM told him his name. Even better if he told him TWO NAMES. That would've definitely left him confused.
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    was still a significant set back. switch graphical engines means they would have had to redo a lot
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    When was the stabbing of Dylan Turner proven false? And I’m not gonna sit here and justify robbing people as a means to survive, especially when that involves hurting other people in the process. He lived with his grandmother as a kid, he was not a homeless vagabond, starving and praying for his next meal. He may have been poor, but he stole for himself, not to survive. The only thing I can say is that you’re right, he probably did change his attitude once he started making bank. He treated his family well, as I’m sure most people who got rich quick would. His crimes as a kid weren’t out of malicious intent, but petty endeavors. There’s no need to rob people when you’ve made it. But that does not absolve him of the people he hurt, some for the rest of their life, like Turner. And the court review of his cell phone records only exonerates him on the charges involving his girlfriend, who dropped them before he died anyway. So you can say he cleaned up his act when he finally made it, but to me, that’s just an excuse to justify his behavior as a teen. The only thing I think we can both agree on though is that he didn’t deserve to die. I’m not a fan of the guy, but I did do my research on him before posting and I understand he suffered depression and other things in his life. It still doesn’t justify anything he did, but I can empathize with the struggle of mental illness.
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    Katsuo Akio

    Alternate Sora KH2

    Here’s an alternate Sora with the original artstyle from Normura !
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    I Hate Dating (Rant)

    Dating can be awful at times. Don't be so hard on yourself. When it happens, you move on onto the next one, until then you focus on yourself. I'm aware it's even harder for guys to take a rejection, but it happens, this is life. If you're going to drag yourself down because of this... you're doing a big mistake. My brother has been rejected a thousand times but he never let himself down. He chose to work on himself instead He built a beautiful community for broken angels who neeeds healing https://breakupangels.com/how-to-be-happy-after-a-divorce/ and he's living his best life, doesn't worry about little girls anymore. You should to the same. Don't worry, your time will come.
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    He grew up in a broken home ran away and lived a troubled life yes but, the accusations of him beating his ex are now proven false also, she was never pregnant.
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    I Hate Dating (Rant)

    The dating game is always hard. Don't think negatively about it either. A good friend told me to not be sad or upset and focus on making yourself a better person. Even if you are already a good person, you can make yourself better. Make yourself more desirable. Also, don't try too hard. Who knows, you may even find that special someone without even looking for her.
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    Worst/Hated KH pairings

    My list of Least Favorite/Worst/Hated KH pairings I that hate Sora x Riku (hate) Roxas x Axel (hate) Riku x Kairi (least favorite)
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