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    That awkward moment when you've not been online for like 3 years
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    I can carry out my dream of being Professor Layton
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    Bring Arts Roxas and Ventus.

    True, I will try to find in Ebay or asked around in the community who either sells them or in other areas. These 2 boys are just so rare to find now a days. Unless in the future Bringarts figures of Roxas they plan to release Roxas Twilight Town Outfit. That would be worth to get him.
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    Bring Arts Roxas and Ventus.

    I feel like someone who is more into collecting might have a better answer for you but because these have been out for a while now you may have the best luck going through hobby stores that specialize in selling action figures and other fandom collectibles or sites like eBay. Because these are sold out on the usual sites like Amazon or the SE store you might also have to be prepped to pay more than what they were listed for on the main storefronts as well. Good luck and hope you’re able to get your hands on those figures somehow!
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    Hey thank you so much for the welcome back message! I remember you too. 😁 It has been awhile hasn't it. I am glad to know you remember me! Can I send you a private message if its okay with you?
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    I remember you! Welcome back to the forums! I know being away from here a long time a lot has changed but feel free to reach out if you need anything! It’s always nice to see old members return and hope you enjoy your time back here!
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