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    KH3 rushed?

    I don’t believe rushed is the right word, I just think there is a chasm between what Nomura thinks that fans want and what the fans actually want. I also get the impression that the Disney worlds took up a lot more time, money and resources this time around. Honestly I also believe they’re gearing up to try and bring new fans into the series, when they don’t really realise a strong core of their fan base are cult diehards who risk being alienated, I mean look at the story, not accessible to newbies at all is it?
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    The Month Is Here, Everyone!

    The month of January is finally here, my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans! The month's we've all been waiting for is finally in our reach. ANd with it, comes the ultimate prize: Kingdom Hearts III. A game every KH fan has been anticipating for more than 13 years. Tell em KH fans, how do you all feel about being in the month of KH3's release at long last after all this time? For me? I'm pretty excited and I honestly can't believe that we're in the month of KH3's release. This honestly feels like a dream to me lol. I feel like every time I wake up I expect to still be far away from the release of KH3. But nope, here we are...at long last. This is no longer a dream, but a reality now.
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    Xion, because many seem to hate her. Also probably 358/2 days in general. It's one of my favorites, including one of my favorite DS games.
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    Some people may disagree with this being a guilty pleasure, but i always keep a save file ready just before the 1000 Heartless battle so i can play through it whenever I want. A lot of people feel that segment is badly planned and repetitive (my boyfriend is one of them), but I find it so fun!
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    Look What I Found!

    So I stopped into EB Games (Canadian Gametop) to pick up my reserved copy of Bendy and the Ink Machine and found this beauty! They finally got one!
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    KH3 rushed?

    Hmm. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at July 2013. So let's say they start early 2013 to 2018 which is 5 years, minus the 1 year delay because they switched to a new Engine (Although I don't believe that it really takes one whole year just to switch from engine ). So it was a full 4 years in development. Which should be enough time to create huge open-world games. Which KH3 is not, and that is of course not a bad thing! From the leaks, interview and trailers I get the vibe that Square Enix wanted to focus to get more people on board with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. and put the focus more on the Disney world rather then originals worlds. Which to me is a shame.
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    1. Take a full week of holiday 2. Pray for the disc to arrive on time 3. Walk slowly to admire every rock, every flower designed with love by the Nomura team 4. Occasionally eat 5. Occasionally shower 6. Finish the game with tears 7. Become officially an adult That's pretty much it.
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    Happy New Year from Mexico! I hope each and every one of you had a great time with all your friends and family I wish that this new year brings more positive things in your lives.
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    Well my friends, I wish you each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas for real this time. I hope you have a great time with your loved ones and enjoy the festivities.
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    Xehanort's new voice actor is doing a pretty good job. Maybe some people can't make the difference?
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    KH3 rushed?

    Rushed is not the word. I think Demyx is on the money here, KH3 is gonna be the first main console game in a sub-generation, and the first one made by Osaka team, there was bound to be a difference of feeling between KH3 and the other two. And the delay had almost nothing to do with the status of the games completion and almost everything to with an international release, that still isn't simultaneous but that's for another day. KH games have never been super long; you can finish most of them even as a kid in under 30 hours, it would be a mistake imo to expect something more than a 50 hour game maximum
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    Happy New Year guys and well wishes to all. I know it's generic, but still, it's true all the same.
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    Happy New Year! I can honestly say that 2018 was a very good year for me and I will be sad to see it go. Here's to 2019 being an even better year for everyone! Also, thank you for the well wishes, everyone. I am feeling much better after a couple of days on a strict BRAT diet (who knew that I was such a brat even still. :P). I hope to continue Overworld soon and proceed to surge forward.
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    Dude, I know what you mean! The fact of the matter is, we are just twenty eight days away from the release of Kingdom Hearts III. JUST TWENTY EIGHT DAYS! When you think about it, it's just insane! After thirteen long years of waiting, we can finally safely say that the wait is almost over! This game means so much to me, and I have grown so much over the years as I have played through this series. Kingdom Hearts is a vitally important part of my life, and it has helped shape me into the person that I am today. And well, as you can expect, the games hold a very personal and special place in my heart as a result. So the fact that we are already in the final waiting game for Kingdom Hearts III just boggles my mind! I know that when I finally get the game in my hands, I'll have a swirl of emotions going through me, a surge of happiness and joy and bittersweet tears, and well, it's just going to be surreal! And for those who passed away before this game released, let's play our hardest for them! But yeah, if there's a midnight event for the game, I'm planning on going to Gamestop to pick up my Deluxe Edition, cosplaying as Sora with his KHIII outfit! I'm gonna hype up the game for everyone present even more! Haha, I'm so excited! May your hearts be your guiding key, and Happy New Year!
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    Thanks, guys!!! I'm so excited; I never win anything!!!
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    Axel and Saix

    Hey everyone. There's something I've been wondering for ages now and I'm hoping it will finally be explained in KH3, but until then I'm curious to hear your theories. So in Birth by Sleep it was confirmed that Axel/Lea and Saix/Isa were best friends when they were human and we learned that they lived in Radiant Garden. So this begs the question: how/when did they become nobodies? Did they succeed in sneaking into the castle after their first attempt failed and end up getting roped into the apprentices' experiment? Or did they become nobodies when Radiant Garden was overcome by darkness? Or do you have another theory? Personally, I think that they managed to sneak in and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, being turned into Nobodies by Xehanort. It makes sense since they immediately follow the nobodies of the six apprentices in terms of rank in the Organization. I'm not sure if this has already been officially explained, but if it has I can't find anything to confirm it. So what do you guys think?
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    Say Light Yagami was in KH

    Say the Death Note doesn’t work outside his world, do you think he’d be just important to his world or seek out other worlds if he discovers them?
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    KH3 Commisserations Thread

    I know everyone's generally hype for KH3, especially with that bombshell of a trailer, but of course, we all had our hopes and dreams for the game that have at this point been laid to rest. Of course if you're feeling upset or disappointed it's fine, don't let the people who're hopped on the hype tell you any different. That includes me lol SO VENT i guess. I'll start, it's not really the fact that the worlds I held a candle for didn't show up that gets me, it's more that we haven't had a single FF character in a trailer. I'm losing a lot of hope with that. It won't make the game unplayable for me, I am disappointed though. And the skateboards
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    All worlds leaked

    I think you guys are being just a little bit too pessimistic with the Disney worlds. Disney has several things in the works, including for this year. That includes sequels. By the time we get close to that point, several new Disney films will be out. We still have Moana, Coco and Zootopia(Which, in the case of M&Z, have been medals in χ/UX). Jungle Book has been scrapped twice now, so they obviously will put it in at some point. Toy Story and Frozen can return, King of Thieves is still an idea on table as well. Pirates might return until the story is finished. We're good for now
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    I love the Winnie the Pooh worlds, while they are a pain sometimes I love the interactions between Sora and the 100 Acre Woods gang. It's adorable and I can see past the mini games for it. Sometimes they're a lot of fun to be honest XD
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    I think KH13 should have awards for contributions to different systems. For instance, if users contribute new screenshots or artwork to the gallery, they get awarded with a forum award. Maybe set a certain upload mark for contribution such as 50 or 100 images? I'd also like to see an award for users who contribute to news for the News Team by either sharing the news to a News Team member or by sharing the news themselves to the forums and having it be promoted to an article. Encourages users to make nice contributions to the site and can even go a long way to the team members on here. Awards concerning the forums itself, I feel like it would be cool to have awards based on like count, such as reaching 1000 total likes (or reactions, not sure how it works on V4 now), 5000, etc. Same goes for post count (that doesn't include posts in Random/Forum Games). Maybe have some awards based on owning Kingdom Hearts games? Have members of the community make requests to get an award that they own every game in the series (with photographic proof of course) to show off that they have played every game in the series. It would also be cool to have an award for those who stream Kingdom Hearts on Twitch and embed their streams to KH13. Lastly, I'm sort of biased on this, but it would be nice to have an award for past contributing staff members for KH13. Sora96 comes into mind with this award (totally not myself, haha). Any past and current staff member can be awarded for their gracious efforts to KH13 and shaped it to be what it is today. Thanks!
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    Full Opening Leaked

    I'm happy. The opening is the one thing I wanted to see leaked. Gotta see those sweet sweet visuals. I've been hoping to see the full thing ever since they released the opening trailer showing part of it. Plus the openings mainly recap things anyway so I doubt there's any real spoilers. Though I do understand why people would want to wait.
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    My issue with the New Seekers

    Outside of YX, Ansem and Xemnas, doesn’t it kinda make the introduction of Time Travel pointless if they’re literally the only ones time travelling? I mean you could easily just say Vexen make replicas of the latter two given he’s Norted. also, I’d replace Demyx with Xaldin, given he was one of the most ruthless of the nobodies.
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    What will Naminé's role be in KHIII?

    I feel like Namine is going to be absolutely crucial in KH3 mainly because we haven't seen her at all in any of the trailers. Normally I would assume that this means she won't be super important, but she must be important because she's on the cover of the game! So yeah, she must be serving a super important purpose that Nomura doesn't want us to know. I honestly don't really know exactly what she'll be doing, but at the same time I don't really want her wielding a keyblade. She doesn't strike me as a fighter at all, so her having a keyblade wouldn't really make sense. I imagine Xehanort will try to get his hands on her at some point and try to manipulate her. After all, she can manipulate Sora's memories, which I imagine Xehanort would love to utilize for his own personal gain.