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    After Sora's improvements, Riku and Aqua feel so sluggish. Kairi is ok, I like her Seven Wishes attack and I love the One Heart team attack, but her finisher is really slow. But Roxas with the full range combo starter, Reversal reaction command, better version of his 2FM boss combo, Thinking of You team attack, and possibly the best dodge in the game (Days Air Slide best Air Slide) easily makes him the best to play as imo. Only complaint is that he has no shotlock. Would've been a cool opportunity to let us use his 2FM DM or something, but I guess it wasn't super necessary.
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    I've been on Data Greeting when I was playing the game. Would it be possible if they add more characters, more locations (besides Keyblade Graveyard, Battlegate Arena in Arendelle and etc.) and stuff? Here's an example: CHARACTERS Ansem the Wise Ienzo Vexen/Even Demyx Master Yen Sid Maleficent Pete Chirithy Hercules Megara Phil Pegasus Zeus Hades Titans Woody Buzz Lightyear Rapunzel (short hair, long hair) Flynn Rider Mike Wazowski Sulley Elsa Anna Olaf Kristoff Sven Marshmallow Jack Sparrow Hiro Baymax GoGo Honey Lemon Fred Wasabi LOCATIONS Olympus (Thebes, Mt. Olympus, Realm of the Gods) The Mysterious Tower (Sorcerer's Loft) Toy Box (Andy's house) Kingdom of Corona (The Town) Monstropolis (Lobby) Arendelle (Valley of Ice, Ice Palace) The Caribbean (Port Royal) San Fransokyo (Hiro's Garage, City)
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    Definitely Final Fantasy! It's thanks to Kingdom Hearts that I got into FF, and I've played a great many of the numbered entries, with IV and IX being my two top favorites! Yes, I've played VII, but as good and amazing as that game is, I don't consider it the best FF, but that's just my unpopular opinion. I feel like IV is vastly, majorly overlooked, but at least IX gets some love, ya know? Seriously though, FFIV is so amazing that you could literally make an anime series out of it because of how good the story and characters are!
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    This is going to seem really random but it's been something that's actively been popping up for me and I've always felt a bit bad for not doing. About 6 or 7 years ago when I was a teenager I was a very active member on this site and I was part of an absolutely incredible community here full of wonderful people it's something I've never forgotten and something that had a profound effect on me and did help me get through a lot of shit for a couple of years just being able to come on and be part of something as close as this, I'm not sure if it's the same now but it used to be like a second family coming here. Just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much to anyone who remembers and to this site, it wasn't by choice that I had to drop off the site my internet was taken from me when I was about 17 and I've felt bad about falling out of it without saying anything ever since Thank you to anyone who was part of that community and the members I was closest too (especially Xiro, *rikku*, blue Keyblade, RoxSox, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but the friends list feature wasn't there to check and make sure!) for being such a wonderful part of my teenage life : ) so glad to see this place still doing so well hope you're all still keeping and doing well! : )
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    Without FF I wouldn't have found or had interest in KH which I adore more than anything, and DQ is the only other one of those I've played (but I love it too, don't get me wrong) so FF wins by a mile. Nier might have changed things tho. Love those games.
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    I mean TWEWY isn’t a series, but I love it too much not to mention it? But for an actual series... Nier. If we count two games as a series. Love both games to bits and I’m super excited for the Nier Replicant remaster that just got announced! I like Final Fantasy a lot, too, but I haven’t played even half of the games so I feel like I don’t know the series well enough to judge. And it’s not special to me the same way TWEWY and Nier are.
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    FFVII alone would make it Final Fantasy, but if The World Ends With You was to continue and have a sequel, it would be that.
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    There are few videogames that I would buy new game systems for just to play them, and even then, I wouldn't keep buying new systems just to play the next game in the series. However, the Kingdom Hearts series is the only videogame series that I bought new game systems for, just so that I could play the next game in the series, even if I never bought another videogame for that game system. That's how much I love the Kingdom Hearts series. I got into Kingdom Hearts because of my love of Disney, and while the inclusion of Disney worlds and Disney characters is still one of the main things that I love about Kingdom Hearts, I now love it equally, if not more so, for the original characters and original story. Is it perfect? No. But, in a weird way, its imperfections are part of what makes it Kingdom Hearts. So, I love Kingdom Hearts, warts and all.
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    Happy Birthday, Kingdom Hearts! To think, while I first heard about it through DDD in a Nintendo Power issue when it was still new, I would become a fan in 2015 simply by remembering the series by hearing I’d be going to Disneyland for Memorial Day weekend.
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    The first volume of the Kingdom Hearts III manga published by Shiro Amano is currently available for pre-order on Amazon Japan for ¥660! It is slated for an April 11th, 2020 release. As a reminder, this manga series is continually being updated in English by publisher Yen Press. Are you planning on getting this long awaited first volume? Let us know in the comments below! Credit to aibo_ac7 for the tip! View full article
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    It's very interesting to think about the possibilities regarding Ava in the next saga. I'm very excited for any future developments! I just wonder when the new saga will officially begin? Will it be after Union X's story wraps up? Or perhaps after that mystery game Nomura said he wanted to make before starting on Kingdom Hearts IV? Unless Dark Road is the mystery game? Gahhh, so many questions! But yes, I can see Ava being a perfect bridge between eras, and it might trigger some more memories to surface from Ven, since he managed to remember Chirithy!
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    Stay safe in these messy times, everyone: Things are out of control, and the best thing anyone can do is keep a good head and stay as safe as possible
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    Kim Possible is definitely worthy to become a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Kim Possible has so many great villains and great main characters that they can fit in with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Kim and Ron would be great allies to Sora. Kim has martial arts skills and special gadgets while Ron has mystical monkey powers. Shego can be one of the primary villains in the Kim Possible world and have Monkey Fist as the main villain. I'll be so happy if Kim Possible manage to be part of the Kingdom Hearts family.
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    Only show I've seen on this list is Phineas and Ferb, which I can totally see being a great world for mini-games. Still going to vote for Kim Possible, since I know enough about that show to know it'd be a great adventure. I don't know anything about Gargoyles, other than that the art direction of it would be cool to see, especially when it comes to heartless designs.
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    I've wanted Kim Possible for ages now. I think Kim would be such a great party member, and a boss fight with Shego would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Alternatively I could see Kim appearing as a kind of "agent" character of sorts, someone who travels form world to world under another's orders (Ansem the Wise's, perhaps?) to investigate strange happenings and stuff. Of the options given this is my top choice. Gargoyles would also be pretty awesome; it would be cool to see Sora and his friends turn into gargoyles, and it would be even cooler to be able to fly rather than just glide. Aside from that I've never really watched the show much so I don't know much about who the boss would be or anything, but this would still be a cool world. Gravity Falls is one of my all-time favourite shows, and it would fit pretty well into Kingdom Hearts. Bill Cipher would be a pretty awesome boss and so would his army of monsters. The only issue I have is that none of the characters would work well as a party member,except for maybe Ford, but depending on which period of time the world would take place he might not be present. And to be honest I've never cared for Phineas and Ferb, sooooo no thanks.
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    Gravity falls by far, itd be an amazing world darkwing duck would be pretty awesome too
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    dont worry when im in charge of disney ill make a lot more hand drawn films
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    Very interesting analysis.
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    Let's face it, this guy is pretty much our biggest mystery right now. Any hints we can find about him, we'll take it. And even if we don't find anything of note... well, it's always nice seeing what the thought process of Yoko Shimomura may have been when crafting this gorgeous piece. So I figured I'd analyze this theme piece by piece, and talk about my most interesting finds. Here they are! (If you feel like skipping some intro and contextualization stuff, feel free to skip to 2:19) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_zBFBdoues Also, apologies for the mic and voice quality this time. Couldn't do much about it, since I had to record it with my less than stellar phone lol. I think it gets the job done though.
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    I want zootopia soo bad it would be a great promotion for the next movie and! Absolutely love nick and Judy . I think sora and Judy would get along and Riku would really be good with nick. Also it would be cool if sora was a lion to throw back too kingdom hearts 2.
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    Definitely Princess and the Frog and Moana! But I want the Princess and the Frog the most because I love that movie so much. Plus, I want to fight Dr. Facilier!
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    How Kairi should have died

    I think Kairi’s death should have been more heroic, like Master Xehanort tries once and for all to make Sora his last vessel, but Kairi jumps into the fray and destroys it. Enraged, MX duels Kairi and then he kills her. How would you do it differently?
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    ocean's rage

    How Kairi should have died

    i think we should all stop thinking about what could have been and just accept things as they are
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    I love them all for different reasons...but cities are cool. 😎
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    The End of The World is my favorite. The main reason is because, back in KH1, the storyline was much more simple. The danger felt very real, especially knowing that, if Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy had failed to stop Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness, it would have meant the end of all the worlds. Plus, the music was a remix of the Awakening theme, making the atmosphere feel like this was it and Sora's calling was about to be fulfilled. The Keyblade Graveyard is my second favorite. The main reason is due to its desolate environment, and, in particular, the ominous music indicating the location as the last battles to come. The World That Never Was is next. The main reason being the dark, stormy atmosphere combined with deserted streets and a towering castle. Knowing that castle was the stronghold of Organization XIII, it indicated this was the last step to defeating Xehanort's Nobody in KH2. In KH3D, the music is even more intense, marking the seriousness of what Sora and Riku had gotten themselves into -- (Xehanort's deception and trap). Scala Ad Calem is my least favorite since there is not much to explore aside from the final battles. True, that might have been updated with "KH3 Remind", yet I still do not have access to that DLC. I also found its music the least ominous of all the final worlds.
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    The World That Never Was... I recently replayed that part of KH2, so that might help, but overall it’s just so good? Great bossfights, epic story, emotinal moments... everything’s just so good. Not to mention I love TWTNW a lot due to Days anyway. But I have a soft spot for End of the World from KH1 just due to how eerie it feels at times. Can’t really explain it. Nostalgia could have something to do with it. As a world though, it doesn’t stand out that much. Also, Scala is cool, but since we don’t really get to explore it that much until re:mind and even then, we don’t get to know that much about it, I can’t place it very high. Really looking forward to getting to know more about it lorewise in the future though. Keyblade graveyard to me kinda just... is. I don’t have too many strong opinions about it.
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    So much happens in The World That Never Was. Roxas fight, Destiny Trio reunion, finishing off the rest of the Organization, Sora learning about Roxas, Ansem's sacrifice, Maleficent and Pete helping Sora out, and imo the best final boss in the series. The atmosphere of the End of the World was amazing though, it's a strong second place. Keyblade Graveyard was also pretty cool because of the context we were getting behind KH2's secret ending. Scala is easily the most beautiful one of the bunch, but it was nothing more than an arena for the final battle. There was no exploration whatsoever in the base game which hurts it a lot.
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    KHUX Chat

    So, older buffers like T7 Kairi could come in handy at the start if you're lacking enough or newer medals.
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    KHUX Chat

    @elaxn a medal's str helps determine the overall damage output. take any given medal and put it on a keyblade slot. the medal str will be multiplied by the slot multiplier (something like 3.4, or 2.8). then, when you use the medal's special attack, that new str value will be multiplied again by the medal multiplier (something like x14.50 for example) and the medal's tier-based bonus multiplier (25% for t1, 50% for t2, etc.), giving you your total damage output
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    KHUX Chat

    For 885, avoid power medals or have something that can convert them to magic. The target can partially reflect the attacks.
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    ocean's rage

    A What-If Theory...

    well its a interesting idea but based on the nature of time travel but what would be the vessel for his heart when he travelled through time? also arent ven's eyes different from the master's eye in the keyblade? also dont forget the armour ventus nightmare came about because the armour was possessed by nightmares and the armour itself appeared while trying to protect sora
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    Too bad there's no sephiroth or cloud or tifa, I would absolutely make the stupidest pictures
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    how anyone could not pick Roxas amazes me
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    Uh, I guess Stitch...? But I have to confess I barely use summons. I’m one of those people who tend to forget they even exist. I quess they’d be useful if used properly, but I just never bothered to learn.
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    In my early playthroughs, Genie was the only summon I ever used. I never realised how useful Chicken Little was until I didn't use his FPS mode attack. After realising that, I used him quite a bit, particularly for level grinding and stuff. But I also love how I can basically spam magic attacks when Stitch is around, which is fun. So naturally, my final answer is Peter Pan.
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    Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?!, Okami HD (finally got a physical version for the Switch!) and various other odd games to try and kill time while I impatiently wait for animal crossing new horizons.
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    I mean it can be interpreted as "I think Days should have a HD remake" which is perfectly on topic. I've already posted in this thread before, but I feel like recently there's been a lot of buzz around sonic adventure. I'm feeling 50% positive about some related news for that game coming out soon I would personally say that it is, because I think it balances out platforming, speed, and plot perfectly and has the right amount of attitude for a Sonic game. However it is a 1999 game, so there's a lot of wear and tear there But personally the age of a game doesn't bother me at all as long as I have fun with it! It's similar to how people feel about KH1 not aging well, I think it's stil fun to play so it's aged just fine to me
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    Pretty sure I saw her Chess Piece in the Secret Ending? I'm sure Ava will come back in the new Saga.
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    yeah ikr? it was this time last year when we were anticipating the full base game. what an experience that was! and now we're anticipating the remind DLC. can't wait to see the return of the final fantasy characters!
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    hmm id never considered either of them being ava but i suppose that is a possibility nameless star is very ambiguous i think (though i actually missed her completely) and the description of subject x could fit for either ava or skuld, though she says she remembers 4 friends which i guess could work for either, ava its be the fortelles minus the traitor and for skuld itd be her group minus the impostor plus the player
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    I definitely think we'll be seeing Ava again. I had a theory back when I first played KHIII that she was the nameless Star in the Final World, but after thinking about it I feel like it might be Skuld or Strelitzia instead. However, Ava might also have been Lea and Isa's friend from Ansem's experiments. Either way, I dont think we've seen the last of Ava.
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    i think we will see her, perhaps therell be a new foreteller who has taken her place but im sure shell be there no matter what. the epilogue to kh3 suggested that next bad guys are the foretellers, ava included, unless someone else has taken the fox motif from her
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    KH General Chat

    Me? because im not gonna lie, i liked Days.
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    Aidan's Art Thread

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    Roxas and Namine for sure
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