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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Famitsu Weekly interview.


The latest issue of Famitsu featured an interview with Tai Yasue, a director for the development of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The interview discusses the Mirage Arena, as well as revealing other information concerning the multiplayer feature. HEARTSTATION.ORG have translated the article and it can now be read below.

-We’re wondering, what kind of playing style were you aiming to have in multiplayer?

Tai Yasue (hereby referred to as Yasue): We had all sorts of aims; working with friends to defeat enemies, competing, growing together, getting commands and items, and the like. The ease with which even beginners can participate in various games is one thing we included in depth, right till the end.

-How many people can play at the same time?

Yasue: Even other than the ‘arena’ we introduced this time, we are preparing many kinds of games that can be played in multiplayer. The number of people changes depending on the contents of that, so please wait for further news.

-Can more than one participant choose the same character?

Yasue: There are no restrictions on the character you can choose, so you can play as the same character. The world of ‘Mirage Arena’, which we introduced this time, has a special premise, so only here can the same type of character gather. The name of the world is a hint towards this premise.

-Please explain about Mirage Arena.

Yasue: It’s a new type of world, different to the worlds in ‘Kingdom Hearts’ up until now. It’s a mysterious place with many riddles, and we are preparing exclusive enemies and exclusive maps other than the lobby. The same type of character gathering, fighting under special rules; it’s a special world, ‘removed from reality’.

-Why are the figures in armour, here?

Yasue: There’s a deep reason that has something to do with the story, but, it’s a secret (laughs). The armour isn’t only to protect the body from enemies, and that’s all I’ll say for now.

-Before, it had been said that single player takes about 15 hours to complete. How long do you think multiplayer lasts?

Yasue: Just like the number of people playing at once, there are many ways to enjoy multiplayer, and so to put it simply, I can’t really answer that at this stage.

-Because the level of ‘Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days’ could be adjusted by oneself, progressed people and those who weren’t could play together. What is this game like?

Yasue: In multiplayer, there is a number of kinds of games, and there are ones in which progressed people and non-progressed people can play together with the same strength, and there are ones in which they cannot. From the early stages of the game, there is contents for both people who want to play with multiplayer, and people who want to play after having made their character grow.

-Are there elements such as game rule changes, like there were in ‘358/2 Days’?

Yasue: The games that can be played in multiplayer are all played after first deciding rules. Even in the same game, you can enjoy completely different ways of playing depending on the rules. So that people don’t get bored with it, we have prepared a great number of rules.

-Is there a network connection element, such as mission downloads?

Yasue: There aren’t any plans concerning that. But, we are packing the game with enough contents for this not to be necessary.

-What will we be able to do in the demos that can be played at Tokyo Game Show 2009?

Yasue: In the demos, the story modes of Aqua, Terra and Ventus, and co-operating with other players to fight in the arena can be played. I especially want people to take notice of Aqua, who you haven’t had a chance to play as until now! Aqua fights in a feminine style, completely different to that of Terra and Ventus, and you can experience a new Disney World that hasn’t appeared in any ‘Kingdom Hearts’ until now. Also, the co-op arena battles are also very heated, and so those who can make it to the meeting place, please take the challenge! There are strong enemies which you cannot win against if you do not help each other, and so you can taste a different flavour of excitement to single play.

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