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    Am I back?
  1. Are you ever back?

  2. aw, gee, thx for the support you guys *tries to hug everyone*
  3. *jumps out from behind somthing* SUUUURRRPIRSSSSEEE!!! Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. awww, guys! jeez, u make me not want to leave! gah! it's soo hard! ... Great! now I'm crying! *sniffle* I think... I just need a break ppl. I just need to make things right in my family. Maybe... I could come back... idk *sigh* I mean, would u guys hate me if i left for a while and just came back like i never left? Wouldn't that be awkward or something?
  5. *sigh* thx everyone. I'll miss you too. I talked to DC and I'm not going to delete my account. I'm just going to leave it. I don't think I can ever come back though. But I'll stay untill I can say goodbye to everyone:]
  6. I can't come here anymore. I can't exists on the internet anymore. my family is going through a crisis right now and just me having this stupid double life on the internet is just bringing so many problems to my family and I'm just sick of it. I would rather throw my computer out the window then watch my family fall apart. but i need my computer for school, so I'm doing the next best thing i could think of. Me, Kairi-loves-Sushi, Kushi, or Fluffy... I now don't exists on the internet for now on. Everything that I was apart is now deleted or inactive. I'm really just trying to deleted all my internet profiles. I'm keeping my Youtube up, but I'm never going on it again. Everything else is going to be deleted forever. I'm sry that I'm leaving. It's not b/c I can't stand the site or any site really. It's just that the internet has caused to many problems in my life and I'm just sick of living with these problems and not fixing them. I've made good friends here. Luzze, JF, Axel, KaiSo, KairiW, Rue, Zexion, Larxene, Kool, Friend, Clue, Jeny, DC, and Aaron. And anyone else who i forgot, I'm sry, I just can't live this life anymore. I just need to get out and have a LIFE out of this computer. I just want to say goodbye. I'm rly going this time. I'm going to have DC delete my account soon. I just wanted to say bye. Farewell all! It's been an awesome year here :] {EDIT} 3/10/10 I won't delete my account and i won't leave for good. I just need to fix things in my life. D
  7. gawd, that boy is just probably immature. He just doesn't know how to react to a girl liking him. Young boys are like that. I'm so sry that he hurt u. He could have meant it as a joke...even thought it's not funny, but like i said, young boys are immatuer. Don't be sad D: be happy, please
  8. bahaha! That's funny! oh, picture this: Chuck vs/ Sephy vs/ Sora vs/ Captain Falcon! I think the universe would end O.O
  9. What if i say that I saw Michele Phelps swim through land?
  10. *Is gonna copy KaiSo's color thingy:P* I'm just gonna put the ones up that i do. I do my deepest thinking in the shower or in bed before I fall asleep. If i used that time that i spent lying in bed awake, I could write a book! I stay up late as hell every night, and realize its a bad idea every morning. It's b/c I'm thinking of that non-existent novel that i should write, lol. THE GREATEST GAME ON EARTH- DON'T LET THE BALLOON TOUCH THE FLOOR. OMG! soooooo fun^^ I don't want a job, I just want money. Why can't i just suddenly win a buttload of money? Hearing your voice on camera and thinking, "I really sound like that?" lolzXD I sound soo weird! If that sour patch dude cut MY hair off I'd set him on fire. You see, Instead of lighting that kid on fire, i would just eat him :D:D Your name is constantly spelled wrong. Jeez ppl! It's spelled S-U-S-I-E!!! not Suzy! jeez, it looks like Tigger tried to spell my name! I hate thinking I've found a parking spot and its only a small car... Stupid small cars! They give us false hopes! Meowing back at a cat when it meows at you. *lolz @ KaiSo* I seriously think my cats think i'm crazy b/c i talk to them so muchXD I yell at video games when I die. Me playing L4D: "ACK!!! NO! Get this hunter off of me, now! AUGH! The Smoker's got Bill! Save Bill! No! look out behind you! there's a Witch! *sighs* great, now we're all dead!" No, I don't care if i die at 12 AM, I'm not passing on your chain message. :dodgy: I have a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times. I always laugh VERY loud and create awkward moments in theaters or in Church :blush: I use my cell phone to see in the dark. It needs to be brighter! My screen is too small! There are people at my school who don't know the difference between to, too, and two. *is guilty*
  11. What if that mail was from Jet Li?
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