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  1. EDIT: I REALIZE THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY LONG POST AND I UNDERSTAND AND EXPECT THAT MANY WILL NOT READ IT. BECAUSE OF THIS I DO NOT NEED TO BE INFORMED THAT IT IS INDEED AN INCREDIBLY LONG POST, AND, TRUE TO FORM, YOU DID NOT READ IT, AND I ASK INSTEAD THAT YOU DEDICATE ALL RESPONSES TO CONTRIBUTING TO THE CONVERSATION. Hi guys. Oblivion here. Really old member. I'm here make a case, if you will. To talk a little. The year is 2015. Many of you who fall within the parameters specified in the title of the thread are embarking or considering college, or possibly an immediate entry into the workforce. Some of you are women. All of you will need transportation within the coming years of your life. You will need clean air to breathe and water to drink. Some will have families to support in the future. Now, all of you have gone through the American educational system. All of you have learned of the Founding Father's incredible fears of the leadership of the country falling into the hands of the rich, the powerful, and those with vast amounts of wealth. They feared a government fueled by lust for power, greed, obedience. The Founding Fathers also warned against an America divided between two parties set against each other at impossible angles, and only two parties, whose only policy is the exact opposite of the other. We all know and joke about this, because this has become the political landscape of America since the death of Washington. Likewise, under the American educational system, you've learned a knee-jerk hatred of the words "socialism" and "communism", without learning the differences, or, specifically, the conditions under which certain countries turned to these economic and social systems to try and improve their country. Most Americans see red, if you will. Most picture starvation. A man with a beard. A book revered like a bible to countries where the people labor as mice to feed the fat cats. But if you are young, and you don't want to labor for 40 hours a week to remain in poverty; trap yourself into an endless spiral of debt for the heinous crime of wanting to educate yourself; if you understand that REGARDLESS of the scientific proof or disproof of climate change, people need clean air and water, and trees need to be planted, and species need to be protected; if you feel the need to protect the statuses of your bodies as women; if you have an interest in improving the crumbling infrastructure of America, of providing railroads and subways and highways at not just modern standards, but the standards of the future; if you feel sound health should be a right to Americans, and no one should live in fear of something living within them that will spell either death or bankruptcy; if you feel at a loss at the subject of politics, knowing no power on earth can break the choke-hold of the billionaires and the two-party system. Then please. Please. For the future good of the United States- Consider voting for Bernie Sanders. feelthebern.com is a great website to visit to better educate yourself on his views, as I don't have the space to lay them all out here and it's important to learn all you can about a candidate. But Bernie has the interests of the middle class in mind. He wants you to get educated, he wants you to raise a family, he wants you to find success and feel secure and have a voice in the system. He's an independent party candidate. Even if he wins the Democratic nomination, he will still act in his own interests. We will have finally, finally broken the two-party system. He identifies as a democratic socialist. This means he advocates capitalism, and does not want the destruction of big business. Rather, he intends that people should not have money and rights stripped from them, and rather, big business should try and use profit for the benefit of the people, compelled to do so by benefits from the government. He believes everyone should live with a safety net. He is not Karl Marx. This is an important distinction to make. Several European countries operate under this system, including Germany. They provide free healthcare and education. They provide remarkably higher standards of vacation and maternity leave. They provide modern public transit. Their currency is worth more than the American dollar. THIS IS A PROVEN SYSTEM. Please. Please vote for the one candidate that can transform the political landscape of America more incredibly than has ever been accomplished in history. Participate. Vote. Feel the Bern!
  2. There's a guy at KHInsider who apparently was at this event and is recreating what was shown in art form and has reported new heartless shown. His work is up on their site. How feasible would it be to show him this and learn once and for all from someone who was there if this is legitimate?
  3. I wouldn't mind if a lot of the soundtrack for skyward sword was reused. the game had a brilliant soundtrack. (except the mining facility song)
  4. My vote is eternally for the second, just because it developed an actual plot aside from "oh just passing through looking for friends. Oh wait, this key came with responsibilty???" It really establishes some strong "Kingdom Hearts" characters in the organization and I much preferred the game mechanics, and the new outfit of course. Roxas gameplay was heartbreaking. I love it. KHI seems a little immature in comparison. It's little kid Disney Sora. *knocks on wood* *crosses fingers* *kisses unsuspecting irishman* Let's all hope that after KHIII we'll never have to discuss which is the best game again.
  5. I agree that it's a tragedy that Days was not made into a fully playable game.
  6. I actually very much enjoyed the expansiveness of the worlds in DDD and hope they implement it in KHIII. The level of detail in the worlds made me truly happy to explore for the first time, instead of just grinding through the Disney parts to get back to Sora's crew. Furthermore I liked the story of DDD, the game-play, and the spirits element. I also thought the themes for the worlds (Pranksters Paradise and Country of the Mouseketeers especially) were very fun and catchy and caught the initial element of "okay there's no searching for lost friends or battling ancient evil JUST YET so have fun with this!" I honestly anticipate an element of romance in KHIII. The crew has matured quite a bit and it's time Sora and Riku settled down. What I will commit murder over is if Nomura decides to play the love triangle game which is ever so popular right now. Lastly I'm just really sick of all the characters and their intense blue eyes. Can we please have a broader range of color? Brown eyes! Black eyes! Purple eyes! It makes me so angry that we can immediately define bad guy vs good guy based on their eye color...
  7. 1. Riku Gets a New Theme Song I mean honestly, I feel as though while Sora's theme is still fitting (he's still adventurous and happy-go-lucky) and Kairi's theme is still servicable (seeing as she's undergone very little character development), Riku's theme is in need of a serious update. The moody broody piano theme we're all used to doesn't seem to define him anymore. Having just yesterday beat DDD, I can say I'm honestly proud of what he's become: no longer confused or doubtful about his place in the ranks of light or his ability to fight his own darkness, but a Keyblade Master who can wield light with the best of them and who is faithful to his friends. In accepting his role on the sidelines, he made himself a place on the front lines. So, I would like to see his theme develop into something more, with undertones of loyalty and inner strength, and maybe a small part of it the same as old, so we won't forget what he's gone through. 2. Here's a question: does Xehanort or any of his incarnations know about Ven's heart within Sora? I suppose the closest we've gotten is Braig's comment that "he used to give that exact same look", but is anyone aware that Ven's heart is actually present? 3.Should actual death be addressed in the third title? We had a brush with it in Kingdom Hearts II when it seemed Goofy had been killed, but is the serious ready to actually have a character die in a permanent way? Lots of fans of the series have grown up with the title and are perhaps emotionally mature enough for such a development, but newer and younger fans may be turned off by death in a Disney game.
  8. It all began on my sojourn to the bathroom at 3 a.m. It just so happened that the night before I had - and it is indeed embarassing to admit - drunk far too much. The effects on that poor choice hit around the hour I woke up. I only detail this part, because it is absolutely integral to the story of my 2 year hiatus. Presently I moved towards the bathroom in my house, my cat following dilligently, either because he's afraid to stay in my room alone, he's perverted, or he honestly thinks I'm going to feed him at this hour. I flick on the bathroom light. And am blinded by an unholy light that bursts forth. I mean, I know I came from a dark place, but this light was unnatural. Let me be the first to tell you that such light is not a harbringer of good feelings, no matter it's connotations... anyone living in Hiroshima on that fateful August 6th would tell you so. And suddenly. Suddenly. I am on a stained glass platform. All the people I love in my life are depicted on it. Spotlights illuminate sections of the glass, and white feathers cascade through the pillars of light. Soft, fateful choral accompaniament follows. Guys. Guys. No, seriously, But I'm just- Guys, really- Just listen- STOP THE GIGGLING. DON'T CLOSE THE THREAD. I have a story to tell, and if I'm going to suffer through your sissy "I had to attend a sibling's soccer game," or "I was hospitalized for meningitis," right, okay, well, you're going to damn well listen to me. SO. At this point I start to get a little freaked out man. I mean, you may have noticed that I had not actually gotten to use the bathroom for it's intended purpose. And I don't care who you are, you don't just go peeing on stained glass. Um, hello, class? Especially if the said glass depicts people you know. There's just something wrong with that. So here I am, trying to decide whether I love my Grandpa Bill or Aunt Kelly less, when some deep, inner being speaks. It doesn't speak, per se... there was no sound, nothing to see, and neither did I hear the words in my head... it was implied. It's will was imposed in urges, in emotions, in actions. Immediately, I found myself with a key in hand- Okay, seriously, I am NOT enjoying your freaking negative response on this, okay? I don't care if it's cliche, because cliches exist because they are true, they happen with notable frequency, and I impress upon you that THIS. HAPPENED. And the, well, at the risk of sounding like a stoner, the vibrations in the room let me know how right this moment was. How fated. How destined. I held within me the key to open all doors, the pathways between the hearts of the inhabitants of all the worlds, the essence of light itself- and my god, the primal need to piss like a racehorse. At this point I can't really translate the vibes into anything like "oh, there's a port-a-potty to your right", because literally every vibe in me is screaming for me to relieve myself. At this point my shadow elongates, stretches... because, of course, the closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes... it coats the surface of the glass platform, becomes knee-deep, black and oily like a beetle carapace. Suddenly, it wrenches itself into a third dimension and begins to gain height so that it towers over me; it becomes a colossus, with a huge base, and some kind of tank attached to its back. It's mouth flaps up and down manically. It makes constant gurgling noises. And suddenly. Suddenly. The shape becomes recognizable. It is some kind of shadow toilet. Come from the depths of the black recesses of my heart to.... to... to.... FLUSH me. It is with deepest regrets that I don't include my exclamation at this point. I HAVE been gone for two years, and I'm not up to date on website cleanliness policy. Toilets aside, of course. I would also like to give a brief respite for the mandatory "Ha, Oblivion, you're so full of crap, lol" jokes. There. All done? We return to our story presently. I skip over the details of the fight, for brevity's sake. Just imagine a mixture of expert, yet impromptu keyblade weilding blended with periodic potty-dances. Set to a soundtrack of angry gurgles. With my luck, this thing is clogged. After it fades into the floor, I find that it is spreading; there isn't a way to avoid it; there isn't even some trick like quicksand has to get out. I was doomed, swallowed... but, the shadow not retaining its earlier.... form.... I had not yet lost my dignity, I am happy to report. And suddenly, H-bomb brightness once again. My eyes sting. My limbs ache. My lower half is frantic with biological necessity. Back in my bed. I leap out, pleased that I could now release the fire building inside of me. And at the entrance to the bathroom, I pause. My cat is sitting in the doorway. He looks at me like he is dead inside. He murmurs what I imagine to be my name. "Mrrrroww." "Look, I'll feed you, but I have-" Suddenly, attack! He flies at me, and I flinch. Nothing, though. No sensation. He's gone. I write it off because its seriously an emergency now, and give thanks to the gods that helped me not to pee myself during the assault. I don't find it necessary to detail the following process, but I mention it due to one important plot thread that happened in the midst of it- the house shook. Rushing out, finally ready to face what came next, I went outside. Look you guys its really honestly late so if anyone at all notices this maybe I'll be compelled to put the next part of my story up. Sorry for going missing for two years. Be glad I got over the fact that my thread was moved to the "Best of KH13" and I wasn't even allowed the dignity of posting on it...
  9. A pale shadow of life came back upon her, to enable her revenge... and she would have it.... she would have it....

  10. Oblivion used to be a somewhat active, middle-class member of the site. However, when denied the chance to have her own user title, and, indeed, even the right to post on her own "Best of KH13" thread. The experience broke her heart; or rather, shattered it. Because she never really was a person of exceptional character, she did not become a Nobody. The strongest component of her being was her grudge against the administrators of KH13... and thus a kind of vitality was returned to her...

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      This doesn't bode well


  11. Never fear, my presence is known to be spaz attack inducing.
  12. If you haven't chosen yet in Heart Gold/Soul Silver, it all depends on your personal style: Cyndaquil of course is a very strong attacker but as it levels up and evolves, its movepool isnt all that great. It certainly learns very few moves to use against types it is weak to. Totodile is sort of all around... not a sweeper, but not a tank. It has the best movepool. And Chikorita has pretty good options, kind of sad stats at first, but its last evolution has amazing defense and is hard to kill. Personally I choose my starter over aesthetics. My first choice is always Charmander, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Turtwig and Oshawott.
  13. No one worry. I'm here. Love the new look you guys. Or old. I wouldn't know. I was taking an epic adventure through time and space. Miss me?
  14. Its. The. Underworld. Thats where dead people go. So maybe Ansem is hanging around. I think it's safe to say he went to hell.
  15. I admit it's not as ridiculous as your face. But I think with a bit more thought, (maybe alot for you) you might just get it.
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