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  1. that bone town game online by where your ron jeremy and doing hoes
  2. i love all consuming darkness .... and your moms snatch lolz

  3. loz hahaand do we really need to know everyting about your real life i have enough probs in mine then to hear about yours
  4. just wanted to let yall know that im back and those that dont know me dont be shy
  5. damn been along time since ive been on here

  6. you have to download and is it free i cant watse money anymore
  7. im gonna be a dad

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    2. Kingdom Sora

      Kingdom Sora

      Congratulations! Sorry for the late comment ^^; but that's really great for you!!

    3. KingdomKatherine


      What are you gonna name him/her?

      (i know I'm late...)

    4. demy1077


      late too but thats awesome man but make sure when he or she is oold enogh to show them this site they might love it like you

  8. you killed demyx and helped axel you are mean

  9. http-~~-//youtu.be/-BLEKahY5aY like that song to i also like this song
  10. anyon on here play dead frontier online watch your user name mines axel20
  11. Name tony Age: 16 Grade:11 Appearance: Biohe hardly knows his parent and is easliy manipulated Interests: skate boarding and football Apperance in Lyoko: i read the rules but it wont let me change my text color
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