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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. 8D HI

    1. JesusFreak


      HEY. C: It's been awhile ohmygosh.

  2. wHOA I KEEP FORGETTING ABOUT THIS PLACE BUT OHMYGOSH IT'S BEEN AWHILE. Doubt anyone remembers me hahaha. Might be coming back for good though so we'll see. c:

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    2. Luzzekatt
    3. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      ... this post is from 2 years ago...

    4. RoxSox


      We never meet again, but we'll never forget each other.


  3. Oh hey y'all. It's been awhile. I'm suprised my computer even remembered my login stuff but yeah. Just thought I'd drop in and say hey.

    1. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      Not sure if you remember me/know who I am but good to see you. xD

    2. Sora96


      JesusFreak is back....again! Yay.

  4. Currently dying from Once Upon a Time feels. THIS SHOW IS NOT OKAY.

  5. I'm looking at the Who's Online chat bar to see if I can chat with anyone but then I realized I don't know anybody.... So I'm just gonna lurk around for a bit.

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    2. Nick


      lol ok xD, seen new movies? or old ones recently

    3. JesusFreak


      I saw the Hobbit and IT WAS SOOOOOOO PERFECT. haha I've seen it 5 times.

    4. Nick


      haha, ok well thats good then

  6. I'm almost 16 (in a couple of weeks actually) but I'm extremely short for my age... 4'7'' Most people are surprised when I tell them I'm a sophomore in high school though I have had one person come up to me who thought I was a senior. They said it was because I always acted very mature and sophisticated. It made my day but I laughed hysterically at them because I'm not mature or sophisticated one bit..like no. I'm far more sophisticated. Personally I don't think I look my age at all but there are days when I look older.
  7. Totally bringing this thread back because I cannot believe we have to wait until the end of March for the rest of the season. I JUST WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO CLARA and ugh. Also, I was sobbing when I watched Angels take Manhattan. My babies Amy and Rory. </3 This show will be the death of me.
  8. I'm trying to be more active on this site so I think applying for one of these would help me a lot. Plus I get to contribute something to the site. c: I'd be fine with Real Life News, Personal, Creative Media and/or Writing. Anywhere you need me really.
  9. Hey y'all I'm back. Anything interesting since I've been gone?

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    2. Think Pink

      Think Pink


    3. JesusFreak


      I'm considered level headed AND normal?! I doubt that but we do need more people on here who love Logan Lerman.


    4. Blake


      you'd be surprised by the crazies on this site now.


      look at me, I'm a cow with Uka Uka on my face :D

  10. Does anyone know where I can watch the last episode, the Dinosaurs on a Spaceship one? I missed it Saturday because we don't have cable anymore. And my parents wouldn't let me go to a friend's house to watch it because I had homework. D:
  11. Six days late...but I've been on the site for three years now. Pretty cool, I guess.

  12. Why haven't I seen this yet? ADD ME PLEASE. Anywho, I squealed like a little fangirl when Korra and Mako kissed. But the romance is kinda rushed.. wished they let their friendships develop a bit more. Oh well Makorra ftw. Poor Bolin...laughed so hard at the way he cried though.
  13. I was gonna join but I'm in Loki's Army. D; Tom Hiddleston is so hot like ohmygawd. Saw Avengers yesterday. Needless to say it was amazing.
  14. I really don't have a distinct accent. I have a normal accent I guess? Idk. I am able to do several other accents, like a British accent, Scottish accent, and some others. I'm Hispanic but I don't have a Spanish accent. I sound so white when I speak Spanish. My mom even makes fun of me. ._. haha
  15. So you have a 4.0 GPA and do all of your chores, what does that exactly have to do with your parents not letting you play M rated games? To me it looks like your parents just care about you. Which makes you lucky because like Aqua7KH said, most parents these days don't give a crap about what their kids play or watch. I'm 15 and have played about 2 or 3 M rated games but I really didn't care for them except for Skyrim. There are plenty of great games that are rated T you can play. If you really want to play some M games, look up some reviews about the games you want to play and then give them to your parents. Have them look into the games and see if those games are decent. And if they still don't let you well then you'll just have to respect their wishes and wait until you're older.
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