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  1. Weiss

    Happy four years on kh13, AD

  2. Sora96

    Happy Birthday AD. (although you sadly wont read it.)

  3. If you have to ask, you can't afford it
  4. 'Okay so here is how it works: 1 Dollar to look at it 2 dollars to touch it 3 dollars to watch me touch it ... 5 dollars to touch it while i touch my toes 6 dollars to touch it while i touch your toes ... 10 dollars for a BJ 12 dollars for a HJ 15 dollars for a ZG'
  5. please take down this photo of me i really didnt consent for you uploading it
  6. Yes i did sorry to disappoint you but i didnt get a chance to rape anyone =/ (mainly cause it was consented once i finished)
  7. my penis looks like a banana can we substitute the banana for that?
  8. My friend isnt understanding this maybe you guys will be able to tell me how i can explain this to him Our conversation: Me: i live by a golden rule Him: What is it? Me: that i do things to others the way i would like them to do things for me Him: So you raped her? Me: i dont think im explaining myself right.. See my dilemma ?
  9. Selling DChiuch Blood for Reps, just give me a rep saying 'i did this for Dchiuch blood'
  10. Aaron is finally 27! We should all wish him a good 27th year! Aarons plans for his birthday is to go on a cruise with his gay mexican boyfriend Tim and there son Oreo (thats why he hasnt been posting much)!
  11. Just so i can tell myself how awesome i truly am
  12. Ad returns? cause its very un-consented
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