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  1. Some of you might remember me, most of you will not. I am Nathan, a servant of our great grand master DChiuch. It has been many years since my last appearance here on kh13.com and I am sincerely sorry for that. This is why I am here to explain to you the reasons for my absence. The past few years has been a tough time for myself and I hope most of you will be able to see the reasoning's for my actions and withhold your judgments upon myself. First and foremost, I was arrested and convicted for bestiality during a fool moon party in Southern Phuket. After three months trial I was placed in jail for an additional 6 months without parole. Upon being released, I went into rehabilitation in order to put an end to the sexual urges that I had towards small animals. I am sure that most of you would have experienced these feelings as well as I, and will be able to relate to my emotions. Rehab was done, I was a new person. Without the urges, I found myself with the need of a new fix. I turned to who I knew I could turn to. The great DChiuch. I became his dungeon gimp. He tortured and molested me, curing my urges and his own twisted needs. My body experienced pain greater than a woman named St0f biting off the head of a cock with her devil fangs. This was great pain indeed. But I digress. It was a wonderful year of being a dungeon gimp. Malnourished, Raped and full of hot sticky DChiuch semen. Wonderful times indeed. But alas, these things could not last forever. DChiuch found love. True love. Not love with a dungeon gimp. I had to go. I had to move on. I became suicidal. I tried to cut off all my limbs, practicing to communicate online by typing with my tongue (I am currently doing so). Wounds would be healed through the searing of flesh on a pan. My life was a wreck again. I had to get revenge on the one who took all that I loved away from me. His love had to go. I learned that she had an affliction with calling her father "da". I admired this primal use of the English language as a means of communication. This reminded me of my own family. They're dead now. Numerous murder attempts were taken out. Hitmen, assassins, Julia Gillard. Many masters of the art of death. But none could take her down. I was still sad and limbless. It was not until a message from my lord DChiuch himself that things took a turn for the better. He explained to me that it is only through Kingdom Hearts that happiness could be found. I found joy in the gayness of Sora, the homosexuality of Mickey Mouse. They brought a smile to my depressing limbless sell. I decided to get limb implants to make myself look less deformed. Everything was better again. Thank you for listening and spending some time to learn about me. It is really appreciated. If anyone has any little pets they want to donate, please let me know. TLDR: Kingdom hearts saved my life.
  2. nattttthaaaaannnnn skfijisdaofsda

  3. So I noticed your profile was a virgin....

    oh wait, nevermind. C:

  4. No hot women allowed on this site. I am sorry. You must leave as the all mighty dchiuch is getting too excited. He might cause a failure in the system if he holds it in for too long. This may cause problems. Excuse my ignorance for double posting but this is a necessity. The question must be asked. "Why?" Why are there somewhat attractive women interested in a fantasy of disney characters fighting it out against the "heartless" and somehow managing to kill things with a key? Why have these women gathered here on this site made by a paedophile with all their vagina's in his face. The mighty dchiuch will lose many kilograms of weight. Why have these women willingly posted images of themselves over the internet for teenage adolescent males to stare at and masturbate over? To assist with these questions, I have attached this image of our great leader posing in a questionable pose whilst holding in his hand, a bottle of "happy juice". One day, younger people of this site. You will understand. Why?
  5. Who was this hitman I was killed by? And my name is not douchebag, please get it correct next time.
  6. Nathan


  7. I allow my signature to do that for me.
  8. Please, what do you see in my future all mighty psychic?
  9. My name is Tammy. I will gladly accept you into my pants.
  10. I need the be apologised for, because you called me "Douchebag". I do not like this term, it offends me and my family as we live in a giant douche. Sometimes I drink fluid which is expelled from the vaginal area. This makes me happy. But you still must apologise to me. You must state my name 15 times and say you are sorry if you wish to be forgiven.
  11. Dchiuch has embraced us in his presence
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