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  3. Best... Music... EVAR!!!!

  4. Happy four years on kh13, Cella! :)

  5. Your profile always has the best music

  6. sORRY about the lack of contests-- ill try to make it up to you guys ))':

  7. @amon MMM GURRLL i no u 1 da friendlist evARRR we gon b best furrendos mk xoxoxoxo @sinheartlessangel o im sorry i missed it i guess that means youRE SUPER SPECIAL~*~*~*~ :'D @masterxemnas oh hey lol u silly gurl how u doiniin @rainbowdash OK FINE i forgive you :'}
  8. i am the friendliest friend person friend ever so i will reply to all of you individually look how friendly i am see @rainbow dash hi rainbow dash xoxoxo u cost a lot in the mlp app ): cries @hazimie hello hazimimimie :'D @xylek butts butts booty @sinheartlessangel let's DO IT yEAHHH 5EVR @keyblader oh dear, here /moves you back all better now @oishii mmm gurrl mm im pickin up wat u layin down that u catchin wat im throwin someone needs to talk to that sun put that motha ucka in its plACE yo @VanitasisKirby OKA-- wait if ur kirby are you going to eat me tho ...im on to you @KeybladeWielder_ i hear u sistr we gotta keep our dawgs happy u no keep em safe from rude asses like dat big burnin ball of gas did sun even say excuse me when it ripped that 1 like damn @Keysofblades ty /touches face @AntonioKHT yo anton hey man can i call u anton my grandfather's name was anton he was a pretty cool guy when i was like i think 10 yrs old i was all i want a pet weh weh weh and my grandfather he looks at me and he in his thick croation accent 'im going to tell u story. when i was young. maybe your age. when i live in croatia. on my way home from school, i find bird on sidewalk. he was hurt. so i carry him in to house, and i take care of him. soon he is all better. but he stays wih me, without cage. because i give him food. i love bird a lot. he would always greet me when i come home. one day i come home from school. bird flies to greet me and lands on stove. stove was turned on. bird fried instantly. he died. what pet you want.' and i was like o @Shera Wizard wow im impressed u got this far in ur life without openin ur eyes gurl ur welcome k i got ur back and i got ur eyelids open like nobodys business k did u no one of the differences between a hare and a rabbit is that a hare is born with its eyes open fun fact idk i just remembered that and like u no how there r people that think of something and just say it wit no filter and go on and on and whatever thats me except it doesnt stop when i get on the computer woops @shana09 nmnm my pika my homemembzdog hbu @kalnet the friENDLIEST ~*~*~*~*~*
  9. hey guys this might be offtopic but a. if you see a thread that's a repeat of another one, report it, otherwise you're junior mod'ng which is not allowed b. if you are aware that the thread is a repeat/will be closed/etc.please just stop posting im postin this cuz i dont want to pm people individually im lazy so yeah. thanks. xoxo please take any further discussion on this topic to this thread. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/38779-why-are-sora-and-riku-younger/
  10. ok time to finish my sim brb

  11. hi i am cella i am super friendly and enjoy long sits on the couch with the shining sun blocked by curtains bcuz shits annoying when youre trying to watch tv or somethin and it keeps gettin glare right god rude sun rude and so im like totally down with the members yo dogs i am hip annd happening so ya it's all cool we all friends here yoyo my membz (<--like members but llike a totally hip nickname u no?) what is happenin come talk to uncleauntcousin cella it's all good sup my membz
  12. add me on skype and be my friend or pay the consequences you have been warned

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    2. Silent


      same ^ except i won't add you. >.<

    3. Silent


      same ^ except i won't add you. >.<

    4. Cellar Door

      Cellar Door

      hey guys its totes ok im like super awkward too which contributes to my babble i can do all the talking for all parties in a conversation

      silenthero silenthero hey silenthero wats ur skype silenthero hey

  13. add me on skype? user = daftskye

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