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  1. I feel like I no longer need to floss
  2. You are weak face the moderators head on they cannot survive
  3. Submit to the bee queen

    1. Kittenz
    2. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      *pulls out my darts and throws them at Chronic*

    3. Aru Akise

      Aru Akise

      *takes shinai out*

  4. submit to the bee queen

  5. Now look here, hatok, I am not one to peddle nonsense. I did not reques that you come in here, on this - the day of my daughter's recital - to hear such awful rhetoric
  6. And Rainbow Dash agreed with me I told them, "you know, I knew that this thing sucked when they first put it in seven years ago. I wasn't aware that they hadn't updated the thing in seven years" AND THE DUDE AGREED WITH ME
  7. Finally got the notification asking me if I wanted to install the ASK toolbar. I told that installer that it isn't 2001 anymore. People stopped using Ask dot com over ten years ago you better get with the times I told someone to google something for me over the phone and when I finally asked what the hell they were doing they told me in the top left corner it said Ask dot com and I almost quit my job
  8. I am a giant asshole. Cookie I mean. Cookie.
  9. I told him, "look, Jo, You can't keep doing this to yourself. This is a mistake and you know it" He didn't even get the belt thing from that jerk in the beginning as Roxas and he's been saying "I gotta get the secret ending. I gotta beat Terra" But he's been saing that for two weeks. SO I left the apartment today to go hustle some people behind desks, angrily I might "add", and he calls me saying that he beat Terra The poor man got lucky. So unbelievably lucky
  10. I was trying to figure out how to say I was talking about the area of skin on the back of your knees, but I don't know if that's the correct terminology for that part of you leg. Leg crotch? Behinknees?
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