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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Dengeki PlayStation interview.


The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine has included an interview with the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, concerning the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. ReBirth Wings have typed up a script of this interview, and Kingdom Hearts Insider have translated it. You can read this translation below.

-- We’re at the part in development where we’ve just finished recording voices and are now getting to the best part. How we should present the credits at the end, what day we should release it, now we’re just starting to think about these things concretely.

At TGS you can play as each of our three characters, and even try out the multiplayer in “Mirage Arena.” There will be four different types of modes you can play in. Cooperative games in the Arena will be be short mission type games that will be found in the Arena only.

-- We aren’t planning for this game to be like Days, where the multiplayer and single player have equal importance. We feel that the main story for this game takes precedence.

-- [The armor they wear in the Arena] isn’t so important for battles, as it is for the story where they will wear it frequently.

-- The story will start out with the three of them together, which will continue until a certain point where you’ll have to choose a character. After that you’ll have to play until that scenario is finished. Once you’ve finished one you’ll have to choose another character again at the same time as you did before. There will be different endings for each character “Actually that part was a bit difficult, we considered making seperate credits for each of the three main characters (laugh)”

You can tell the love and effort that went into this game by how much there is of it. Even though it’s the same world, there will not only be differences in the scenario but different bosses to fight for each character. For example, in Cinderella’s world Aqua fights the pumpkin carriage as a boss, but Terra fights a boss that uses musical instruments.

-- The main characters actually meet several times during the story. Like when they get to a new world they’ll meet one of them, or it will be just after one of them had been there. So only after you’ve finished all three of the scenarios will you understand why a certain scene happened in a certain way. “That’s why if your friend is playing too, you probably shouldn’t talk about the story with each other. You’d probably spoil each other for the story. So it’s probably best to wait until after you’ve finished all three scenarios to talk about it (laugh)”

-- In what order you go to each world will vary by character, but you do have a little bit of choice in where to go.

-- You can’t fly in Neverland. “I won’t tell you why, I’ll just say that 'They are people who don’t need to fly.'" If you play all three scenarios until the end, will there be something? He says, “That’s a secret. (laugh)”

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