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KH Japanese cutscenes complete.


We have finally completed uploading all of the cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts (Japanese) and made them available to view or download. Next, we will be uploading the boss battles from the same game. If you have any suggestions or questions about what we are or should be uploading next, then please post about it on our forum. The recently added cutscenes are below.

The End of the World
Ending + Credits
Another Side, Another Story

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Ok, I have to requests. Cloud you upload the CG fight scene that's from "Another Side, Another Story"? Like the one When Roxas is fighting all the Heartless, idk where to find that. And also the Cloud and Sephiroth battle in KH2. KH-vids.com doesn't have those clips anymore.

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Those clips appear at the end of the game, so it might be a while before I get up to them. But I will next play KH2 Japanese (for the Cloud/Sephiroth fight) and KH Final Mix (for the Roxas thing).

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