BANDAI Kingdom Hearts Gacha Capsule Keyblade Keychain set now available for pre-order on Aitai☆Kuji; releasing in September 2018


BANDAI is coming out with a Kingdom Hearts Gacha Capsule Keyblade Keychain set later this year. The 6-piece set includes 6 keyblades from the original Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Key, Three Wishes, Crabclaw, Oathkeeper, Oblivion, and Ultima Weapon [KH1]. You can view them in the gallery below.



Pre-orders for the set are now available on Aitai☆Kuji. You can buy the Full set for $35.00. There is also a Blind Bag for $6.00 and Individual for $8.00.


The set is scheduled to release in September.


What do you think of this Keyblade set? Would you buy individuals, blind bag, or the full set? Let us know in the comments below!

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I'm so ready to hang these around my (already full) keys. Now I just have to find a machine...

Kid: are you a janitor


You: no! A keyblade master!


Mother: billy get away from that Strange Person!

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