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[KHUX NA: 08-29-2019 & 08-30-2019] Japanese Version 4th Anniversary Countdown, Proud+ Quests are ending, special attack bonus campaign, deluxe PVP rewards


The issue regarding the medal filter screen has been addressed by the Kingdom Hearts Union x team!


Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

We have confirmed an issue where players were unable to scroll to the bottom of the screen while in the Medal Filter screen. However, we are pleased to announce that issue has been resolved.

As an apology, 300 Jewels have been distributed to all players. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we thank you for your understanding.

In appreciation for playing, there will be log-in bonuses available starting August 30th. Everyone will receive draw tickets as a log-in bonus depending on how many days the player has logged in. The bonuses are as listed below:

Total Log-in Days Number of Draw Tickets
1- 100 50
101-200 60
201-300 70
301-400 80
401-500 90
501-800 100
801-1,000 200
1,001-1,200 300
1,201+ 400


Reminder that Power, Magic, and Speed Proud+ Quests are ending today! The 101 Dalmatians medals that are available through these quests can also be obtained through the other quests that are planned to be added on the September 5th update! The details regarding the new ★Proud+ Quests are listed below.

  • Quests have been added to the Proud Quests included in the Event Quests screen.
  • Complete Proud+ Quest objectives to obtain a Sun Gem, a material used for strengthening certain Keyblades. 
  • The Sun Gem is a material that is necessary to strengthen the Sleeping Lion Keyblade past +26. 
  • More Proud+ Quests will be added every 2 weeks, so be sure to check back often to earn more Sun Gems!

More information regarding new Proud+ Quests will be added after the September 5th update!

Until September 2nd, this week's PVP ranking rewards will include 1000 jewels! For this special ranking week players will earn more tickets from rewards than during regular PVP rankings! The top 100 players will be rewarded special titles. Receive more chances to play through purchasing the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza


Celebrate the Japanese version's 4th Anniversary with a countdown event! Until September 2nd, complete the quests and receive rewards such as SAB LV 9 Subslot Medals and SP Chip & Dales every day.

Special Attack Bonus Campaign has returned until September 16th! During the campaign, players will have better luck unlocking or re-rolling special attack bonuses.

For example, when unlocking or re-rolling a Medal with a Tier 4 Special Attack Bonus, you would normally roll within the range of 60% and 130%. But during this campaign, you will roll between 90% and 130%!

During this campaign the player will also be able to earn the following benefits:

  • Earn double experience points from Medal fusion on the Level Up screen!
  • The amount of Munny required for Medal fusion on the Level Up screen is halved!


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Alright, it's been a bit but here we go again!

Free jewels are always good, and free draw tickets are also good! Though this probably means that upcoming PVP and HSC rewards will include draw tickets. Just a heads up there.
Here's something that's a little weird: Kairi B is available via ticket pulls but not KH3 Xion. On top of that, Xion hasn't been available since her initial banner. Maybe this means she'll get a banner this month?

While this week's PVP specifies that the top 100 get special titles, it should be noted that any player who ranks in the top 7000 will get 1000 jewels. This is a pretty nice deal, especially considering how some people have trouble getting into the higher ranks.

The countdown quests are pretty easy. Mostly just "avoid the enemies" and "open all the treasure chests". You can get those Kyroo subslot medals from the event, which is yet another reminder that these things still aren't stackable (storage sale when???).

Finally, it's time for another guilt campaign! Most players don't even need the increased bonus ranges that are offered, especially since practically every new medal comes in 7* form. The real appeal is the lowered material requirement (or rather, "double experience points"). No need to worry about spending 25 HDL (Huey, Dewey, & Louie) medals when you could just spend about 12 instead!

One last thing: the Chasm of Challenges quests are leaving soon, so try and complete them if you can! The 8th and final quest offers gems as well as a title (and is much easier compared to the 7th quest, so using a skip ticket+ on #7 wouldn't be a bad idea).

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