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[KHUX NA: 09-09-2019] This week's WJE and weekly raid event, The Titan has appeared, Swiftstriker challenge has returned


Happy Monday Keyblade Wielders! We hope you have enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind trailer! 

Until September 15, 2019, this week's Weekly Jewel Extravaganza includes the following rewards through VIP quests:

  • 1,400 jewels & Argyle Mickey Pouch M/F (Skill Perk +6)
  • Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9] x 15
  • Power Gems x100, Speed Gems x10, and Magic Gems x10
  •  KH III Kairi Ornament A Pet Part
  • 7★ SN+ - KH III Lich x1



SN+ - KH III Lich (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 29064 ]

[Target: All] Deals 7 hits. 1 turn: R-Medal STR +750, self [↑ R- & M-STR 10], targets [↓ R- & M-DEF 10], SP ATK B +200%. Count ±0. Damage+: Lower slot number.

Supernova: [Target: All] 1 turn: R-Medal STR +3000, self [↑ STR 10], targets [↓ R-DEF 7, DEF 10], SP ATK B +280%. Count ±0. 
Triggers before slot 1 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge: 0 Tier: 9


× 34.73 - 48.09

Supernova Damage:

× 220.00



Until September 14th, 2019, defeat Titan to receive the special title, "Gaia's Wrath", and power gems!


This week's raid event has arrived! Until September 15th, challenge the Raid Boss with your party to receive more lux and raid coins! Bonus times are: 2AM, 8AM, 2PM, & 8PM (all times are PT). The Raid Boss will be available all day on Saturday and Sunday, and will only cost 5 AP to fight until the event period ends. Fight the Raid Boss during bonus times where AP cost is 0!


The Swiftstriker challenge has returned until September 16th, 2019! Defeat the bosses as fast as you can to rank top 5,000 to receive jewels and a title if you rank top 100! There are 3 stages total (Power, Magic, Speed attributes) and the player will engage a boss upon entry in each stage. Please note that the difficulty across the 3 stages will remain the same. Since the event will be recording your fastest clear time, it's advised that the you choose the attribute that you have the most advantage in! All players that rank within top 5,000 will receive rewards through their Present Boxes. These rewards include a special title (up to top 100) and up to 500 Jewels! In case of a tie, all of the tied winners will receive rewards for the corresponding rank. Ranking rewards can be seen below:


Rank Rewards
1 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike Champ 
500 Jewels
2 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike #2 
500 Jewels
3 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike #3 
500 Jewels
4 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike #4 
500 Jewels
5 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike #5 
500 Jewels
6 - 10 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike Top 10 
500 Jewels
11 - 100 Title: 3rd Swiftstrike Top 100 
500 Jewels
101 – 1,000 500 Jewels
1,001 – 5,000 300 Jewels



For more updates on Kingdom Hearts Union xfollow us @KH13chi on twitter

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Ok, so first Shiva's back, then the Titan's back. Expect Ramuh to come back next. Like with Shiva, the only rewards for this are a title and gems, so don't feel too bad if you can't beat all of the quests. That being said, you might have an easier time with Titan if you have the new Foreteller medals (something that we didn't have when Shiva was around). I'm not saying to pull for them in order to beat Titan, just that they'll be helpful if you have them.

Speaking of things that are returning, the time trial challenge is back. They plop you down right in front of an enemy with a lot of HP and expect you to kill it fast. Right, because that's so easy. Some things to keep in mind: there's a healer in each quest that will heal a stupid amount of HP once it drops below 50%, and neither enemy should be able to kill you despite being high level (though the main enemy can inflict paralysis which can mess with your setups). Currently the top scoring time is around 1 minute (how???) while the top 5000 comes in at around 8 minutes and 30 seconds. The jewels for this aren't much, so not scoring high enough/not placing at all isn't the worst.

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