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[KHUX NA: 5-17-2019] Decathlon Event, SN - Blitz Form Sora Deals, Proud Mode Update, Medal Boards


Happy Friday! 

Until May 26th at 23:59 PT, the Decathlon Event is running! Rewards include the "Mixing" title and boost medals.

The KH3 Deal also returns until May 31st at 23:59 PT, this time introducing the new SN - Blitz Form Sora medal! For VIP Jewel Package purchasers--the first pull on the VIP banner is free. Both Standard and VIP deals include 10 Limited VIP Coins, which can be used for the ongoing Limited VIP Boards. If SN - Blitz Form Sora, SN - KH3 Anti-Aqua, or SN -  KH3 Zeus are pulled, they will arrive with one of the following skills:

・Attack Boost VI Max 
・Defense Boost I Max 
・Defense Boost II Max   
・Defense Boost III Max   
・ATK B V Max & GA 1   
・ATK B V Max & Lux+ 
・Triple Threat II

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
SN - Blitz Form Sora Upright/Speed 9 6

[AoE] Deals 7 exceptionally powerful hits. Count ±0. Next Medal turns Speed.

 [AoE] x160 multiplier (x200 if boosted). 1 turn: ↑ U- & S-STR 10, SP ATK B +200% (250% if boosted). 
Activates before Slot 3 when defending in PvP.




Proud Mode quests up to No.825 are also now available!

Until May 31st at 23:59 PT, three medal boards will be open for purchase:

  • Trait Medal Boards

These boards are available for 1500 Jewels each, and each board includes three of its featured Trait Medals, 3 SP Chip & Dales, and a ATK B VII Max & GA 2 skill:


・Trait Medal #92 (Supernova – Key Art #20) 
・Trait Medal #93 (SN - KH III Master Xehanort) 
・Trait Medal #94 (Supernova - KH III Marluxia) 
・Trait Medal #97 (SN - Guardian Form Sora) 
・Trait Medal #98 (Supernova - KH III Zeus) 
・Trait Medal #99 (Supernova - KH III Hades) 
・Trait Medal #89 (Supernova - KH III Lea (Axel)) 
・Trait Medal #85 (SN - KH III Monster Sora) 
・Trait Medal #69 (Supernova - HD Terra) 
・Trait Medal #70 (Supernova - HD Ventus) 
・Trait Medal #71 (Supernova - HD Aqua) 


  • Three Tier 9 Dual Meow Wows are also available in the Dual Meow Wow board, which costs 3000 Jewels.
  • Two Skill Enhancement  boards are available, for 2000 Jewels apiece:
Board A Board B

Attack Boost VIII Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VI Max & Lux++ (6★ Scrooge) x 1

Defense Boost V Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1

Paralysis+ II Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & GA 2 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 1

ATK B VII Max & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VII Max & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VII Max & GA 2 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VI Max & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

Defense Boost VI (6★ Scrooge) x 1

6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 1


Images from this update can be viewed below. How are your Jewels looking?


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A decathlon sounds interesting, but it remains to be seen how well it's handled.

Why they couldn't give both VIP and F2P a free pull on this banner is a mystery. Regardless, this medal looks alright. It's basically like a speed version of Key Art #20, but with hits that don't affect counters and a "next medal is speed" ability. That being said, I don't know if this one is one to chase after. For one, there are other medals in the game that do the same thing, so it's not exactly unique in that regard (unlike Monster Sora or Anti-Aqua). The other thing is that we've returned to non-falling price deals but are still doing these 1-of-3 "mercies".

The trait medal boards are a gamble. Sure, they're cheap-ish and come with Chip+Dales and a skill, but it's an AB7 skill, and you could just as easily end up with 3 HP traits. Think about whether you want to take that risk.
The Scrooge boards are basically the same as last time, so go for what you need if you need it.
Don't buy the Meow Wow board. They can't keep selling these to us for this many jewels thinking it's an ok thing to do.

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