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[KHUX NA: 8-22-2019 & 8-23-2019] Weekly raid event, more Proud Mode quests added, SN KHIII Kairi B returns in a falling price deal


Hello fellow Keyblade wielders! 

Union ranking display issue has been addressed by the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] team. 


We have confirmed an issue with the Union Ranking result screen where players would be unable to verify the full LUX value of Unions when it exceeded a certain amount. 
* Please note that this is only an issue with the display. The listed ranking order is accurate.

We are planning to address this issue in late September. As an apology, we will be sending all players 300 Jewels.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience these issues may have caused, and we hope you continue to enjoy KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]!



This week's raid event is available until August 25th! Fight alongside your party to defeat the raid boss! The raid boss is available all day on Saturday and Sunday and will cost 5 AP. Everyday during the event, the following times are bonus times: 2AM, 8AM, 2PM, & 8PM PST


Until September 1st, SN - KH III Kairi B returns in a Falling Price Deal and is guaranteed within 10 draws! Each draw comes with 2 trait medals and VIP coins! 

SN - KH III Kairi B (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 23249]

[Target: All] 1 turn: U-Medal STR +500, DEF +500, ↑ STR, U- & PSM-STR 10, SP ATK B +200%. Count ±0.

Supernova: [Target: All] 1 turn: U-Medal STR +5000, SP ATK B +230% (+280%), ↓ targets' DEF, U- & PSM-DEF 7. Count ±0. 
Triggers before slot 1 is activated when defending in PVP.




× 52.44



× 160.00 
(× 200.00)




Sweet Prince and Sweet Princess avatar boards have returned until September 2nd! The avatar boards cost 1,500 jewels to unlock. The Sweet Prince Crown and the Sweet Princess Tiara have a Skill Perk of +3. Included in both avatar boards are:

  • Second Chance (5★ Scrooge) 
  • ATK Boost III & Lux Plus (6★ Scrooge) 
  • Power Gem x 1 
  • 6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 2 
  • 6★ Chip x 3 
  • 6★ Dale x 3 
  • 6★ Cid 10 x 1 
  • 6★ Magic Mirror x 2 


Until August 31st, skill enhancement and trait boards have been added!

For 2,000 jewels, unlock the following enhancement boards:

Skill Enhancement Board A  Skill Enhancement Board B

Attack Boost IX Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VII Max & Lux++ (6★ Scrooge) x 1

Defense Boost V Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & Lux+ (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 1

ATK B IX Max & GA 2 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & GA 0 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & GA 1 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

ATK B VIII Max & GA 2 (6★ Scrooge) x 1

Defense Boost VI (6★ Scrooge) x 1

6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 1


For 1,500 jewels unlock the following trait medal boards:

  • Trait Medal #120 (SN - KH III Pirate Sora) 
  • Trait Medal #123 (SN - KH III Aqua) 
  • Trait Medal #121 (SN - KH III Kairi B) 
  • Trait Medal #127 (SN - KH III Terra) 
  • Trait Medal #128 (SN - KH III Ventus) 


More quests have been added to Proud Mode! Quests up to quest #860 have been added. Challenge proud mode quests to achieve strengthening items and more! 

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This Kairi B deal has been placed just early enough before the anniversary deals start that it's easy to call it bait. That being said, you don't really need this medal. Despite being a Kairi medal, it's not exactly a game-changer like previous Kairis have been. The +5000 STR effect from her Supernova is nice, but remember that it only lasts for 1 turn. After that, the most you can get is +500 (unless you have extra attack or use a copy medal). I'd recommend passing on this deal. It's a shame since this is the sort of deal that you'd like to see for Kairi medals.

Skip the Sweet boards: they're bad for your teeth. :P

The enhancement boards are still looking good, and are always a viable option if you need the skills they have. Just consider if you actually need them or if you just think you might need them. Trait boards are primarily focusing on the STR boosting medals this time. Could be worth your jewels to grab a few, but you should realistically only get what you need.

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