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#KHUXJP April Monthly Schedule


KHUX JP has released the full calendar of what's come in the month of April! This month we also see the celebration of the Global version's 4th anniversary, and the Japanese version will be celebrating that in full blast!

NOTE: All times listed are in Japan Standard Time (JST).

Monthly schedule translated by KH13 team's Ryuji!

April 2nd

Main story update (Preview in image below)

Chip & Dale's birthday event

Countdown event: Global's 4th anniversary


April 4th

Chasm of Challenges update An event where you can get pet parts you might have missed in the past! Keyblade challenge -- use all your Keyblades!

April 7th

Global's 4th anniversary! This will be a huge celebration with Hades Cup, ORG. XIII battle events, quiz events, and much much more! Look forward to it!

April 10th

Union Cross challenge (3 days) Reprinted story event (which event it is remains unknown)

April 11th

Critical mode event!

April 13th

Raid week

April 15th

Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Birthday Event

April 16th

Elimination event. In this one, rewards will be given depending on how many people clear it! 

April 17th

Keyblade Enhancement Event Spring-themed HSC

April 19th

Big Bonus Challenge ORG. XIII battle event (Part 2)

April 25th

The 5th Annual Speed Master Championship begins

April 27th

Time Mission - Defeat the enemies that change depending on the time of day!

April 29th

Union Cross Deluxe Week

Late April

Story Mode Update


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