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Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Wearable Headphone Speakers Available for Purchase via Sony Japan; Estimated Mid-August Shipment

Sony Japan has announced that the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Wearable Headphone Speakers Model: SRS-WS1/KH20 are available for pre-order via their digital storefront. Costing ¥30,500, with an estimated shipment date of August 18th, 2022, various warranty types are selectable. 

One can choose between two different warranty services: Basic and Wide. Basic solely protects the device from manufacturing failures, but the Wide warranty also safeguards the Headphone Speakers in situations involving physical harm, water damage, electrical discharges, and more. 

By default, the Basic 3-year warranty is choosable at no added cost. However, the 5-year Basic warranty costs ¥2,200. Alternatively, for a Wide-warranty of 3 years, an additional ¥2,200 to your price is needed. Lastly, for 5 years of Wide-warranty, an additional ¥3,300 is required.

It is also worth noting that this item is only purchasable for a limited time, with its availability concluding on October 3rd, 2022, at 10:00 JST. 

If you're interested and able to do so, you can pre-order the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Wearable Headphone Speakers Model: SRS-WS1/KH20 via Sony Japan

You can view images of this upcoming product via our gallery below:

Sony Japan previously revealed celebratory Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Walkman and Airbuds.

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