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Kingdom Hearts Double Ring Pendant Silver (¥16,500) and K10 Yellow Gold (¥38,500) revealed from U-treasure; both releasing mid August 2020

U-Treasure have unveiled two brand new pieces of Kingdom Hearts jewelry that are slated for a mid August 2020 release! Both of these double ring necklaces feature a duo of iconic quotes with combinations from Sora, Riku and Kairi. Additionally, the combination of these included quotes is entirely up to your choosing!

These two upcoming items also have a select reservation period that is open until May 26th, 2020, so be sure to reserve your order by then if you intend on purchasing either or both of these products!

The Double Ring Pendant Silver is listed for ¥16,500.

The Double Ring Pendant K10 Yellow Gold is listed for ¥38,500.

Are these new pieces of jewelry now hot on your radar? Let us know how you feel about these new, elegant items in the comments below! 

Thanks to Churroz for the tip!

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That gold ring seems a little overpriced to me considering it's only 10 karats. I know jewellers charge a making fee but it's not normally that high, seeing as the ring itself looks to be about 3 or 4 grams at a push, which is about $85 dollars worth of gold. The markup to $300ish dollars is crazy! I suppose the engraving pushed it up but this isn't the first time I've seen Disney products that are made of gold be so subpar in conventional design and so overpriced, I guess being part of the disney brand also adds value to it. Still kinda astonishing to me though

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