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Kingdom Hearts featured in the latest Famitsu for the series 15th anniversary

The 13th Kenpachi

At the end of March the Kingdom Hearts series celebrated its 15th anniversary, and so Famitsu have commemorated this event by featuring the franchise in their magazine yet again. This time, Kingdom Hearts dominates the very front cover of the magazine, and is featured in a 15-pages spread.


Both Tetsuya Nomura (series director) and Masahiro Sakurai (Super Smash Bros. creator) have discussed the series. In addition, several of the Japanese voice actors for the series were interviewed. There are also results from questionnaires answered by Kingdom Hearts fans.


The issue seems to contain an overall look at all the games in the series so far, how they fit in the Kingdom Hearts timeline, and how they lead up to Kingdom Hearts III, including information on the game that have been revealed so far.


The article also features various top 5 and top 10 lists based on fan preferences and expectations. Some of the lists are summarized below.

Favorite games from the series:

  1. Kingdom Hearts II Final mix
  2. Kingdom Hearts II
  3. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  4. Kingdom Hearts
  5. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Favorite male characters:

  1. Sora
  2. Roxas
  3. Axel (Lea)
  4. Riku
  5. Terra

Favorite female characters:

  1. Aqua
  2. Xion
  3. Kairi
  4. Namine
  5. Larxene

Favorite moments:

  1. "Looks like my summer vacations are over."
  2. Xion revealing her true identity to Roxas at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  3. Sora's time as a Heartless
  4. The ending of Kingdom Hearts
  5. The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Favorite Keyblades:

  1. Oathkeeper
  2. Kingdom Key
  3. Oblivion
  4. Ultima Weapon
  5. Two Become One

Favorite music:

  1. Hikari
  2. Dearly Beloved
  3. Roxas
  4. Vector to the Heavens
  5. The Other Promise

Most wanted Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts:

  1. Noctis
  2. Lightning
  3. Zidane
  4. Chocobos
  5. Bartz


Other lists include favorite boss battles, the most wanted Final Fantasy characters in future Kingdom Hearts installments, and more.


The feature also mentions the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour -.


You can view the scans of the feature section below. English translations will be available as soon as possible.



UPDATE: In the magazine, creator of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, shared his thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts series and its 15th anniversary. View his thoughts, translated by @KamennoOtoko on Twitter and provided by @AllSourceGaming on Twitter below:

Sakurai: Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary! (The Kirby series turns 25 this year, as it were.)

Although the nature of our respective games may differ, as someone who has also worked on several collaborative titles, I understand all too well how difficult they can be.

My hat goes off to Nomura and his staff for putting together a tale jam-packed with content every single time.

I look forward to another entry to the series!

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Oh yeah, I love "f", he's my most favorite male KH character. xD


Allow it fam

the website crashed in the middle of editing lol

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