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[UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III featured in latest issue of Weekly Famitsu; includes Big Hero 6 and VR Experience


The October 11, 2018 issue of Weekly Famitsu, released September 27, contains a follow-up report on the world of Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts III! This follows the recent trailer and gameplay sequence releases at TGS 2018, which showcased San Fransokyo for the first time. The report will also feature Kingdom Hearts VR Experience.


You can view the scans in the gallery below!



Update [Oct 1, 2018]: Translations for this Famitsu feature are now available thanks to KH13 Staff Mio-chan and Solis! You can read them below.


Big golden text:

Destinies intertwined, an oath becomes a strength


Small text on the top right:

Content (in golden squares)

As the latest volume of the Kingdom Hearts series’ release steadily approaches, the cover art is revealed. The long war comes to an end.


Small text (in the middle right):

Disney and Square Enix got the whole world’s attention with their latest game, Kingdom Hearts III (KHIII for short). In this special issue, we will summarize up-to-date informations revealed at the Playstation Lineup Tour and Tôkyô Game Show 2018 held in September.


White frame - Golden sentence:

The Kingdom Hearts VR Experience made its appearance!


Small black text:

During this Playstation VR exclusive Experience we look back at many famous tracks created by Yoko Shimomura, living the history of the series, this is the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience.


Free delivery is schedule within 2018.


Transparent golden frame:

Opening locks with the Keyblade, defeating Heartless, the environment change according to the action that takes place, many ideas and sensations are felt.


Game Data:

Kingdom Hearts III

Producer: Square Enix

Release date: Schedule on 2019, January 25th


-Download exclusive on Xbox One, 8 800¥ (taxes excluded) (9 504¥ taxes included)

-Playstation 4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition is 53 780¥ (taxes excluded) (58,082¥ taxes included)


-Kingdom Hearts III All in one Package (temporary title) (Only on Square Enix e-Store) is 18,333¥ (taxes excluded) (19 800¥ taxes included), download is 15 600¥ (16 840¥

taxes included).


Yellow text:

The Box Art drawn by Mr Tetsuya Nomura


Small text:

Below the beautiful colors of the sky, Sora, the King, their friends, the people who were missing during the past battles, even those with an uncertain existence gather. The building in the distance is reminiscent of « The World That Never Was » where the Organization XIII resided once. You can read a sort of message engraved on the clock, the numbers « XIII » and a small « VII » hidden in a window above it, announcing the final battle. This fine piece of art is fitting for the end of the long Dark Seeker saga.



Red text on the top left:

Big Hero 6’s world, San Fransokyo


White text on the middle left:

Released in 2014, the worldwide hit movie « Big Hero 6 » appears as a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Arriving at San Fransokyo, our usual trio encounters Hiro and Baymax fightning Heartless. Is something afoot in the city that The Big Hero 6 (Hiro and his friends) are trying to protect…?



He is the Care robot developed by Hiro’s big brother, Tadashi.

His whole body is covered with a powered suit, and gives him abilities such as flying and fighting.


Golden text:

Combining powers, they are heading towards the town’s troubles



The main protagonist of the series. He keeps traveling with the Keyblade, a weapon that choose him to be its wielder. In this world, he got to wear a special visor.


Golden Frame:

In this picture revealed a long time ago, Sora and Baymax are flying and fighting a black Baymax in mid-air. What is the identity of this foe!?

*The world of Big Hero 6 and its characters are faithful to the original work.




A 14 years old boy who excelled in robot engineering.

Although his heart is filled with loneliness due to the loss of his big brother, he is supported and recovering thanks to Baymax.


Text in transparent frame:

Golden text:

San Fransokyo has a great amount of Japanese-like elements

San Fransokyo is a fictional futuristic city mixing San Francisco and Tokyo. Japanese elements such as signboards are scattered around the city. Sora and Hiro meet on a long red bridge, San Francisco’s famous site, the Golden Gate Bridge, which is decorated with sacred Japanese gates, torii.


[Translator’s note: the kanji in the zoomed picture reads « matsuri », meaning festival.]


Golden transparent frame:

Hiro is an inventor who develops various mecha. Combining Baymax’s and his friends strength, he continues to be active as a Hero.


Text in second big transparent frame:

Golden text:

With Attraction Flow, it feels like an amusement park!

The special skill known as « Attraction Flow » can make flashy attacks while making you feel like you are in a amusement park. This time, a new type of attraction is introduced, the Merry-Go-Round. Sora rides a wooden horse and kicks surrounding enemies!



Go Go

A friend of Tadashi (Hiro’s older brother) who majors in electromagnetics at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. She’s tough and has good reflexes.


(white font next to Baymax sitting)

In San Fransokyo, you will combine forces with the members of Big Hero 6, including Baymax and Hiro. Everyone in Big Hero 6 seems to be fighting with their own equipment that they developed. Can Sora, Donald, and Goofy of the “Keyblade Hero 3” keep up with them!?


(yellow font below Baymax sitting)

Hiro and the others eating ice-cream together on top of the bridge. This reminds us of KHII and KH 358/2 Days, but what does Sora think?


(yellow font on the left)

The Keyblade obtainable in Big Hero 6’s world has sci-fi-like attack effects that are inspired by the movie.


(Big font)

No one gets in the way of the heroes!?




Tadashi’s friend that loves comic-books. When he active as a hero, he wears a monster suit that is equipped with many different kinds of functions.


Honey Lemon

Always optimistic and happy. She develops weapons by utilizing her knowledge from majoring chemistry in college. One of Tadashi’s friends.



A friend of Tadashi who researches plasma. Despite his big stature and wild hair, he’s actually well-organized.


(text box left of Wasabi)

Activities of Big Hero 6!?

Sora and the others team up with Baymax in battle. You will work together with the other Big Hero 6 members in different ways. It seems like Sora’s visor is helping their fight?


(yellow text box overlapping screenshot)

Shotlock, which locks onto multiple enemies or parts to attack them simultaneously, is back in the game, returning from the past games of the series. The attack differs with each Keyblade.


(text box on bottom right)

Battle style that changes with the Keyblade

Keep attacking during battles to transform the Keyblade. There are multiple levels of transformation, with each having a completely different attack. The Keyblade from Big Hero 6’s world also transforms into different shapes, and the finish attacks are so flashy!



KHIII reaches the end of the “Dark Seeker Saga” that has spanned for more than 10 instalments in the series. Master Xehanort, who has been planning something for a long time, and Sora, who travels between worlds to stop his evil plans. Look forward to how their fight comes to a conclusion.


(text box above Aqua)

The main character from KH Birth by Sleep, Aqua, entered the world of darkness to save her best friend, Ventus. Since then, she has been fighting alone, and in KH 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-, it looked like she has overcome the darkness. However, in the trailer for this game, she is seen with eyes that mysteriously glow with a golden color, signifying that she is under Master Xehanort’s control. What happened to her?


(text box under Vanitas)

Vanitas pointing his Keyblade at Aqua. He’s not wearing his black coat, but is this a scene from KH Birth by Sleep, or...?


(big yellow text)

The ones who sail across the sea of stars, believing in their path


(text box left of Sora)

Sora looking at the smartphone-like device inside the Gummi Ship. He’s playing the retro minigames (shown on the right) on this device.


(text box right of Sora)

The legendary mini-game: Gummi Ship

When Sora travels between worlds, he uses the Gummi Ship. You aim for the next destination as you avoid enemies and move forward in the shooting segment. In the past series, there was only one path you could take, but in this game, you will be able to move 360 degrees and choose your own path to explore around. Another fun feature is to customize the appearance and equipment of your Gummi Ship in any way you like. The customizations affect the weapon, shield, HP, and boost stats, shown in the right image. Choose your path and customize wisely when aiming for high scores.

The Gummi Ship can be in any shape or form!



(text box next to Xehanort)

Sora’s long-standing enemy, Master Xehanort, the one that could be said to be the main antagonist of the “Dark Seeker Saga,” and the Real Organization XIII are planning the outbreak of the Keyblade War again.


(text box over Gummi Ship screenshots)

Many discoveries await for the exploration with the Gummi Ship. A boss battle may occur when you reach a new world, so keep your guard up.


(right side)

Play KHUX to get a Keyblade

If you play the smartphone app KH Union Cross, you can obtain a Keyblade that can be equipped in KHIII! 3rd Anniversary campaigns are open until September 30th. Log in now! Keyblade useable in KHIII


3rd Anniversary Campaign Site


In KH Union Cross, not only can you experience story that has a deep connection with KHIII, but you can also play mini-games, that will be in KHIII, ahead of time.


You can catch up with our coverage of Kingdom Hearts III at TGS 2018 here.

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