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Kingdom Hearts Ultra Detail figures shown at Tokyo Comic Con

AmiNews, AmiAmi's news outlet, have tweeted out photos of prototype Ultra Detail Kingdom Hearts figures that are being showcased at Tokyo Comic Con! There are other Kingdom Hearts figures that are showcased as well, but are a bit cut out of the photos shown such as: King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio can also be seen showcased as an Ultra Detail Figure, but is specifically for Disney and not Kingdom Hearts. See AmiNews' tweet here and check out our gallery below which also provides photos of the Ultra Detail Figures! 

What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts figures showcased at Tokyo Comic Con? Let us know in the comments!

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I kinda expected a little more when I read Ultra Detail, though these could still be prototypes.

They look nice enough, though the faces and hair could use more attention to detail and the clothes could use a better paintjob with a better use of shadows. They don't seem too tall, so I definitely wouldn't pay more than 40-45$ per figure.

I'm still hoping some of the better quality companies will get a license eventually... Not that all figures are bad but I feel like the average or worse quality ones are drastically outweighing good quality ones. But I'm glad that these are static figures and not action figures, but the outlines still don't look too clean in the pictures.

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